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List of short stories published in Dragon Magazine.


Short stories compiled in Volume 8

See also: Light Novel Volume 8

Devil's Job

Rias decides to supervise Issei's next job, after Issei had failed at multiple jobs before hand. Issei and Rias are then transported to the client, where they find a girl, named Susan, who is clad in musha armor. Susan requests the help of the two to try and get a boy to go out with her. After writing a letter, to her love, the group goes to the park, where they find a boy, wearing knight's armor. The two confess their love for each other, and the job is complete.

  • Compiled in Volume 8.
  • Serialized in the November 2008 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 1.

Familiar's Requirement

The time has come for Issei and Asia to pick their Familiar's. Traveling into the Familiar forest The group's guide proves to be chronically unhelpful as he keeps trying to get Issei to pick out dangerous and uncontrollable familiars. Eventually Issei settles on a all but useless Slime and Tentacle Familiar with the ability to destroy women's clothes. However after assaulting the group the slime is destroyed by the intervention of a lightning Dragon that Asia takes as her familiar and names Rassei.

  • Compiled in Volume 8.
  • Serialized in the May 2009 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 2.

Memories of Oppai

Issei is sitting at the window side of the club room looking through the window, remembering his past as a child. He tells Rias about it and interested, Rias asks him to tell her about his past and so he tells her and the rest of the ORC. When he was seven years old, he would be told stories by an old man about breasts to which this made Issei look up to him. One day the old man was arrested by a policeman and Issei never saw him again, until he reappears in the present where Issei reunites with him and he shows Issei the picture show he never saw as a kid, to which Rias, Asia, and Koneko leave him be.

  • Compiled in Volume 8.
  • Serialized in the September 2009 issue of Dragon Magazine and marks the one-year anniversary of High School DxD.
  • Story takes place after Volume 3

The Oppai of Tennis

Rias needs to complete some homework for her teachers on the occult and thus reluctantly goes to Kiyome Abe, captain of the tennis club and a professional beast tamer, for help. The two girls eventually settle on a bet, if Rias and the Occult research club wins against Kiyome and her monsters in a game of tennis then Kiyome will help Rias with her work. If Kiyome wins however Rias will loan her the use of Issei to do with whatever she pleases. When it comes to Issei's turn he faces off against the 'Yuki Onna' named Christie and wins by wearing the Dullahan named Honda. Unfortunately now Issei can't get Honda off for a while so he has to take Honda's place as the tennis club's mascot.

  • Compiled in Volume 8.
  • Serialized in the September 2009 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 4.

Hell Teacher Azazel

Issei wakes up with two little girls who look like Rias and Asia, it is revealed that the two girls were trying to use a spell turn Issei into a kid but it ultimately back fired on them. Azazel and the Occult Research Club go to various locations to gather ingredients to turn Rias and Asia back to normal while going through troubling tasks to do so. Back at the Hyoudou residence, the group manage to revert Rias and Asia back but due to a mis-hap by Xenovia and Gasper, Issei is also turned into a kid much to his dismay. Rias, Akeno and Asia start to fawn over how cute Issei became.

  • Compiled in Volume 8.
  • Serialized in the January 2010 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 4.

300 Issei

  • Compiled in Volume 8.
  • Serialized in the March 2010 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 5.

Short stories compiled in Volume 13

See also: Light Novel Volume 13

A Tokusatsu Devil

Serafall hires Issei, Xenovia, Asia and Gasper to serve as extra's in her new movie. Things take a turn for the bizarre as Gasper slowly supplant's Issei as the main antagonist.

  • Compiled in Volume 13.
  • Story takes place after Volume 5.

Issei SOS

Kiyome Abe returns contracting a Issei to help her break off her engagement with her father in a beast tamer fight. The first of three rounds turns into a lost for Issei when Christie refuses to obey his orders. Issei wins the second round when Kiyome's father Mer-Shark dies before his Mer-fish when they both come onto land. Issei wins the third round when Gasper uses his time stopping power to knock Kiyome's father off of his bird. Unfortunately now Kiyome has a crush on Issei.

  • Compiled in Volume 13.
  • Story takes place after Volume 5.
    • Takes place right after the short story A Tokusatsu Devil and right before Volume 6.

The Disturbance of a Devil

When Issei gets sick he is diagnosed with both the Dragon Flu and the Devil Flu, so the Occult Research Club decides to pull out all the stops to make him feel better, including Azazel's Gender Swap ray that he uses on Kiba and Gasper.

  • Compiled in Volume 13.
  • Story takes place after Volume 7.

The Unresurrected Phoenix

Ravel comes to the Hyoudo residence requesting Issei's aid to get Raiser back to his normal self from before the fight against Issei. Towards this end Issei recruits Tannin to kidnap Raiser and bring him to the heart of Tannin's territory for some serious survival training. Raiser and Issei have a rematch for the rights to peak on the Occult research club girls.

  • Compiled in Volume 13.
  • Story takes place after Volume 8

Armageddon at Sports Day!

  • Compiled in Volume 13.
  • Story takes place after Volume 8.
  • Short story where Gabriel was first introduced.

Short stories compiled in Volume 15

See also: Light Novel Volume 15

Magical Girl Ria☆ For Real!?

  • Compiled in Volume 15.
  • Story takes place between Volumes 8 and 9.

Scarlet and Crimson

Centering around Akeno at the age of 10 traveling alone around Japan for about around a year and a half after the death of her mother, making a living off exorcising evil spirits to earn money, although from time-to-time she would find herself being targeted. At some point she save a person who could talk to spirits due to a pact with a servant Devil of the current Head of the House of Gremory from being possessed, which made a young Rias to seek contact with her. Afterwards she is captured by her Granduncle and other members of the Himejima clan who were attempting to kill her, however they were intercepted by Rias and a Gremory servant, who convinced them to let Akeno live if she never sets foot on their territory and to always stay by Rias' side. Akeno was then taken in by the House of Gremory, later on became Rias' Queen and enrolled in the same school and club.

  • Compiled in Volume 15.
  • Story takes place before Volume 1.

Holy☆Maiden Goes to the Holy-Land

  • Compiled in Volume 15.
  • Story takes place between Volumes 7 and 8.

Let’s Go with Training! ~Hell Chapter~

  • Compiled in Volume 15.
  • Story takes place between Volumes 10 and Volume 11.

Wolf’s Emblem

  • Compiled in Volume 15.
  • Story takes place between Volumes 12 and 13.

May the Shine be on You

  • Compiled in Volume 15.
  • Short story detailing Yuuto's past in the Holy Sword Project.
  • Story takes place before Volume 1.

Stories compiled in High School D×D D×1

See also: Light Novel DX.1

Abduction ERO!

Rias discusses with most of her Peerage who are present about how their contract rate has gone down when Asia, Xenovia and Irina barge in a panic, say Issei has been acting weird. When Issei comes into the clubroom, Rias notices that he's not staring at her breasts, much to everyone's shock, he even pulled away from Akeno when she had him grab hers. The Church Trio explains that Issei's lost his perverted behavior from being shot by a UFO. While most of the girls had a bad opinion of him as a pervert, they all resolved to change him back. While Xenovia, Irina and Gasper search for the UFO, the rest try to turn Issei back using alluring methods which he forcefully denies while tied to a chair. When Rossweisse walks in, she was able to detect a curse within Issei, with Xenovia and the rest returning with the UFO crashed outside, to their surprise to find Azazel inside. While Rias scolds him for shooting at Issei, Azazel explains he can turn him back. He places Issei in a capsule within his lab to turn him back, however the results turned him far more perverted then before, with the whole group being disappointed. However, Issei returned to normal a few days later after sleeping next to Rias.

  • Serialized in the November 2010 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Short story where Issei lost his pervertedness because of the UFO built by Azazel.
  • Takes place after Volume 7

Ultimate!! Onii-chan Mask

While cleaning out Rias room, Sirzechs shows Issei his collection of pictures and videos from when Rias was younger and gives Issei the task of collecting new memories. Back at the Hyoudou Residence, Issei is given a camera to take pictures of Rias in her sleep with Sirsechs monitoring him. When he makes it to his room where Rias was sleeping, she wakes up and finds out about their plan and calls in Grayfia and punishes both Issei and Sirzechs respectively.

  • Takes place before Volume 9

Stop!! Yuuto-kun!

