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The following is a list of characters from Seekvaira Agares' peerage.


In Volume 5, Seekvaira and her peerage had a Rating Game match against Diodora Astaroth where she lost (although Diodora was using Ophis' Snake during their Rating Game).

In Volume 10, Seekvaira had a Rating Game against Sona Sitri in Scramble Flag rules, which she lost again, suffering her second loss. The match was close with Alivian pushing back Sona's team and nearly overwhelming them before Saji transformed into Vritra Promotion and defeated him.

In Volume 12, during the Demonic Beast Riot, it was stated that Seekvaira and her peerage were dispatched to protect and help the civilians to evacuate.

In Volume 16, Seekvaira and her peerage participated in the meeting for the formation of D×D as they became members of the team.

Seekvaira and her peerage helped defend Agreas from the attack of Qlippoth in Volume 17. Though they were able to defend the island, it was revealed that attacking Agreas and Auros was just a distraction and the real goal is to steal the floating island.

In Volume 21, during the Evil Dragon War, Seekvaira and her peerage arrived at the Human world to join D×D's army at the coastal waters of Japan to battle Apophis army of Evil Dragons, Plate Mails and one of Trihexa's bodies.

In Volume 22, Seekvaira and her peerage participated in the opening of the Azazel Cup, officially joining the tournament as one of the participants.

In True Volume 4, Seekvaira and Alivian received promotions, with Seekvaira being promoted to Ultimate-Class Devil and Alivian being promoted to a High-Class Devil.

Current Members

Seekvaira Agares (King) Alivian (Queen)
Seekvaira talking to Sairaorg.jpg
The next heiress of the Agares clan and a member of the Rookies Four. She possesses the Power of Time, giving her the ability to manipulate time to a certain extent.
Alivian in the novels.jpeg
A Eastern European Dragon (East Slavic Dragon) from the Dragon clan called "Zmei", who is serving as Queen and a butler for Seekvaira Agares.
Bafeel Furcas (Knight)

The Knight of Seekvaira's Peerage and a member of the Furcas clan, as well the younger sister of Beluga Furcas.