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It’s a pleasure to meet you for the first time, Gremory servants. I am Sieg, the descendant of the Hero Siegfried. My companions call me Siegfried. What you choose to call me is up to you.

–Siegfried introducing himself to the Gremory peerage, Volume 9, Life.3 The Group of Heroes has Arrived

Siegfried was a member of the Hero Faction. He was one of the top two swordsmen of the Khaos Brigade alongside Arthur Pendragon of the Vali Team and was known as The Demonic Sword User and "Chaos Edge" Sieg.


Siegfried was a handsome young man with silver-white hair and red eyes. Issei even compared him to Yuuto saying he looks like a "white Kiba". He, just like other members of the Hero Faction, wore a gakuren, and on top of it, a priest's coat, similar to Freed Sellzen. He also wore a belt that held his five Demon Swords and a Light Sword, which were around his waist and legs, forming a sword skirt.


Little has been mentioned of Siegfried's personality besides the fact that he was a dedicated and analytic swordsman and the rival of Arthur Pendragon. He has also shown to have a little regard for his own life using five Demon Swords that cut down his lifespan with no regard when overused and enjoyed fighting against strong fellow swordsmen.

He is also shown to have a bit of a frivolous atmosphere as he complimented Issei's breast techniques and stated that he did not wish to retreat back to his Hero Faction comrades without accomplishing anything due to not wanting to be mocked by the likes of Jeanne and Heracles.

He can also be quite arrogant and cold, mocking the Gremory group for their weak attacks and fighting spirit in the wake of Issei's death (at the time).


Siegfried was created as a test-tube baby from multiple genetic patterns at the Sigurd Institution, who were trying to create the "True Descendant of Sigurd" who can use Gram by gathering those who carry his blood. The children of the institute are made from different patterns of genetics. The institute tried to make Sigurd's descendant artificially, to which Siegfried himself was artificially created. He was the only one to be able to handle Gram and was Lint Sellzen's teacher at some point.

In the past, Siegfried worked for the Orthodox Church and was trained in the same institution that trained Freed Sellzen where he gained his white hair due to several experiments. He was a top warrior in the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches, bearing the nickname "Chaos Edge" Sieg (魔剣(カオスエッジ)ジーク, Kaosu Ejji Jīku), but eventually left the Church and joined the Hero Faction, where he had started a rivalry against Arthur Pendragon and was very upset when Arthur joined the Vali Team.

Powers & Abilities

Siegfried fighting against Kiba and Xenovia.

Natural-Born Demon Sword Wielder: Due to being made from genetics of the original Siegfried, he was able to wield Gram, the strongest demon sword; in addition to other four demon swords. Kiba noted that the reason that he couldn't use Gram to the fullest was due to his Twice Critical, due to its dragon attribute, and would need to inhibit one of them in order to fight.

Master Swordsman: Siegfried was a former top warrior renowned among the Orthodox Church, soon becoming a master swordsman as renown as Arthur among the Hero Faction; others stating the two are rivals. He fought a total of three other swordmasters of their own fight at the same time without getting serious. Unique to Siegfried, his third dragon arm allows him to perform a Three-Sword Style, wielding three demon swords at the same time. In addition to this, through his Balance Breaker, he can perform a Six-Sword Style, letting him dominate Kiba and Xenovia at the same time, both fighting their hardest.

Immense Speed: From his training as an exorcist, Siegfried is extremely fast. He can easily fight both Yuuto and Xenovia at the same time using just a minimal effort.


Siegfried's Twice Critical wielding a Demon Sword.

Twice Critical (龍の手(トゥワイス・クリティカル), Tuwaisu Kuritikaru): Siegfried's Sacred Gear. It is a sub-species, and instead of a gauntlet, it creates a silver Dragon Arm on Siegfried's back which doubles his power. As such, his Twice Critical functions as an additional arm, making it possible to use a Three-Sword Style.

Chaos Edge Asura Ravage.

  • Chaos Edge Asura Ravage (阿修羅と魔龍の宴(カオスエッジ・アスラ・レヴィッジ), Kaosu Ejji - Asura Revijji): Siegfried's Twice Critical's sub-species Balance Breaker, which allows him to have four Dragon Arms growing out from his back, with his power doubling for each. As a result, Siegfried obtains four additional Dragons arms, making it possible for him to perform a Six-Sword Style.

Siegfried using his five demon swords + light sword using his Sub-Species Balance Breaker.

Demon Swords (魔剣, Maken): Siegfried owns a total of five legendary Demon Sword, and often wielded them all at the same time when activating his Balance Breaker. However, starting with Gram, the other four chose Kiba after his death.

  • Gram: Known as the Demonic Emperor Sword, is a demonic sword with the same properties as Ascalon and Durandal, unlike the latter it doesn't need to charge up to release its destructive aura, thus making it much stronger than it. Gram was the first out of all his demon swords to reject Siegfried and chooses Yuuto as its new wielder.
  • Balmung: A Demon Sword from Norse mythology with a drill-like aura. It is capable of creating powerful whirlwinds.
  • Nothung: A Demon Sword that specializes in sharpness.
  • Tyrfing: A Demon Sword that specializes in destruction.
  • Dáinsleif: A Demon Sword that creates huge pillars of ice from the ground.

Light Sword: Siegfried wields a Light sword in battle against devils, which completes his six sword style using his Chaos Edge Asura Ravage.

Chaos Break: A special doping for Sacred Gear made from the blood of the original Satans, created by the Hero Faction with the help of the Old Satan Faction. It allows Siegfried to transform into a Spider-like form that enables his to wield Gram without suffering negative consequences from his using his Twice Critical along with Gram.


  • The Dragon Arm(s) created by Siegfried's Twice Critical were silver in color, the same color as his hair.
  • His current hair color was due to the training he received during his time in one of the institutions of the Church.
  • So far, Siegfried is the only named Sacred Gear possessor to die in the series overall.
    • Issei, Asia, Yuuto, and Gasper are excluded because they were revived afterward.
    • Elsha and Belzard are excluded due to the fact that they died before the beginning of the series.
  • Siegfried can either mean "victory and peace" or "triumph and sanctuary".
  • Siegfried is the second Artificial Human to appear in the series, the first being Freed Sellzen, and the third being Lint Sellzen.
  • Siegfried is the second character to be killed by Yuuto Kiba, the first is Freed Sellzen. Coincidentally, they are both Artificial Humans created by the Sigurd Institution.