Gasper wakes up to find that everyone else in school has swapped genders with only him noticing the difference, when visiting the clubroom he sees that most of the girls have been turned into handsome guys with Koneko being a tall muscular guy. Issei then enters appearing the same along with a female version of Yuuto named "Yumi". The club members try to decide on ideas for the cultural festival with Issei recommending an erotic maid cafe and imagines Yumi in a maid outfit lecherously, Rias orders "Daineko" to restrain him who bangs Issei's head through ground, Yumi then tenderly nurses him on her lap with everyone commenting on her feelings for him. A female Azazel then barges and brings out an invention that could change genders, the guys take a liking to some of their female forms with Issei admiring Rias the most causing Yumi to hit him out of jealousy. Afterwards Gasper wakes up believing it to be a dream when Azazel comes in with with the same invention as before saying it will work "this time" while looking at Gasper, later that night Gasper was unable to sleep for various reasons.

  • Takes place after Volume 7

Records of Chichiryuutei's Pleasure Adventure

The Occult Research Club go to a town in the frontier of the Gremory territory to investigate a group of people portraying themselves as the characters from the Oppai Dragon TV show who are beating bad guys, they find out the group are actually members of Vali Team who are searching for a Dragon working under Crom Cruach while keeping thier identities as terrorists a secret from the public. Rias and her Peerage compete against Vali Team on who can portray their characters better, when the Dragon they've been searching is unwillingly revealed within the crowd of people, after witnessing light immitted by Issei after poking Rias nipples. After they defeat the dragon, on a later date Rias had dispatched soldiers for protection and towers so people can watch the Oppai Dragon show. Issei feasts his eye's on pictures of Kuroka in a Hellcat costume that she left for him, but are ripped by Koneko, who gives him a punch and softly says she will get bigger.

  • Serialized in the November 2011 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Takes place after Volume 9

Love Song to the Reincarnated Angel

  • Serialized in the November 2012 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Short story where Issei, Xenovia, and Asia followed Irina to observe what an Angel does compared to the works of a Devil.
  • Story where Griselda Quarta was first introduced.
  • Takes place after Volume 13.

Let's go to Onsen

  • Serialized in the February 2013 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 13.

Phoenix of the Battle School Building DX?

While Rias and Ravel play chess, they reminisce about the Rating Game between Gremory and Phenex and wonder what the outcome would be with Rias' current members, hearing this Azazel set up a friendly rematch with Raiser. The Rating Game plays out similar to their original battle with the Gremory Peerage gaining the advantage. When Issei arrives at the rooftop to assist Rias like before, Raiser demands to fight him one-on-one. In the end, issei defeats Raiser earning his team victory without any losses. Later on while playing chess, Rias and Ravel discuss the Rating Game between Sitri and Agares and ask Azazel if they could win against Seekvaira's peerage in a Scramble Flag match, which leads to him grinningly book a match against the house of Agares, much to Issei's distress.

  • Takes place during Volume 19.
  • Rias and Raiser have a rematch.
    • Irina sides with Riser's Peerage to fill in for their missing Bishop.

Stories compiled in High School D×D D×2

See also: Light Novel DX.2

Oppai is the Sun

  • Serialized in the September 2011 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Poseidon first appeared in this short story.
  • The illustration shows three Devils from three different clans from the 72 Pillars:
    • Rias of the Gremory Clan.
    • Gragg Forneus of the Forneus clan; a pure-blooded Devil that has the face of an angler fish.
    • Lilitifa Vepar of the extinct Vepar clan; a Devil that looks like the typcial mermaid (human top, fish bottom).
      • Litifa lives in a lake inside the Gremory territory.
  • Story takes place after Volume 9.

The Student Council’s Decision

  • Serialized in the January 2012 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 9.
  • Short story where Issei was asked to help the Student Council by Sona as Saji was sick due to the Dragon flu.
  • A secret doujinshi made by the Manga Research Club was found by Issei and Tsubasa during inspection of the school clubs in this short story featuring the BL love of Yuuto and Issei titled Prince×Beast.
  • Story takes place after Oppai is the Sun.

Let's Go with Training

  • Story takes place after Volume 10.

Worship☆Dragon-God Girl

  • Short story where Azazel was struck by lightning for wishing to Ophis for Angels, especially Gabriel, to fall.
  • Kunou appeared in this story to help build a temple for Ophis.
  • Story takes place after Volume 13.

Nekomata☆Ninja Scroll

  • Serialized in the September 2013 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Short story where the Seraph Metatron was first introduced.
    • The Fallen Angel leader Armaros and Koneko's friend kappa also appeared in this short story.
  • Story takes place within Volume 14.

Maniac's Sanctuary

  • Serialized in the July 2014 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • This short story reveals that Seekvaira is a mecha otaku.
    • This hobby of hers is what she uses to relieve stress that comes along with being the future head of the Agares clan which holds the title of Archduke.
  • The butler in the cover of this short story is Alivian[1], Seekvaira's Queen.
    • He is a Dragon in disguise and excels in all departments. He's the person Sona had the most trouble in her Rating Game against Seekvaira.
  • Story takes place after Volume 17.

Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium

  • Serialized in the July 2014 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 19.

Stories compiled in High School D×D D×3

See also: Light Novel DX.3

Asia's Treasure

With Azazel no longer on the front lines he has decided that the time has come to break his pact with Fafnir. However rather than simply letting the dragon go he intends to prepare Asia to inherit the pact. As a first step he has Rossweisse summon a number of other dragons for Asia to talk with for practice. Once a sufficient amount of time passes Azazel releases Fafnir and explains that he is giving responsibility for him over to Asia.

As additional precautions, the group have Ophis ready on standby and Rias Gremory has a vast stockpile of riches waiting to bribe the dragon who is especially well known for hoarding treasures. Shockingly, the normally dull and slow witted dragon becomes excited when he see's Asia and immediately dubs her 'Asia-tan' and demands her panties as payment for the contract.

Initially the girls are enraged with Azazel and naturally blames him for Fafnir's perverseness. Azazel on the other hand believes that Odin made the dragon perverted when he revived him after he was killed by the original Siegfried. Irregardless of who is to blame Asia retrieves a pair of her favorite panties for Fafnir and completes the contract.

  • Short story where Asia made her pact with Fafnir with the help of Azazel and Ophis.
  • Story takes place between Volume 13 & 14.

The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon Emperor

  • Story takes place after Volume 14

Let's Go with Training! ~Mascot Chapter~

  • Serialized in the November 2013 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • The name of the mascot Sairaorg is acting as is Bapple (Bael + apple, the specialty of the Bael territory).
  • The person wearing the camel costume behind Sairaorg is Zeoticus Gremory, acting as Gomorin.
  • Story takes place between Volume 16 & 17.

Talents of the Student Council[2]

  • Serialized in the January 2015 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story starts in the middle of Volume 22, main part in the middle of Volume 19.

Worldly Desire of Steel[3]

  • Serialized in the May 2015 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place between Volume 19.


  • Serialized in the November 2016 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Short story about Irina and Xenovia when they were young exorcists in training.
  • Story starts in the middle between Volume 17 & 19, main part prior to the series.

Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch

  • Serialized in the November 2016 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Short story about the former and current Occult Research Club members going on a trip to a beach.
  • Story takes place in the middle of Volume 22.

Stories compiled in High School D×D D×5

See also: Light Novel DX.5

Resurrected? The Immortal Bird

Riser arrived at Issei’s home for finding help for his selection of a new peerage member (due to Ravel being traded to Lady Phenex). At the home were only Issei, Rias and Ravel. Riser told he wants a girl but also wonders what if a man is in his peerage. The others were astonished. Then all of them teleported to Phenex Household`s territory with the Church Trio, Gasper and Koneko. Issei, Asia and Gasper became judges for selection of a new peerage member.

Next day. There were little more than a thousand of applicants for role of a new peerage member at the entrance of Phenex Household’s territory. Irina Baker (maybe, the alias from DX.3) gave bread to them. Among the applicants were those who wanted to become an Issei’s servant in advance. Koneko warned Issei here could be women who will attempt to seduce him. Rias said here are also men. Riser told the point of this selection is receiving a younger sister.

Issei was asked by a woman is he a Red Dragon Emperor. Issei agreed and she began seducing him. Later Ravel arrived and saved Issei. Then Ravel lectured Issei for his carelessness.

At the selection were Takahashi Sky, Bapple-kun, No-head Honda, Salamander Tomita, Stefani, Kristi. They all passed trials and started the final trial. Riser asked Issei where is any woman among them. Issei told they are two gorillas. Riser is in anger, cause it will be bad if he receive a gorilla. Issei said it isn’t so bad. They started fighting. Then a beautiful girl with blue hair and white clothes appeared to cheer gorillas. It was younger sister of Kristi. Yubelluna said it’s a young Yuki-onna and she is in age when furs begin growing. Riser went to her to offer becoming his «Bishop». However, gorillas punched him and Riser started fighting against them (except this girl).

