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Samael is a Dragon/Fallen Angel hybrid known as the Dragon Eater. As his title implies, he has the ability to destroy other Dragons.


It is described to be a large ominous creature with bizarre features such as the upper body of a Fallen Angel (albeit with fangs in his mouth) and the lower body of an Asian Dragon.

When he was first summoned by the Hero Faction, Samael was crucified on a large cross with nails driven into various part of his body (arms, tail, wings, etc.) as well as several other restraints that had ancient letters written on them. His eyes were also covered with a blindfold that had tears of blood dripping from underneath it.


Due to the multiple layers of seals placed on Samael, he is unable to display his personality, but according to Ddraig, he has a strong hatred for Dragons. Issei also mentioned that he sensed various types of negative emotions such as pain, jealousy, suffering, and resentment from Samael.


It is said that long ago, Samael was the perpetrator that influenced the first humans, Adam and Eve, to eat the Fruit of Knowledge, and was cursed by God. This is also stated to be the cause of God's hatred of Dragons and snakes. After receiving the curse, he was sealed in the deepest part of the Underworld, Cocytus.[1]


The Heroic Oppai Dragon

Hades summoned Samael from the Underworld and temporarily gave it to Cao Cao as part of the alliance. During the battle between Cao Cao and the Gremory group with several members of Vali Team, he absorbs most of Ophis' powers and injects his poison into Vali's body. He is later resealed, and returned to the Realm of the Dead.

Powers & Abilities

Poisonous Curse: Samael received several kinds of curses and poisons from the Biblical God, who developed a deep hatred for Dragons and Snakes. As such, it produced a powerful poisonous dragon slaying curse able to affect dragons and dragon-based sacred gears,[1] destroying the body and soul;[2][3] eliminating the Medusa's Eye[4]; and can affect the Dragon Gods, Ophis and Great Red, the former lost portions of her power. Samael is the "Evil Intentions of God", a being never meant to have them, producing a poison able to affect other beings aside from Dragons and Snakes, resulting in it being sealed in Cocytus. Since even its blood is poisonous, it can be applied onto items, like arrows and bullets.[1]

Tentacles: Samael can use his tentacle tongue to wrap around his targets, being used to wrap around Ophis and stole most of her powers; erasing Kiba's Sword of Betrayal, countering Vali's Half Dimension, and resist Rias' Power of Destruction.


  • Samael's role is similar to Satan; being the Serpent that tempts Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and becoming a Dragon after his fall.
  • Samael is the name for the Archangel of Death in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore. He is also said to be the chief ruler of the Fifth Heaven.
  • Samael is the third name of the Demiurge, the antagonist of God.
  • Samael means either "Venom of God" , "Poison of God" , "Blindness of God" or "God of the Blind".