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…Please hurry and get away.

–Sectaas warning his master Magdaran Bael, Volume 21, Life Ba'al Lion of the Great King —Great King—


Sectaas Barbatos is the Queen of Magdaran Bael's peerage from the House of Barbatos.


Sectaas has the appearance of a gray-haired man wearing a cloak and light armor.


Sectaas is shown to be very loyal and protective of his master; Magdaran as he was more concerned with his safety then his own injuries.


Sectaas was born into the Barbatos Clan of the 72 Pillars. At some point in the past, Sectaas was recruited by Magdaran Bael into his peerage.

Powers and Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Queen, Sectaas possesses considerably high demonic powers.

Enhanced Magic Power: From the Bishop trait of his Queen Piece, Sectaas has enhanced magic power.

Enhanced Strength and Defense: From the Rook trait of his Queen Piece, Sectaas has enhanced strength and defense.

Enhanced Speed: From the Knight trait of his Queen piece, Sectaas has great speed.

Magic Talent: Sectaas is shown to be skilled in magic.

Flight: Being a Devil, Sectaas can fly using his wings.


Queen Piece (女王の駒, Joō no koma): He was reincarnated using the Queen Piece, which grants him the attributes of a Rook, Bishop, and Knight.


  • In demonology, Barbatos (UK: /bɑːrˈbeɪtɒs/, US: /bɑːrˈbeɪtoʊs/) is an earl and duke of Hell, ruling thirty legions of demons and with four kings as his companions to command his legions. He can speak to animals, tell the future, conciliate friends and rulers, and lead men to treasure hidden by the enchantment of magicians.
    • His name derives from Latin barbatus, meaning "bearded".
  • He is the third male Queen that was introduced in the series.