In the end, the selection had failed. However, the other day Riser met the beautiful blue-haired girl and invited her to his Household’s territory as an applicant. Her becoming of his new peerage member depends on negotiations with Yuki-onna gorillas.

Issei told he wants to go catching a such Yuki-onna in mountains. Koneko asked is he ready to battle bunch of gorillas. Issei said not really.

  • Serialized in the September 2014 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Short story where Riser tries to recruit a new Bishop to replace his sister Ravel who left his peerage.
  • Story takes place between Volume 17 and 19.

Unknown Dictator

  • This chapter marks the first appearance of Magnus Rose, a CIA agent of the United States of America.
  • This chapter explains how Magnus became a member of Ruval’s Team Phoenix for the Azazel Cup.
  • Story takes place during the preliminary stage of the Azazel Cup.

Maid of the House of Pendragon

New year’s have just passed Issei waiting in front of Kuoh Academy hears Arthur’s voice. Arthur has asked Issei to show him around Kuoh Academy. They enter a classroom, where Issei expresses his surprise of him coming. Arthur says that since Le Fay will be enrolling here, he wanted to see the school first. Arthur is worried about her education because Le Fay never went to an ordinary school before. So they want her to enjoy daily school life. Arthur slides his finger through the window frame and notices the dust. Issei smiles and apologizes for the dust. Arthur says that it’s a good school and that there are at least some people like Le Fay who hide their abilities from the normal students as well. Issei receives a text from Rias saying that visitors from the UK have come to visit. So bring Le Fay. Back at Issei’s house, Le Fay greets Elaine who’s described as a black-haired woman in her early 20s as Issei describes her as having a dignified ladylike style. Elaine says that she wanted to visit earlier, but requesting permission takes time. Elaine introduces herself as Elaine Westcott to everyone and thanks them for taking care of Le Fay for her.

Kuroka tells Issei that she’s a descendant of one of the founding fathers of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and taught Le Fay how to use magic. She then tells Issei then Le Fay joined Golden Dawn because of her connections with Elaine. Elaine goes to Arthur and says that she’s happy that he hasn’t seem to change. They became quiet and Issei notes the awkward atmosphere, and wonders if its because of Arthur stealing Collbrande from his family and her being a maid for his family. Akeno, Rias, Irina, Roseweisse, and Ravel looks at both of them with a curious sight.
"So, Le Fay-san, where is the Sekiryuutei you signed a contract with?"
Elaine is constantly looking at us (Issei, Kiba, Gasper). It should be obvious that my contract with Le Fay has reached the Pendragon family. Though we never met, it should be obvious that the Sekiryuutei is a man.
As soon as I approached in front of her, she moved her eyes away from me and looked at Kiba?!
I've been completely ignored for the 2 of them.
Le Fay stood by my side and introduced me to her.
"Ah, this is the Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei"
"Ah, hello. I'm the Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei"
I bow to Elaine.
However Elaine.
She gives a silent look at me then once again appears before Kiba and Gasper.
Both of them can't help but feel helpless and laugh.
"I'm not the Sekiryuutei"
"I'm not......"
Clearly denied.
"".....That one""
Elaine finally realizing, bows her head and apologizes.
"........Sorry for my rudeness. In my imagination, the Sekiryuutei has more personality, so sorry for my delay. Now I feel you do have a Dragon's aura from your body, but how do you say it? I'm.....very sorry."
Although I release the aura of a Dragon from my body, you can feel the power of multiple dragons, and from my appearance -- I looked like an ordinary dragon. Despite not having any Dragon aura, Kiba exudes a strong atmosphere and Gasper despite his face, has a bottomless amount of aura. Because of that she felt they may be the Sekiryuutei. Is that the case?! I don't know why, but my face isn't that of the Sekiryuutei?! Anyway, I was born as a ordinary person who became the Sekiryuutei! Rias aware of my thoughts came over and hugged me.
"I understand, Issei! But....in about 10 years or so, you can grow a beard, it may increase your authority as the Sekiryuutei.
Issei also notes that with Ophis and Asia’s multiple dragon familiars living here, his house is pretty much a dragon’s den and even an expert magic user would think to trend here carefully. Elaine then explains the purpose of her being here. Lord Pendragon has sent her to Japan to see Arthur and Le Fay’s current situation. Rias explains that both are important to UK and are also ways welcome here. Elaine and Le Fay thank Rias. Elaine then says she wants to meet with the Hakuryuukou, but notices that Arthur has disappeared. So she decided to she Le Fay’s room, Elaine knows that Kuroka is also part of the Vali team, and that both her and Le Fay share a room in Issei’s house. They enter their room where they see its messy through the entire room except for one place. They believe the mess is all Kuroka’s and Le Fay keeps her side of the room clean. So Elaine has Kuroka clean her mess, which Kuroka has Issei help her clean her room. Issei says that the rooms full of magazines, she doesn’t throw anything away and doesn’t seem to wash her clothes.
Issei notices that he hasn’t found a single bra to which Kuroka tells him that she’s part of the “No-Bra Faction”. Issei thinks that “No-Bra” sounds wonderful and realizes that often the girls in the house don’t wear bras. Elaine tells Kuroka to clean and that since she’s Le Fay’s friend, she needs to set a better example and worries what if Le Fay starts acting like her. Koneko decides to help with the cleaning. After they finish cleaning, Le Fay introduces Elaine to Fenrir. Everyone notes how powerful Fenrir is, and how the Vali team managed to capture and control him. Elaine stares at Fenrir then extends her hand and says “Hold out your hand”. Issei notes the bravely it takes to be in front of a legendary monster. Fenrir isn’t angry and his expression hasn’t changed, but looks at Le Fay with a face saying “What should I do?”. Le Fay just nods. So Fenrir reluctantly obeyed and extended his claw to which Elaine rubs his head. She says that Le Fay has trained him well, but Fenrir isn’t a good name, so how about “John”? Kuroka starts laughing to the point tears are coming out and calling Fenrir “John”. So Fenrir bites her. Issei intervenes saying that they have a guest here. He gets covered by Kuroka scratch marks on his face and Fenrir bite marks on his hand. So Elaine has yet to meet Vali and Bikou, so Le Fay tries to contact Vali, but is said that the odds of Vali answering is 1/10. Issei wonders if he’s training with the First Gen Sun Wukong.
Azazel once told Issei that Vali and Bikou often go to Tokyo to eat ramen, where Issei remembers a time where Vali gave Issei a lecture on how the right soy sauce and seasoning makes the perfect ramen. Azazel then told Issei that if he wants, he can ask Vali for ramen recipes. While thinking about Vali, Elaine takes out a measure tape and starts recording Le Fay’s measurements. They also learn that when Arthur left their house, Le Fay worried about him followed him and occasionally reports back what he’s doing back to their father. Vali then suddenly appears and he and Elaine greet each other. She asked if he’s the Hakuryuukou and which he notes that Elaine’s releases a good aura. She then says that it was said that Vali has abducted Arthur and Le Fay. Le Fay asked about Arthur, to which Vali says that he was acting strange, and that he, Bikou, and Arthur went to visit with the Slashdog team. Elaine meets Bikou and says he has a “dirty look”, to which Kuroka laughs at with Fenrir nodding in agreement. Elaine is happy as she thought the Vali team would be a bad influence on Le Fay. Issei notes how before Bikou and Fenrir were evil to them, but now they casually meet with each other. He wonders if this is because of Azazel or Oppai Dragon. Vali decides to go get ramen, which Issei asked if he could join him. Vali points out that their are rivals, so how about cup ramen instead.
A few days later, Arthur and Le Fay are in Issei’s living room where Le Fay receives her school uniform. Issei asked Le Fay about Arthur and Elaine, where Le Fay reveals that they’re in love. But because of Arthur’s position, many people are after him, but he’s only in love with Elaine. Also if Lord Pendragon finds out, she’d be kicked out of their service, which is why Arthur left the house.

Before Elaine leaves, she asked Issei if he thinks he’s qualified to be Le Fay’s contracted devil. He says that he’ll work hard, so Elaine tells him that he’s a good person and that if he removes her roommate, she’d give him a pass. Issei says he’ll do his best. They shake hands and she leaves.

  • Serialized in the March 2015 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • The maid's name is Elaine Westcott.
  • Story takes place between Volume 17 and 19.


