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…U-Umm, it’s nice to meet you, I’m the current [Sha Wujing]. You might be a bit surprised that I’m a girl…but, I intend to work hard to live up to my name.

–Sha introducing herself to Issei Hyoudou, Light Novel DX.5, Life.4 Go West!


Sha Wujing is a Youkai who is member of the Vali Team. She is a descendant of the original Sha Wujing.


Sha Wujing has the appearance of a small cute middle school girl with vermillion hair. She is described as beautiful by Issei.


Sha Wujing is noted that despite being a girl, she tends to speak in similar manner to a boy. Sha typically comes off as a well mannered young girl but according to Bikou, she has a dangerous habit that most people should avoid. She gets infuriated when others call her a "Kappa".


Sha is the descendant of the original Sha Wujing from the Chinese epic novel Journey to the West.

Powers & Abilities

Youjutsu Expert: Sha Wujing is shown to be adept at Youjutsu, specializing in water manipulation.

  • Water Manipulation: Due to being descended from the legendary hermit Youkai, the original Sha Wujing, she also has the ability to create and control water. She can shape water into spherical water bullets, control large volumes of water to attack enemies and form water spears as a means of attack.

Immense Speed: Sha possesses great speed and agility, as she has demonstrated when she easily dodged Lint Sellzen's purple flame bullets.


Moon Staff: A long staff with a half moon blade attached.