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How are all of you doing, D×D……of the Kuoh Academy side should I say. My name is Shiva, one of the three pillar Gods. I feel that we will be meeting more frequently from now on so I wanted to give you my greetings.

–Shiva introducing himself to the Occult Research Club, Light Novel Volume 22, Life.2 — And thus, to a High-class Devil.


Shiva is one of the Trimurti and the God of Destruction of the Hindu mythology. He is ranked at the higher ranks of the Top 10 Strongest Beings in the World.[1]


Shiva has the appearance of that of a handsome young boy; a middle-school student with normal features having a well structured face, with shiny blue black hair. He has sharp eyes possessing bottomless divinity and limitless superiority that causes people to shiver in fear.


Shiva is shown to be someone who tries to be relaxed, eloquent and have fun for a few things, as Azazel showed their intentions to peace, despite being known as the most evil of Fallen Angels, just as it does not change the fact he can be direct when the situation requires. Upon meeting Issei, he is shown to have a friendly and well-mannered demeanor, as seen where he greets and congratulate Issei for his promotion to High-class Devil. He is also shown to be very benevolent, as he mentioned that he is claiming and seeking more interesting things (referring the Azazel Cup), than a mere war (referring to Indra). According to Issei, he wasn’t the type who would wreak destruction on the world without batting an eyelid. Shiva also respects those who are worthy warriors such as Sairaorg Bael for his strength, seeing it as a proper form of destruction.

Shiva also becomes important in his role as the God of Destruction as he sees no problem in facing 666, but he also tends to hide his intentions, as indicated by Ajuka at their meeting in Volume 20.


Since ancient times, Shiva is a Hindu God known as the Destroyer and one of the Trimurti alongside Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Preserver.

Powers and Abilities

Immense Strength: Shiva a tremendously powerful god, considered the strongest existence among all factions in the world, if Great Red and Ophis were excluded;[2] ranked at the highest in the "Top 10 Strongest Beings".[1] Indra, an Ultimate-Class God, allied himself with the Hero Faction, which consisted of special weapon users like Sacred Gears, including three High-Tier Longinus users to fight against him, although even he mobilized his own forces.[2] Azazel believed Shiva could stop Trihexa if it awakened,[3] although he would be only able to seal it.[4] He could stop a massive fish releasing a divine presence using his finger,[3] and is stated to capable of completely erasing high-ranked gods such as Hades and Angra Mainyu.[5] According to Ajuka Beelzebub, Shiva is capable of destroying the world.[4]

Future Predict: As one of the Trimurti Gods, he can predict and see the future as mentioned by Azazel to Sirzechs, Michael and Shemhazai in Volume 19. As he predicts that once Trihexa will be released, it will cause a very massive chaos and destruction to all worlds, as it would be more like an "Apocalypse".

Mind Reading: It is also revealed in Volume 22 that he can read the minds and thoughts of every individuals. This is shown when he explains and reads Issei's true thoughts and desires aside of claiming peace and women. He is also aware that Ophis is currently living a peaceful life with Issei much to the latter's surprise.[2]

Master Tactician: According to Apollon, Shiva’s commanding skills after the Evil Dragon War was also very outstanding.[6]



  • Shiva has the meanings of "auspicious, propitious, gracious, benign, kind, benevolent, friendly".
    • Shiva's nickname Rudra means "the roarer".
  • Shiva is the third God to have appeared in more than one story arc, the first being Odin, second being Indra, and fourth being Hades.
  • In the previous Afterwords, Ishibumi once stated that the final boss of the final arc may be Shiva, but says it will be closely related to Shiva.
  • Shiva is the second God to appear in a short story, the first being Poseidon.