  • This chapter marks the first appearance of Uther Pendragon, the father of Arthur and Le Fay.
  • Story takes place after the preliminary stage of the Azazel Cup.

Sleepover Party for the Gifted and Talented

Tosca came to Japan and is living with Kiba, but seems to be afraid of Rias, hiding from her when she sees her. The ORC decides to teach Tosca about Japanese culture at Issei's house. Tsubaki's invited as well as she was eavesdropping outside the door.
Tosca, Kiryuu and Tsubaki arrived at Issei's house, where they first meet with Koneko and Gasper. Koneko asked Tosca if she was afraid of the Cardboard Box Vampire Gasper. Then she told her that when she first met Kiba a few years ago, she was afraid of him. But Kiba would give her snacks, which also now attracts Kuroka.
Akeno and Rossweisse are now with Tosca. Akeno told Tosca about the time when she and Kiba went to a farm to milk cows (From the Chronos SS where Chronos showed Azazel and Ophis the ORC's past), and Rossweisse a 100-yen lecture till late at night.
Issei, Kiba, and Gasper are all in the same room, before only Matsuda and Motohama were the only boys who came to Issei's house. Issei, Kiba, and Gasper played games with each other for the entire night. In the morning, Issei saw Tosca praying to the angel Irina and thought that Tosca should talk to the Church Trio. Kiba asked Issei what type of breakfast they should make.
After dinner last night, Irina told Tosca to relax as the Lord will always bless them. Tosca's convinced from the words of an angel. Issei notes that Tosca avoids him and doesn't talk to him. Kiryuu tells Issei that his reputation at school has improved because Kiba tells girls good things about Issei when they asked him. Issei thanks Kiba with tears in his eyes, and Tosca finally gets the courage to ask Issei "What is your relationship with Isaiah?" Issei answers "A friend? A partner? A peer." Tosca then tells Issei that BL is not acceptable. Issei realizes that she learned that from Kiryuu.
Tsubaki joins in and asked Issei and Kiba "What is their relationship?" Kiba says that its difficult to say in front of Issei. Tsubaki said that those 2 really are BL and that they can't lose. Tosca agrees saying that BL is not acceptable.
Last night, Tosca was determined to talk to Rias. She's not afraid of Rias who is a High-class Devil, but she's afraid of what Rias knows about Kiba after he died and his thirst for vengeance. Tosca feels that Kiba's complex and is afraid to face the truth. But she's determined to ask Rias questions about Kiba. In the end, Tosca is extremely moved and crying because of Rias' answer and thanks her for helping Kiba. Rias also crying thanks Tosca for surviving.

Since then Tosca has always shown a lovely smile in front of everyone, and Issei hopes she can get along with everyone.

  • A short story about Tosca adapting to her lifestyle in Japan as she visits the Hyoudou Residence to learn things from everyone living there.
  • Serialized in the July 2015 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place between Volume 17 and 19.

Go West!

Issei finds Kuroka and Le Fay who are preparing to go somewhere and asks them where. The two girls say they are going to Bikou's hometown. Issei then becomes interested as it's a legendary location in the story Journey to the West and decides to go with them. Issei and the two girls regroup with Vali and the rest of the Vali Team and head to Bikou's hometown, the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. At the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit they are surprised to see that the peaches there are actually huge as in the legend. Their attention shifts when a certain someone calls out to Bikou, Zhu Bajie's descendant. Bikou seems disgusted to see him which confuses his team mates and Issei. When Zhu starts to clinch to Bikou, Bikou by instinct attacks him and it is then revealed that Zhu Bajie is a masochist. Issei is greatly disappointed with how a supposedly legendary being is acting that way.

After that a small person appears who Issei thinks is a cute girl, but the girl speaks like a boy so he is then reminded of Gasper and is disappointed. After that, their purpose for going to Bikou's hometown is revealed. Apparently someone has been stealing their peaches and Bikou was asked to help catch the thief. After some chaos and trouble, they manage to catch the thief with Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing's help. Vali tries to offer them a spot in him team but Bikou rejects telling him no. On their way back, Issei accidentally says out loud how he pities Sha Wujing is a boy but Bikou reveals she's a girl. Issei is then disappointed on why he didn't try to talk to her more but was told by Bikou he was better off not interacting with Sha because she has a certain dangerous "habit" so it's best to avoid getting close to her.

Issei's playing an Open RPG while the Chruch Trio watches and comments. Kuroka and Le Fay enter his room and ask Issei to help Bikou and the Vali team. They arrive at Bikou's hometown where they meet the current Zhu Bajie(The Masochist) and Sha Wujing(Hates being called Kappa).
They're here to take care of them and were given 3 missions from Xuanzang Sanzang. Since Bikou, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing are now the current successors, Xuanzang Sanzang wants them to work together. Issei asked Vali how strong is the 1st Gen Journey to the West, with Vali saying that if the DxD Team fought them, DxD would probably win.
Issei asked Vali what he thinks about the missions with Vali replying he'd like to help. Kuroka told Issei that Xuanzang Sanzang promised to introduce Vali to powerful people afterwards which made Vali happy. Issei wonders if he should help with the missions, where Bikou then whispers to him that if he helps him, he'll call Azazel, so Issei and Kuroka can sleep together alone in the interdimensional room. Issei and Bikou shake hands.
Mission 1: Line up outside a large-scale retail store late at night to buy a Monster Watch that goes on sale at 10 o'clock the next day.
Issei, Vali, and the rest are waiting in a long line that looks like an Eastern Dragon. Issei wonders if Master Xuanzang Sanzang likes this toy, with Vali said he heard the toy is for kids. Zhu Bajie is disguised as a fat young man. Bikou noticed that Sha Wujing isn't here as she's a Middle School student and Vali says she has club activities in the morning, so she can't wait here all night. Issei then introduces Bikou to Salamander Tomita who can take her place knowing she couldn't be here. Vali seems to already know Tomita, with Bikou telling Tomita to go back to the river like a Kappa. Vali was eating ramen while in line, Zhu Bajie was looking around for Onee-sans, and Imoutos. Eventually they bought the Monster Watch.
Mission 2: Go to a Monastery that is located high in the mountains that can only be reached with a tall ladder. Bikou is unexpectedly physically weak and fell to the bottom. Sha Wujing is back, but is angry at seeing Salamander Tomita. Bikou and Zhu Bajie have been arguing as they're climbing. They reached the top and the monks there gave them Peaches of Immortality. Vali then began eating a seaweed lunch where he and Issei discussed an old sorceress and Xuanzang Sanzang. Eventually they heard Bikou scream and the monks told them that someone has stolen the peaches.
Mission 3: Where the Chinese Immortals live, monsters and thieves have been rampaging and demanding the peaches. So Bikou and the others arrived and killed them. Afterwards Vali offers Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing a place on the Vali Team. Issei asked Vali how will they be as team members, with Vali smiling and said it won't be boring.
With the missions completed, Issei begins daydreaming about spending the night with Kuroka.
The next day, Issei contacted Bikou demanding an apology for not fulfilling their agreement. Bikou said that not only does he had to take care of the 2 of them, but now has to take care of a bunch of other pigs. Issei begins wondering how he'd take care of those pigs, and hopes that they won't end being pork in Vali's ramen.
The conversation ends with Bikou saying he already told about the agreement to Kuroka's sister and he'll find a way to make it up to him. Issei is angry at Bikou for lying to him, but eventually realized the last thing he said.

Issei turns around and sees an angry Koneko who beats him up and says "Senpai really is the worst!". Despite the harsh treatment he just received from Koneko, Issei's determined to make Bikou fulfill their agreement.

  • Short story where Issei and the Vali Team go to Bikou's hometown to help Bikou capture a peach thief.
  • Story takes place between Volume 17 and 19.

Salamander Tomita

  • This chapter is where Salamander Tomita is recruited as a reserve member of Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star.
  • Story takes place after the preliminary stage of the Azazel Cup.

