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Akeno. What ever happens, please believe in your Tou-sama. Your Tou-sama might have hurt many people until now. –But you know…It’s true that he loves Akeno and me. That’s why Akeno, please love him too.

–Shuri's apparition to Akeno, Volume 7, Life.4 Two Heavenly Dragons vs Evil-God Loki!


Shuri Himejima was a shrine priestess (Miko) from a well-known shrine under the Himejima Clan, one of the Five Principal Clans. She was Baraqiel's wife and Akeno Himejima's mother.


Shuri is a beautiful woman who has long, flowing black hair and light brown eyes, as she is noted to closely resemble her niece, Suzaku Himejima and her daughter Akeno (though Akeno has violet eyes due to her Fallen Angel heritage).


Shuri is noted to be a very gentle woman, who was a devoted wife to her husband Baraqiel and a loving mother to her daughter Akeno. Despite being a member of the Himejima Clan, who are known for being blessed by the Japanese Gods and exorcise evil spirits, she fell in love with Baraqiel, a Fallen Angel Cadre, despite that being considered heresy by her clan as she accepted him and loved him despite his being of a different species. She was noted to be very protective of her family as she refuse to hand over Akeno to the practitioners who were sent to eliminate Baraqiel, as she sacrificed herself to protect her daughter.


Shuri saved Baraqiel's life when he was injured, and later fell in love with him. However, her relationship did not go well with her family, as they believed that she had been brainwashed by the Fallen Angel. To that end, her family sent well-known practitioners to dispatch the Fallen Angel and bring her back. They were defeated by Baraqiel, but some of them held a grudge against Baraqiel and told the faction who were against the Fallen Angels at the time about his location. Shuri was killed defending Akeno when several of Baraqiel's enemies attacked her home while the latter was away, resulting in Akeno's hatred towards her father for not protecting her mother.

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The Heroic Oppai Dragon

In Volume 7, Shuri returns as an apparition due to Issei's Pailingual and the Breast Fairy's power, encouraging her daughter to reconcile with Baraqiel as she knows that he still greatly cares for and loves them, before disappearing. Her encouragement allows Akeno to forgive her father and reconcile with him, restoring their father-daughter bond which had been severed after Shuri's death.

Powers and Abilities

Flame Manipulation: As one of the Himejima Clan who've been blessed by the Shinto God of Fire, Shuri can utilize the Fire Phase, one of the Five Elements, letting her create and control flames.

Purification: Due to being a member of the Himejima Clan, which has protected Japan for wicked existences since the ancient times, she has the power to purify evil spirits which she taught to her daughter Akeno.



  • It is revealed in one of the Short Stories that Shuri was a sadist like her daughter, and engaged in S&M acts with her husband every night.[1]
  • After reconciling with her father, Akeno and Baraqiel are shown to visit her grave at times.[2]