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Nice to meet you☆. I am the Maou Serafall Leviathan☆. Call me Levia-tan☆.

–Serafall introducing herself to Issei Hyoudou, Light Novel Volume 4, Life.2 Class visit Begins

Serafall Leviathan, formerly known as Serafall Sitri, was the Satan Leviathan who was in charge of Foreign Affairs, prior to the events of 666. She is the former heiress of the Sitri Clan and the eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Sitri, and the older sister of Sona Sitri.


Serafall is a beautiful girl; looking in her late teens with black hair, tied into twin tails and blue eyes (Pink in season 2-3). She also has a child-like body (albeit with large breasts). Her body measurements are [B85-W56-H80 cm]; height is 160 cm and body weight is [48 kg].

She usually dresses in magical girl's clothing (from Magical Girl Milky Spiral Seven, the same outfit Mil-tan wears), magic wand and all, prompting Issei to call her the nickname "Satan Girl" (魔王少女 Maō Shōjo).


Unlike her serious younger sister, Serafall is cheerful and possesses a childlike personality, which is evidenced when she addresses her sister as "Sona-chan" or "So-tan" and Sirzechs as "Sirzechs-chan". Adding to her childlike personality is the fact that most of her lines end with a star. She also has a deep sister complex, and has a tendency to get her sister into embarrassing situations.

Despite her childlike nature, Serafall can also be selfless and determined, as she joined the neverending battle against Trihexa and resolved not to bid farewell to her beloved sister as she is afraid of hesitating if she saw Sona cry.


Serafall is the older sister of Sona Sitri and the oldest sibling of the Sitri Family. During the war between the Old Satan Faction and Anti Satan Faction, she was part of the Anti Satan Faction that opposed the Old Satan Faction, which ended in their victory, and she was eventually promoted to the position of Satan Leviathan, losing her right as the heir of the Sitri Clan in the process.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Demonic Power: As the current Leviathan, Serafall is a very powerful Devil. Her sister once stated that Serafall could destroy the nation of Japan several times over if she so much as "glitters". Serafall is also regarded as the strongest female Devil in the Underworld, something made very notable as there are other powerful female Devils such as Grayfia Lucifuge and Roygun Belphegor, who is also known for possessing Satan-class powers though the latter being due to the King Piece, which was confiscated.

  • Ice: Differing from members of the Sitri Clan, Serafall's demonic power specializes in ice manipulation, which she has mastered to where she could freeze one of the Bandersnatch alongside an entire region of the Underworld.
    • Celsius Cross Trigger (零と雫の霧雪セルシウス・クロス・トリガー, Serushiusu Kurosu Torigā): Serafall's signature technique, which converts the land itself into a frozen wonderland, as shown when she froze up an entire region of the Underworld, along with the monsters created by Annihilation Maker, with ease.

Expert Magician: Serafall is shown to be very adept at magic.

  • Fire Magic: Serafall has also shown to be well adept in using fire magic when she used a beginner spell called "Fire Shot", which can destroy entire meadows, showing how powerful her fire magic is even at a beginner's level.
  • Teleportation Magic: Serafall has demonstrated the ability to teleport herself and others.

Master Politician: As the former Satan in charge of Foreign Affairs, Serafall is a highly skilled and talented diplomat in handling negotiations with other mythological factions, described as possessing an idol like charisma that contributed to her talent in diplomancy.

Master Actress: Serafall is a talented and charismatic idol and actress who perform in her own magical girl TV show called Miracle☆Levia-tan which could compete with Issei's Oppai Dragon in terms of popularity.

Flight: Being a Devil, Serafall can fly using her wings.


  • Serafall has her own TV show in the Underworld called "Miracle☆Levia-tan" (ミラクル☆レヴィアたん Mirakuru☆Revia-tan), which has a rivalry with Oppai Dragon.
  • Serafall sees Gabriel as her biggest rival.[1]
  • The only known member of Serafall's peerage is the "Magical Beast King of the Earth", Behemoth.
    • In Jewish mythology, Leviathan is often depicted as the sea-monster, associated with Behemoth the land-monster and Ziz the air-monster.
  • Serafall has a tendency of adding the suffix "-chan" (ちゃん) on everyone she knows.
  • Serafall has stated that she still has spare Evil Pieces and has shown interest in making Mil-tan her servant.[2]
  • Serafall choreographed the music video of "The Song of Oppai Dragon".
  • Serafall's name is derived from the names of four female characters from the Gundam TV series: Sayla Mass, Lalah Sune, Four Murasame, and Roux Louka. (Say-Lah-Four-Roux, pronounced SeLaFoRu, Seraforū, or Serafall in English)


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