Flower Arrangement of the Princess

Rias, Sona, and Seekvaria are having a chat in an underworld cafe with their knights as bodyguards. Seekvaria’s Knight is Bafeel Fercas who is the younger sister of Sairaorg’s Knight Beruka Furcas. The topic was just teenage girls stuff and post war treatment, but changes to about bridal training. Rias remembers how Issei's mom talked about her training, so Rias wants to learn as well to be a proper wife, as she wants to be an educated Japanese wife with proper Japanese knowledge such as flower and tea ceremony, because she’s marrying a Japanese man, she wants to have enough knowledge so she doesn’t shame this land. Seekvaria misunderstands flower arrangement as for robots due to pronunciation issues. Sona ask Rias why not ask Akeno for lessons, but she says that Akeno doesn’t have any style as she just imitates or she herself is trying to find someplace to learn. Sona decides to take her to one and join her as they're friends, and Seekvaria decides to join as she spends too much to in her lab, so experience other cultures could be fun.
They invited all the girls from their peerage to join them, but they decline as this should be something for the kings to experience, but their knights will join them to act as bodyguards. Issei wasn’t told as this is for him and she’s training to be his future wife, as he is their future husband Kiba was embarrassed as he was the only guy there, decided to use the gender swapping ray on himself to join them even though he never planned on using it again as he must fulfill his duties as a knight. Everyone is wearing kimonos, including Kiba who is wearing one for the first time, so he’s unfamiliar in it. Tomoe took a picture of Yumi in a kimono on her smartphone. They arrived at a school that is willing to teach flower arrangement to even devils, knowing that they allowed devils gives Kiba a bad feeling. The door opens and a middle aged woman Bakusan Umeko wearing a kimono and a head vase and she releases an aura which Kiba says it’s a dense aura that a teacher shouldn’t give and he no longer sees this a teacher for a flower classroom. Their test is to release their aura, so she can evaluate it. They must show their auras as it’s needed to learn here. They do it, and their aura destroys the entrance and their surroundings. They pass the first test.
Inside the school appears to be a spacious wooden dojo room, where all the woman wearing kimonos are using flowers as swords and vases. Kiba sees lots of people doing fighting poses. The teacher says that every day the students train as if preparing for combat and flowers are the most important aspect of their training. The teacher allows the students to use props to help encourage their imaginations, which Kiba questions in his mind what is the actual meaning. Umeko asked if they know the origin of flower arrangement and Sona gives an in depth explanation. Kiba thinks to himself that he expected a normal Japanese class, where people simply sit and perform flower arrangement, what he’s seeing makes him think they're in a warrior and ninja school. Rias thinks this is all part of flower arrangement and Kiba is worried on how gullible Rias is with Japanese stuff and how she became like this. Umeko says that the old way of flower arrangement is dead and this school discovered a new way of training. Umeko gives a Japanese Linguistic lesson on how scent, handsome, and flowers are similar to each other. Rias thought this was a wonderful atmosphere, and Seek have prepared an army of prototype robots. Kiba thinks this is going to give bad memories.
Rias meets another student who is describe to be arrogant. Both Rias and she enter a stage where they will practice flower arrangement. Both are given flower-shaped swords and are given an explanation about the sword's origins. On a table there are flowers, fruits, and vegetables. And with those swords they must prepare them. Rias gets the first move and decides to use the sword to pierce a bamboo shoot. She gets 40 points. Kiba is shocked as the sight of piercing a bamboo shoot with a flower sword felt surreal and that there is a point system. The student then started sweating and used the sword to pierce a watermelon which caused to bloom like a flower and split into 8 equal pieces gaining 40 points too. Kiba is confused as they're using bamboo and watermelons to arrange flowers, and said that if Issei were here, he'd question all this aloud, and Kiba misses that Issei isn’t here to question all of this. Kiba sees Seekvaria has put one of her robots on the tip of her flower sword. Sona thinks she made a mistake bring them here. Kiba and the other knights don't know how to properly respond to this situation. During Rias' battle, apparently that bamboo shoot from the very beginning has grown thanks to the spiritual power of the sword plus bathing in her own aura has grown to become a miracle which causes Rias wins. The student mentions that who she fought was the weakest one of the 4 Heavenly Kings, the other 3 will now challenge her, which she accepts. Sona smiles seeing how happy Rias is and admits to being a little jealous on how so much in love she is. Kiba and the other knights decide to join her in this unconventional flower classroom.

Kiba is at Issei's house and sees the bamboo shoots that Rias pierced. Rias is happy of her work and has done the flower arrangement to the entrance of the house. Rias decides to challenge all the other schools. Kiba as her knight has to accompany her, Kiba remembers all that they were taught and questions as a man when will he ever used them.

  • Short story bundled with the 2017 January issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Short story where Rias learns flower arrangement.
  • Story takes place around Volume 22 (after Rias' proposal)

Kimono Girl

  • Story takes place during the preliminary stage of the Azazel Cup.

White Dragon Emperor of Black History

After the qualifiers for the International Rating Game, Issei welcomed Lavinia, Natsume, and Kouki.

Everyone sat down and Natsume was ready to talk but everyone felt strange. Bikou and Zhu Bajie can be seen peeking at through the door. Then their presences disappeared, but they can hear them yelling at each other. Xenovia and Irina chased after them.
Natsume sighed and said that Vali has been sending assassins after Lavinia lately. Issei's shocked that Vali would sent actual assassins on his big sister and noticed that Kuroka and Le Fay aren't home.
Natsume said that the reason's complicated and they're here to ask for their help. Kouki says that in 3 days, DxD team will have a meeting discussing magic with Lavinia representing Grauzauberer and Rossweisse is also participating.
Tobio and the other members don't have any missions, and Lavinia describes the situation similar to hide and seek. Xenovia and Irina returned empty handed.
Rias and Issei decides to assign people to protect them. Rossweisse, Akeno, and Issei will protect Lavinia, Natsume, and Kouki. Everyone went to the Slashdog team's office which is on the 20th floor in a building near the bar where Tobio and Lavinia work.
They open the door and see Jin, who Tobio left behind in the office. Akeno and Jin get along and she and Natsume began talking to each other about Suzaku. Rossweisse sees a collection of valuable magical books, which Lavinia says she can loan if Mephisto approves it.
Nanadaru Shigune appears and greets everyone while holding her 4 Fiend. Ddraig said that her fiend is the strongest of the 4 Fiends. Ddraig also says that its capable of eating Demonic Power, Magician's magic, Sacred Gear abilities, and even eat the abilities of Gods.
Kouki invites Issei to watch a DVD "Legend of the Holy Breast". Issei agrees to watch it with him.
The 2nd wave of assassination is Kuroka. She asked Lavinia to give her something, Lavinia said no. Kuroka's ready to fight, but Kouki threw a bag of powder at her, which released a unique smell. Kuroka became enchanted and huddled into a ball. Byakusa did the same thing.
Kouki said that it was a powder of silver vine which has an interesting effect on Cat Youkai. Issei wonders if he should use it on Koneko and Kuroka to do whatever he wants with them. He says he'll seriously consider it later, but right now Kuroka's retired.
Kuroka's been arrested and Vali's after his books from 4-5 years ago. The "Book of Mind/Art/Technique". Vali has the "Book of Art", but Lavinia has "Book of Mind" and "Technique". Mind has dialogue of Vali's chuunibyou thoughts and Technique has chuunibyou attack ideas and theories on magic.
Kuroka tied with rope says she wants to read the books and she won't take them. Lavinia shook her head and said only the Slashdog team and Vali's fated rival can read them.
2 days later, Lavinia is going to the meeting where she sees Bikou waiting in the park. Bikou sees Issei as her bodyguard and uses his trump card Fenrir. Akeno and Rossweisse prepare for battle.
Bikou says that Vali's desperate to get the books back. Akeno said they have a countermeasure for Fenrir; Jin.
Jin and Fenrir confronted and stared at each other silently. Fenrir turns around and looks at Bikou. Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing call Bikou an idiot, and Fenrir attacks the 3 of them, causing them to run away.
Lavinia notices something at the edge of the park and sees Vali. Vali said that the books are very important and he wants them back. So she hugs Vali, to which he said that Issei's right in front of them. Natsume says that this is a valuable scene and Issei wants an Onee-san that would let him do whatever he wants.

Vali having both books flies away with his light wings. Natsume notices Lavinia's smiling, to which she creates a Magic circle which summons replicas of the books. Lavinia said those books are important, so back ups need to be made, and that Rossweisse has added Magical Defenses making them stronger than the original books. Issei wonders how will Vali capture all those books.

  • Short story bundled with 2018 January issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 24.


  • This chapter is where Vali is reunited with Genbu Doumon.
  • Story takes place during the preliminary stage of the Azazel Cup.

Superhero Trial

Issei Hyoudou Company received a request from a magic circle. Issei, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel, and Elmenhilde went to the neighboring town. They meet with a janitor who takes off his hat revealing to be Cao Cao. Cao Cao is using the Holy Spear as a broom.

