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I don’t have any talent in me! What I have are only this sword and rifle! If we lose, I, and everyone else will just be — trash! That’s why I won’t have any regrets! As someone who doesn’t have anyone or anything, I have to use the only thing I have and rise to the top!

–Shooting Star to Sairaorg Bael, True Volume 2, Life.3 The Preparation for Battle!


Shooting Star is a Magician with a distant Devil ancestry, who leads his team; Team Shooting Star in the Azazel Cup. He is the wielder of the High-tier LonginusStar Buster Star Blaster, one of the 5 newly discovered Longinus.


Shooting Star is a man in his 20's who wears a cowboy hat and a cowboy style outfit. He usually wields his Sacred Gear; by wielding his longsword with his right hand and rifle with his left hand.


Shooting Star has a competitive streak and is very outgoing. He wanted to compete in the Azazel Cup to obtain fame and prestige. His wish for winning the Azazel Cup is to live in a world without starvation.

Shooting Star is a capable and inspirational leader, able to recruit several talented but obscure individuals by promising them fame & delicious food. He was able to rally his new team to his side and inspire them as most of them came from the lower ranks of society or from obscure families. As they were never praised for their talents and efforts, they are grateful to him for allowing them to prove themselves and he is shown to care for his comrades.

He is shown to be willing and thrilled to face a worthy opponent head on but will not hesitate to eliminate them even before facing off due to his belief that his teams loss would have invalidated all of their prior victories. He greatly believes in his own strength that comes from his Longinus despite bemoaning about his lack of talent, similar to Sairaorg himself (a fact that both Sairaorg and Issei took note of).

He greatly admires both Sairaorg and Issei as he stated that he admired Sairaorg ever since he saw Sairaorg's fight with Issei and as was shown in his Rating Game against Sairaorg, where he was thrilled to face him in combat. He asked Sairaorg if he and his team can become equal to Sairaorg and Issei, to which hearing Sairaorg's positive reply, made him smile.


Not much is known about Shooting Star's past except that he came from a family of Wizards who possessed a distant Devil ancestor. Before the beginning of the Azazel Cup, he recruited his team which consisted of talented individuals who were unknown to the Three Factions due to their low rank or low social status.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Master Swordsman: Shooting Star is well-versed in swordsmanship, showing remarkable adeptness in wielding the Star Buster, which takes form as a sword. He could fight against Sairaorg donned in Regulus Rey Leather Rex, cutting his armor despite its defenses.

Master Marksman: Shooting Star is shown to be an expert marksman in using his Star Blaster which takes the form of a rifle as he was able to target and destroy several islands where Sairaorg's team was located and keep pressuring Sairaorg with his blasts during their duel.

Immense Durability: Shooting Star is shown to have above average human durability. He endured a punch from Sairaorg in his Imperial Purpure armor and still able to continue to fight despite the immense pain he was in.

Immense Speed: Shooting Star has shown incredible speed in combat much faster than the average human. He was able to keep up with Sairaorg who was using his Balance Breaker, Regulus Rey Leather Rex.

Magic: Due to being a descendant of a house of wizards, it can assumed that Shooting Star has some knowledge of magic.


Star Buster Star Blaster (星砕剣と星穿銃スター・バスター・スター・ブラスター, Sutā Basutā Sutā Burasutā): Shooting Star's primary weapon. It is one of the 5 newly discovered Longinus. It takes the shape of a longsword & rifle. The abilities are split between the longsword and rifle.

  • The longsword possess immense sharpness and cutting power, which enables it to slice though most objects with ease as as demonstrated when it was able to cut Regulus Rey Leather Rex, causing the air to shake, even causing the island that Shooting Star and Sairaorg were fighting on to tremble.
  • The rifle possesses the ability to launch massive blast of aura that can easily blow back non-combat Gods even without using it's Balance Breaker. The bombardment aura was stated to be comparable to a Satan Class or even God Class attack. Grayfia Lucifuge compared it to Issei Hyoudou’s Pseudo-Dragon Deification Infinity Blaster. It was easily able to eliminate several islands.


  • His wish for winning the Azazel Cup is to live in a world without starvation.
  • He is shown to greatly admire Issei Hyoudou and Sairaorg Bael, as well as the fight between them during the Youth Devil Rating Game tournament, as he wants to have a fight like that one day.[1]


  • (To Sairaorg Bael) "…T-This is Sairaorg Bael’s punch, huh… …I’ve been looking up to you since your fight against Oppai Dragon… I… No, we want to have a match like that… That’s what we promised every day… And finally, here we are." [1]
  • (To Sairaorg Bael) "As long as we keep going! No, as long as this body lasts and enables us to keep going even for just a bit, that’s a nice look for us! That’s how we’ve lived until now!" [1]
  • (To Sairaorg Bael) "…Hey… Do you think we can be…like you…or Oppai Dragon? … Can we be appreciated… like you or Oppai Dragon?" [1]


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