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H-Hello. My name is Nanadaru Shigune. I’m a member of the [Slash Dog] team.

–Shigune introducing herself to Issei Hyoudou, Light Novel DX.5, Life.6


Shigune Nanadaru is a member of the Slash/Dog Team and one of the agents of the Grigori. Shigune is one of the main characters of Ishibumi's previous work SLASHDØG.


Shigune is a beautiful young woman with European facial features with dark blonde hair with double-ponytails. She has heterochromatic eyes, with her right eye being light blue while her left eye was pure black.



Shigune comes from a mixed Japanese and European heritage and prior to the school trip incident involving her classmates, she later transferred to another school.

For a full detail on the events on -SLASHDØG-, please refer here.

Powers and Abilities


Independent Sacred Gear: Shigune wields one of the Four Fiends Sacred Gears, which carries the spirit of TāotièToutetsu; the Fiend of Gluttony, who is also the strongest among the Four Fiends, which Shigune named Poh. This Sacred Gear takes the form of a small four horned beast wearing a mask. It has the ability to devour anything in the world, including demonic power, magical techniques and the abilities of other Sacred Gears and Longinus. It's appetite is remarked as infinite. According to Ddraig, Toutetsu is capable of even devouring things that are conceptual.[1]

  • Powerful Bite: As part of its infinite gluttony, Taotie has tremendous jaw strength which allows it to bite through any materials, objects, and living creatures regardless of their toughness and durability. As shown when Poh can bite through the reinforced body of a Daiyoukai which was enhanced by the Wizards of Oz's powerful magic.


  • Shigune Nanadaru is one of the main characters of Slash/Dog to appear in High School DxD.