The Hero Faction is under strict surveillance, but they can participate in the Azazel Cup under Indra's supervision. Cao Cao wants to recruit more members to increase their strength, but their reputation isn't that good. So Indra said ask the Red Dragon Emperor for help, since the world sees him as an representative of justice. So Cao Cao asked Issei to supervise their recruitment exams.

Ravel asked Cao Cao, why are you a janitor? Cao Cao said its purely for financial reasons, with Ravel hearing that the Hero Faction lacks in funds. Elmenhilde and Issei whisper to each other saying that they been providing revival support for the cities destroyed (By them). The exams will take place in Shibamata Taishakuten also known as Sakra's Temple.

Almost 200 people showed up, most being Sacred Gear users. Many of them looked at Issei with fear. Ravel said to the eyes of humans, we're powerful monsters. Georg announces the beginning of the written test, and on the sidelines, Perseus is seen eating grass dumplings.

Rossweisse is the teacher supervising the written exam and she's very strict. "No whispering!" and "Women should not be wearing make-up before the exam!"

The exam consist of basic questions related to heroes, various mythological stories, current events in the mythological world, occult history that shapes the modern world, problems about European heroes and Japanese Warring States.

Issei looking over the questions sees, "Write a Japanese pseudonym for Polar Night Longinus Chakravartin". Cao Cao smiles and says since they're in the International Rating Game, he wants to know what his Balance Breaker be in Japanese.

Issei seeing that question began thinking about Gasper's Balance Breaker, Tobio's Abyss Balance Break, and Dulio's Balance Break. Issei realizes that Sub-Species Balance Breakers indeed have long names.

Issei then sees "Write down the normal Balance Breaker and a pseudonym for the True Longinus". Issei and Xenovia are trying to answer this one.

"Write down the 3rd lyric in the Oppai Dragon song" Cao Cao worried about copyright issues, but got permission from the Gremory family. Asia was confused about this question: "In the popular book "Prince x Beast" at the Red Dragon Emperor's school, in the 15th volume, what line did Kiba say to Issei to force him down? (4 Options)"

Issei wonders who can answer that question and if someone can, he doesn't want to meet them. Jeanne is a fan of the series and is still crying since Volume 17. Xenovia says as Student Council President, she heard rumors about a secret reprint, so she sent Ouryuu and Millarca to investigate. Issei vows to stop that reprint.

Issei sees Oda and Akechi(From the DxD x Oda Nobuna Crossover SS) answering the question.

2nd Exam is the Practical Test. Heracles in the instructor while Perseus is asking the cute girls for their names, age, origin, and favourite foods. Cao Cao, Georg, and Jeanne are watching the exam while eating grass dumplings.

The inherited of Momotaro's spirit Momoko (桃野 吉備津彦(桃野 きびつひこ) is there with a monkey, dog, and pheasant.

Perseus is talking to Zhuge Liang the descendent of Zhuge Liang. She's described as cute girl in Chinese clothing holding a feather fan. She waved her fan, but nothing happen, so Perseus stepped forward and fell down a small hole, then jumped out and hit his head on something that appeared out of thin air. Then a bag covered his head so he rushed towards Zhuge Liang where he fell down another hole. This repeated for some time. Zhuge Liang's Sacred Gear is "Strategy Trap".

Momoko and Zhuge Liang have qualified, and Issei wonders why isn't there a contest about cute girls and then asked Cao Cao about it. But Xenovia and the others began releasing their aura towards Issei.

Georg says its time for Little Red Riding Hood's turn. Issei hoped that Red Riding Hood is a beautiful girl and that he'll be her opponent. She takes off her scarf and is revealed to be Strada. Issei asked Jeanne why you didn't tell me Little Red Riding Hood was Strada, with her saying I didn't say Little Red Riding Hood was a girl.

Issei in front of Strada says that Little Red Riding Hood looks like he can scare the Wolf Grandma and the Church Trio saw Strada and started to pray. Issei asked why is he here? Strada says he's a secret judge and also to observe the Hero Faction.

Issei retreats and Strada is sad as he wanted to fight Issei. They joke that Strada is how they defeated the terrible wolf, with Issei saying to Strada that the only terrible wolf to him would be Fenrir. And asked why are you playing Little Red Riding Hood when it would make more sense for you to where armor instead.

Few weeks later, the results were transmitted to Issei's office. Momoko and Zhuge Liang passed and so did Little Red Riding Hood, but that was dismissed. Issei imagines Strada passing the written exam and meaning he likely knows the Oppai Dragon song , with Xenovia pointing out that it also means he might know about "Prince x Beast". Issei still plans on stopping the reprint. Ravel talks about how Heroes originated in fairy tales.

Issei begins to imagine Snow White and Cinderella, but then they turn into Strada. He hopes that not all female fairy tale characters are Strada.

  • A short story about two new members joining the Hero Faction.
  • The characters in the illustration are Zhuge Liang (left; descendant of Zhuge Liang) and Perseus (right; who inherited the spirit of the demigod Perseus).
  • Story takes place between Volume 24 and 25.

Infinity Underwear.1

  • Story takes place during the main stage of the Azazel Cup.

Infinity First Errand

  • Serialized in the July 2012 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 12.

Infinity Underwear.2

  • Story takes place during the main stage of the Azazel Cup.

Stories compiled into Delusion Magazine ☆ Night Material Collection Volume 1

Red-Haired Camel ☆ Princess

  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 1 of season 1.

Riding a Bike

  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 2 of season 1.

Sunday of God

  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 3 of season 1.

Rising Fist!

  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 4 of season 1.

Asia and the Blue Electric Dragon

  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 5 of season 1.

This Week, He Cheated?

  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 6 of season 1.

Stories compiled into Delusion Magazine ☆ Night Material Collection Volume 2


  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 1 of season 2.


  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 2 of season 2.


  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 3 of season 2.

Kiba & Gasper

  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 4 of season 2.


  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 5 of season 2.


  • Short story bundled with the BD Volume 6 of season 2.

Uncompiled Short Stories

Rias in Wonderland

  • Serialized in the Fantasia Bunko 25th Anniversary Book.
  • Story takes place after Volume 12.

25(Twenty Five) at the Clubroom with Rias-buchou!

  • Serialized in the January 2013 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Story takes place after Volume 12.

Having a Mad Tea Party!

Issei during a school holiday was relaxing at his room, when Rias enters the room in a panic talking to Grayfia on the phone. Rias has to go this important Tea party in 3hrs and needs Issei to join her. Issei thinks to himself, when your girlfriend says you're needed, you cant say no. They arrive at the tea party in a courtyard of a noble castle after Issei had to style his hair and wear aristocratic clothes. Issei notices a lot of fancy dressed sons and daughters of high-class devils and describes it as a strong atmosphere. A group of woman join Issei and Rias at their table and asked who is Issei, where Rias says that he's her fiancé. Issei is shocked, but Rias tells him that this tea part is basically also a gathering for young devils and their marriage partners. So she needs him to pretend to be her fiancé.
Issei then introduces himself as her fiancé and as the Red Dragon Emperor, they're shocked due to Issei's achievements and his TV show is popular. They talk about how one of woman's brother is a Rating Game player and he praises the Volume 10 Rating Game, and invited them to other types of parties. Rias then talks to one of them about how their fathers are working together to build a commercial shopping mall. Issei remembers that he must be his best since he's the fiancé of Lucifer's sister and the next head of the Gremory. Rias then tells Issei those they were just talking to were 13, 19, 41, and 59 of the 72 pillars.
Issei and Rias continue greeting people until they meet Eneely Vassago and Iolava Amon. Where Eneely mocks Issei for how low-class devils like his vulgar TV show and Iolava says despite being the Red Dragon Emperor, he's still original human, so he's contaminating the air of the tea party. Those 2 are engaged to each other, Vassago and Astaroth were allies but since the Diodora incident, they've been angry at the Gremory family. Though they do know that he was a traitor, Vassago is 3rd of the 72 and they share the same views as the old devils. Rias apologizes to Issei, saying that the single digit clans are often the most old-fashion, traditional, and about family prestige. Issei doesn't mind them, since he doesn't have a reputation he cares about.
The tea party has been gone on for 2hrs, and Iolava decides to show everyone something special. He orders the butlers to bring out a cage, and unveils it revealing a Cerberus named Bob. He says that this Cerberus was created and inspired by Issei and he then opens the cage, where its eyes began to shine a red light, and suddenly some woman's clothes were destroyed. Issei is impressed of a beam version Dress Break, and then Iolava declares he'll dress break all the woman here. A man tries to stop Bob, but then Bob dress breaks him as well, its not limited to woman, which actually disappoints Issei saying its no longer beautiful.

