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Sealing Magic is a form of Magic used as a means of restriction.


This type of magic is used for restricting and halting other beings and items or even imprisonment. This method was commonly used in the past for sealing away the souls of creatures within certain Sacred Gears as their power source.


This allows one to seal special powers, items, and living beings; such as being able to restrict their target's movement and unseal items. Most techniques have shown to require the user to perform hand signs in order to cast the seal. The caster can make multiple layered seals on a target as shown when Azazel attempt to seal Trihexa in Volume 20, after Rizevim Livan Lucifer broke the last seals.

God of the Bible was most notably an extremely powerful master in sealing magic, being able to seal powerful supernatural beings like dragons of the highest caliber, one of the nemean lions, and one of the gods. He was able to perform several thousand of forbidden-level seals on the Apocalyptic Beast, a creature on par with Great Red, however, this severely weakened him resulting in his death in the Great War.

It appears that sealing magic is compatible with the barriers from Barrier Magic, letting one imprison people in a barrier space thus preventing them from escaping even using Teleportation Magic. This was even used to create the gaming fields used during the Rating Games.

The strongest one that combines both Sealing and Barrier Magic created is the Isolation Barrier Field ((かく)()結界(けっかい)(りょう)(いき), Kakuri Kekkai Ryōiki); which incorporates the technology of the Rating Games, the secret techniques of the [Game] that Ajuka Beelzebub designed, Heaven’s Sacred Gear system, the System of God which is responsible for miracles, Rossweisse’s research on barrier techniques, the principles of the Nordic World Tree Yggdrasil, as well as the research results that the Grigori has accumulated over the years; all of which was integrated together to produce a single world capable of caging the Emperor Beast of Apocalypse, the 666 (Trihexa).


  • Rossweisse excels at Sealing Magic due to her study of sealing magic in order to find a way to seal the 666. Her sealing magic technique is such that she can even seal Armaros, the Grigori anti-magic specialist, in her custom sealing barrier if sufficiently prepared.