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Hyoudou Issei-kun. Can you hear me? I am the Vice-Governor of Grigori, Shemhazai.

–Shemhazai to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 7, Life.4 Two Heavenly Dragons vs Evil-God Loki!


Shemhazai is the current Governor General of the Fallen Angels and Grigori, succeeding Azazel who previously held the position. He is also close friends with Azazel and Baraqiel.


Shemhazai has the appearance of a handsome man in his twenties, with silver-white hair and purple eyes. His outfit consists of a purple beret hat, purple trench coat over a black vest, white pants and black boots. Being the Governor General of the Fallen Angels and Grigori, Shemhazai possesses ten black wings.


Shemhazai is extremely loyal to Azazel, being one of his best friends. Despite so, Shemhazai doesn't hesitate to punish Azazel when he does something stupid.


Like the rest of the leaders of the Fallen Angels, Shemhazai lost his place in the Fifth Heaven after having sex with a human woman and became a Fallen Angel as punishment from God. He then joins the Grigori, an organization created by Azazel mainly for the Fallen Angels. Shemhazai is one of the survivors of the Great War and has since assisted Azazel in reforming Grigori and his Sacred Gear research. He married a Devil woman at some point before the series and is expecting to have a child soon.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Light Power: As a Fallen Angel, Shemhazai has the ability to use light power to create various effects. As the former Vice Governor General, his light powers are noted as being superior to that of other lower-ranked members, comparable to Azazel.

  • Light-Based Weapons: Being a Fallen Angel Cadre, Shemhazai is able to form weapons from light with ease.

Immense Strength: As the former Vice Governor General, before his promotion, Shemhazai wields power equal to a Satan-Class Devil, being one of the few fallen angels who could come close to rivaling Azazel himself.

Skillful Advisor: According to Azazel, Shemhazai is capable of giving better advice than him.

Flight: Being a Fallen Angel, Shemhazai is able to fly using his wings.


  • Shemhazai means "the (or my) name has seen" or "he sees the name".
  • Shemhazai is an other name of Samyaza, one of the Grigoris.
    • Ironnicaly, Samyaza is considered, in christianity, as the leader of the Grigoris and, so, as the leader of Azazel.