Eneely asked Iolava why he created Bob, he answers that he's angry that they don't have the same type of relationship towards each other like Oppai Dragon and Switch Princess have with each other. He also says when he found out about Dress Break, he was excited about and ask her to understand his feelings. Eneely doesn't understand the meaning on why he wanted to have such a move. He says that fully dress woman being naked in a blink of an eye is art. Issei uses BxB and fights Bob beating it and putting him back in his cage after a short fight. Eneely then scolds Iolava and apologizes to Issei and Rias. The tea party is over and lots of people are depressed, Rias apologizes for dragging Issei into this, but he says its not her fault, but thinks to himself he doesn't want to go to another one. Rias then says that he was a cool fiancé and Issei is happy and hopes that one day he'll truly be her fiancé.

  • Serialized in the November 2012 issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Short story were the High-class Devils Eneely Vassago and Iolova Amon was first introduced.
  • Story takes place after Volume 10.

Gremory of the DeviTube

  • Short story bundled with Volume 23 and only distributed via Melon Books.
  • Short story where the Gremory group upload videos to DeviTube.

Class Change

  • Limited short story exclusive to Animate for V22 and Dragon Magazine Bundle.

Familiar Master ~I Choose You!~

  • Limited short story exclusive to Animate for DX4 and Dragon Magazine Bundle.
  • Short story about Team Zatouji vs Team Journey to the West.

Pavilion Kingdom

  • Limited short story exclusive to Kingdom Books.
  • Short story about the Rookies Four and Vali Team trying to build special locations called Pavilions in the Norse mythology for Angels and Devils.
  • Short story where Loki's daughter Hel, is first introduced.

Pawn Identity

Issei and Saji compete over which of them is more loved by members of their respective clubs. Saji first argument was that all the members of the Student Council are girl, Issei counters this by saying that he has already seen and touched Rias' breasts, who of which passes by and gave Issei a hug with his face on her chest. next, Sona came and gave Saji a handmade lunch while Issei received some hamburger steak and cookies from Kiba and Saji. after which Ruruko came and asked Saji to go shopping for the Student Council which he agreed. When Koneko came, Issei asked her to also go shopping but she punched and stepped on his face.

Issei stood up and declared which of their Vice-Presidents though Saji claimed it would be his win as he already won the trust of Tsubaki, Issei then brings up Asia but Saji claimed it was unfair as she was too nice even to pervert like him, he retorts saying that he was also a pervert. As they argued, Saji demanded that he teach him how to use Dress Break, Issei answered that he first must lay eyes on a bare chest first, to which they both then charged forth in search of their fellow peerage members to peek at their breasts. As they left, Koneko commented how terrifyingly perverted the both of them are.

The Shape of Love

During lunch, Xenovia shows Asia and Irina a manga titled Prince×Beast given to her by Kiryuu. The book featured characters based on Issei and Kiba in a homosexual relationship, while shocked at first by the graphic contents of the manga, they recalled how close Issei and Kiba are and attempt to use the book as a way a to get closer to Issei. Tsubaki then comes over to see what they were hiding and then got flustered upon seeing that it was the Prince×Beast manga which she is secretly a fan of, she regained her composure and confiscated the book and eventually scolded Kiryuu for having it on school grounds.

  • Story takes place after Volume 9.

Kiba-kun and Hyoudou-kun Playground

Issei receives a request from the Underworld government to bring his male friends to a certain location with him, so he tells Kiba about it. Issei is worried who to invite and if they would agree to accept his request. So Kiba tells him that both he and Gasper will join him. Issei, Kiba, and Gasper travel by train to the Capital Lilith where they took another train to reach a station by a lake. They arrived at a large theme park named "Satan Island", which was developed and built around a vast lake and the park itself is divided into 4 districts each named after the 4 Maou. Lucifer District is in the center and Leviathan District is at the lake. No guest are inside the theme park yet, so Issei wonders why he needed to come here. Issei walking through the entrance he hears people talking.

Sairaorg: "Come on. Sure enough, such a place is indispensable to the Oppai Dragon."
Cao Cao: "Really, the devils always make something interesting."
Dulio: “I’m looking forward to the theme park in the Underworld.”
Saji: “"As a Sitri servant, I must definitely visit the Leviathan area."
Vali: “Ah, the food court is where the ramen are, I must evaluate”.
Riser: “Want to go shopping with me?”
Tobio: “I was sent by the Grigori to monitor this trip.”

Ajuka told Issei that this theme park is near completion, so he wants Issei and his powerful male friends to determine how safe the rides are. Issei questions devil safety standards and wants to leave, but can’t ignore a request from the Maou. So he contacted them, but was worried they may not show, but is also shocked that they actually did show. The park represents the dreams and hope of the Maou, and Issei learns what they mean by “finding a safe benchmark with powerful males”

Saji and Gasper were on a boat ride that had powerful rapids that send their boat down 90 degrees vertically a waterfall. Sairaorg and Cao Cao are riding a high speed roller coaster discussing their various fighting styles with Issei watching everyone through a monitor by the entrance. Vali criticized the ramen asked for the cook, and began making ramen while giving the cook a lecture. Tobio was on a indoor boat maze for half a day, the developers of that ride were so excited that they made it into a real maze, so Tobio left the boat and used Jin to break the ride and escape. In the Sci-fi attractions, Riser and Dulio are wielding light swords while being attacked by Robots developed by Agares. The robotic corps greets the guest by attacking them so they can experience futuristic Sci-fi wars. Issei and Kiba ride the ferris wheel together and Kiba said that the creator of the park wanted to make a park that won’t lose to humans. Issei said that even for devils they can be injured here despite their strength, so kids can’t go on the rides. Issei then says that if the park is safe he wants to bring Rias and everyone here. They hear an explosion and from the Farris Wheel Issei sees a facility has exploded and Sairaorg and Cao Cao are covered in smoke but are laughing. Issei can’t help think all the men here are very happy with the current situation.

  • A short story about Issei and his male friends attempting to test out a special amusement Satan Island at the request of Ajuka Beelzebub.

School Heroine

Rias is happy with what she learned in Flower Arrangement, so they celebrate by eating a Pound Cake that was made with Rose Liquor wine. The Church Trio is enjoyed it, Rossweisse has gotten drunk after one bite. Rias and Ravel wonder if Issei’s drunk too, but he says he’s fine and that it’s delicious. Rossweisse tries to feed Issei more cake, which he says he can eat on his own. She tells him to shut up and eat and that its obvious that people should listen to brides. Issei says that’s something to consider in the future. Rossweisse starts stripping with Issei telling her to stop. Akeno and Rias are watching as it happens and notices a different side of people when they’re drunk. Xenovia is crying, Irina feels lightheaded and starts stripping, Asia passed out, Koneko feels nothing, Kiba is worried there was too much alcohol, Gasper tells Issei to stop taking such small bites and swallow it in one go. Issei tries to stop Gasper, but he says that Issei should show his brave and honest self and eat more. Rias says this would be bad in the future, but Akeno said it could be fun. Issei tells Rossweisse to let go of him with her crying and saying she wants to be a bride and will never let go.

  • Takes place after Flower Arrangement short story.

Kiba-kun and Hyoudou-kun Dog God, Heroes and Rice

Ravel told Issei that Gremory, Slashdog team and the New Hero Faction will be having a cooking contest, and she wants Issei to be one of the judges. Tobio and Cao Cao have been having arguments with each other on who in DxD team is the best cook. So Natsume suggest a cooking contest with Rias saying she wants the Gremory team to be part of it and Kiba will cook. Kiba makes a confused smile, but agrees to it. Since Kiba agreed to being a cook, Issei accepts being a judge.
Day of the cooking match, members of DxD team gathered and 3 kitchens have been prepared. The cooks are Tobio, Jeanne, and Kiba. The judges are Issei, Cao Cao, and Natsume with Rias being the host. The theme of the course is "Hamburger Patty", Tobio often works as a cook in the first floor resturant underneath the Black Dog Bar, Jeanne has been studying cooking in Italy, "the birthplace of cusine", and Kiba is the ultimate family man cook.

