Shuriya is one of Riser Phenex’s eight Pawns.


Shuriya is young woman with long pale blue hair and amber eyes. She has tanned skin and is seen wearing a bikini made up of a metallic underwire brassier and a silk loincloth that exposes her sides. She also wears a silver colored tiara and neck rings with a ruby and blue gem respectively. Other accessories that she wears include ruby orb earrings, neck rings with a blue gem, a snake themed bracelet on her upper arm and a transparent pink veil across both her arms. Shuriya, notably, has purple highlights around her eyes.


Shuriya seems to be one who easily underestimates her opponents, as shown when she thought she had the upper hand on Yuuto for outnumbering him while blissfully unaware of his full capabilities.


Nothing much is known about her past except that at one point in her life she joined Riser's peerage.


The Red Dragon Emperor's AwakeningEdit

Shuriya first appears in Volume 2 at the Occult Research Club, when Riser introduces his peerage to Rias after the two of them decide to have a Rating Game to decide the status of their engagement. On the day of the Rating Game, Shuriya was teamed up with Marion and Burent tasked with the mission to locate the Gremory base all while disabling the obvious traps along the way. The trio soon faced Yuuto Kiba who reveals that they were actually being lured into a bigger trap that was previously setup by Akeno, one that would prevent any of them from escaping. Trapped, despite their numerical advantage, Yuuto was able to defeat them all with ease.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

In the Extra Life of DX.1, Shuriya took part in her master's rematch against Rias' Peerage. Like last time, Shuriya teamed up with Marion and Bürent once more, except this time they were defeated by Rossweisse and Gasper.

In Volume 19, Shuriya participates in the Rating Game between Riser Phenex and Diehauser Belial.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Shuriya has all the common skills and powers of one.

  • Promotion: Being a Pawn, Shuriya can use promotion to temporarily gain the traits of a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop.


  • Shuriya's bikini outfit somewhat bears a resemblance to Princess Leia's in the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi.


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