Tobio made a Hamburger with Miso Soup on the side, Jeanne made a Hamburger with Risotto, and Kiba made a Hamburger with a salad. Tobio specializes in Western, Jeanne Italian, and Kiba Family-Style. Issei, Cao Cao, and Natsume's reactions are "Delicious", "Good to eat!", and "Not bad." Issei praises Jeanne's burger, Kiba's family-style, and Tobio's miso soup. Rias asked for the results with all 3 of them giving everyone 10 points. They agree that it ended in a Draw, with Ravel and Rias saying that this contest helped improve team relations so the cooking contest was a great idea. Next is Vali vs Bael. After all the cooking contests, Issei asked Kiba to teach him some cooking techniques.

Name of Kiba

Its basically a Q&A of Issei and Kiba switching bodies, and the heroines and Issei & Kiba answering how they know they swap bodies and how they felt after their bodies returned.

Q: How you knew that Issei and Kiba switched bodies?

A: The atmosphere, and when she saw their eyes, she knew. Kiba was looking at her chest. Issei guards her chest as the most important existence and its the cause of many phenomena. Final analysis because of her breast.

A: Even if Issei looks like Kiba, she knew its Issei. She can't express into words, but Issei is Issei, and she'll always know who Issei is from the bottom of her heart.

A: Eyes. Issei looks at her as a woman and Kiba looks at her as a sister. Like Rias when Kiba looked at her breast, she knew it was Issei.

A: Their aura. Even when they swapped bodies, she can tell by their aura. Also when Kiba looked at Rias and Akeno's breast.

A: Posture. As a exorcist she's trained to notice postures, appearances and gestures. When she saw Kiba make a face he never makes, she knew something happened.

A: Because they're childhood friends. Its the privilege of a childhood friend to know if they swapped bodies based on how Kiba and Issei were acting.

A: In the hallway, Kiba was looking at her and female students breast, so she knew it was Issei.

A: The Back. She always follows behind Issei, so when she noticed that his back posture was different, something happened. Also she found out the source behind their body swap was a mysterious device made by Azazel

Q: What was it like when you swapped bodies?

A: Was immediately surrounding by girls. Thought "this is the world through his eyes? Damn you handsome!" He became angry and wanted to use the body to get girls. But if he did, Kiba's reputation would be lowered and he's his friend. Also he would've been scolded by Rias and the others.


A: Shocked at the beginning, but then thought about using this chance to improve Issei's reputation with girls. After entering his body, his heart started beating, he wonders if this is because their friends

Kunou's Classmate

Kunou ask Issei if she can bring a classmate from the elementary school to the ORC. Kuoh Academy has some people who has knowledge about the supernatural and Kunou wants to invite one of her classmates to show them. Kunou brings her to the old School building and the ORC + Rias introduced themselves to her. The classmate's name is Kamao Mitsuho (加茂 円保かも みつほ) and she's from a family of Onmyouji. Rias and Asia show her some magic. Though she knows that Rias is a devil, she decided that the she’s a good person, and she knows that Kunou is a yokai and is ok with it. Mitsuho then shows her a special amulet that has been passed down by her family for generations that repels Evil Spirits, Monsters, Demons, and Vampires. And that despite her age, she has repelled evil spirits away They began giving her a tour of the old school building, where they opened one of doors and inside was 4 cardboard boxes with red Eyes shining inside the gaps of the boxes. Mitsuho grabs Kunou’s hand and runs away screaming down the corridor. Gasper, Valerie, Elmenhilde and Millarca then each emerged out of their own cardboard box. Every 10 days, Gasper, Valerie, Elmenhilde and Millarca have a vampire meeting to discuss the future of Vampires. Mitsuho has been so traumatized by this incident, that for the past month she has been too afraid to even approach a cardboard box.

Rias and Akeno College SS

Issei sees Rias and Akeno in the living room discussing which club they should join. They were choosing between clubs in the Culture department or in the Sports Department. They decided not join the Sports department because it’s a pain to constantly hide their true strength. They then found out there's an all-female Occult Research Club. So they decide to visit it. The next day, Issei gets summoned to a dark room as part of his devil's work. Issei is wearing his armor when he's summoned, as of now when Issei gets summoned, he either decides to wears normal clothes or his armor depending on his mood. Issei realizes that he's in the all-female Occult Research Club. The one who summoned him was the president who has long hair and glasses, and surrounding him are all the members + Rias and Akeno(They pretend this is a first). Issei then asked the president if she’s the one who summoned him. She then tells Rias and Akeno that the flyer from the station yesterday actually did summon a devil with the other members praising her for summoning a devil. Rias told Issei that yesterday one of the flyers he distributed was collected by the president. Issei then asked the president what is her desire, which causes Rias to sigh.

The president starts turning red and says "Please be my boyfriend! I want a devil boyfriend! Come set the contract" Issei thinks to himself that he’s been a devil for less than a year and for the first time since he became a devil, he received such a wish from a woman, and he finally became the man he always dreamt of being. Rias and Akeno don’t take this well and began releasing terrifying aura and silently asked Issei “You are my boyfriend, right?” “Ara ara, how will husband respond?” While thinking of what to do, all the members fell to the ground sleeping. Ravel had a bad feeling with the summoning circle and decided to follow Issei. Next day, Rias and Akeno decided not to join any club and instead create "Japanese Culture Research Association". They ask Issei to join after he graduates.

2016 Fantasia After School SS

In April of the new school year, the ORC and Kunou decided to garden in Issei’s home’s rooftop. They're using a modified Mandragora breeding set. The instructions say just plant the seed, then give fertilizer, and finally give it space for air for 30secs. Koneko said that you can apply your own aura into the seed. Rias says that depending on the aura provided, they can in a variety of shapes as well as animals and monsters rather than the usual human form. They all planted their Mandragora seeds and after a few days later, Rias' Mandragora has red leaves and has a face similar to hers growing out of the soil and everyone else grown into something different. Issei’s potted plant shows a dragon tail popping out of the soil because of his aura. Few more days later, everyone's Mandrake is either a human or an animal, but Issei’s Mandragora is now a moving 2m long 4-legged Dragon. Its been staring at Rias, Akeno, Asia, Irina, Xenovia, and Rossweisse’s chest, Koneko even remakes that she's also been noticing it. This is mostly because of Issei’s aura. Everyone is noticing the Mandragora’s eyes following them, but don’t think much of it as it’s a potted plant.
The next day, Ravel came to the living room and said that something is wrong, they rushed to the 3rd floor, and where they saw Irina crying and Issei's Mandragora grabbing her chest with a tentacle vine coming from its mouth and tentacle from its tail attached themselves to Xenovia's chest. Xenovia tried to cut the tentacles, but then the tentacles pulsated and sucked something out of their chest. Irina and Xenovia are shocked as their breast have gotten smaller. It then started looking towards Rias, Akeno, and Ravel, Issei is angry and declares it an enemy, but they have to be careful since they're inside the house. Kunou confronts the Mandragora and they notice that the Mandragora doesn’t seem to target Issei, Kunou, Ophis, and Koneko and chases after Rias. Issei says that it only targets big boobs because of his influence and Koneko calls him the worst. Its been staring at Rias the most, then it emitted a red light and transformed through metamorphosis into a thicker 2-legged version and then released tentacles to suck and shrink Rias and Akeno's breast. Kunou gets angry and attacks it, a large amount was destroyed by her attack, it gets scared and runs away and escaped somewhere in the house.

The Mandrake has been hiding out somewhere in the Hyoudou house appearing in front of the girls and attacking the ones with big breast. They then created the Plant Countermeasure Division referred to as "Big Breast Pair". Irina says they should name the Mandragora, so Koneko calls its Chichira (チチラ) based off boobs and it’s a metamorphous plant. None of their attacks work on it, but Issei came up with a strategy and asked them not be angry. 2 days later, they're waiting for it in the bathing hall where it frequently appears. Its now in its final form, an Armor Version of itself that looks like Issei’s BxB and Issei’s angry that his influence created it. The girls then jumped in front of it all naked. Chichira tried to use it vines on their breast, but Koneko and Kunou attacked it from behind, Koneko punched it and Kunou slapped it, those 2 kept attacking until it was mostly destroyed, though Issei said a slight touch from Ophis or Lilith would've killed it. Rias asked how did he know this would work, Issei said that to Chichira, big boobs are everything and small breast are nothing, and due Issei's influence it only cares about big boobs, so small boobs is basically poison to it. Koneko calls him the worst. They gathered Chichira's body, and managed to regain their breast's original size again.

Open for Business! Gremory Real Estate

The Occult Research Club assist the next heiresses of the Astaroth and Glasya-Labolas clans in finding and setting up their bases in Kuoh Town.


  1. アリヴィアン, name subject to change
  2. 生徒会の逸材, title subject to change
  3. 鋼の煩悩, title subject to change