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The following is a list of characters from Sairaorg Bael's peerage.


Sairaorg's peerage were first shown in Volume 6, when the Occult Research Club are shown watching the match between the Bael Team and the Glasya-Labolas Team.

All of the members made their official appearance in Volume 10 during the Rating Game match against the Gremory Team.

In Volume 12, during the Demonic Beast Riot, it was stated that Sairaorg and his peerage were dispatched to protect and help the civilians to evacuate. They later fought against the remnant of the Old Satan Faction while evacuating the civilians, as Sairaorg and Regulus went to aid the Gremory Peerage in their fight against the Hero Faction, with Sairaorg defeating Heracles on his own.

In Volume 16, Sairaorg and his team joined the counter-terrorist team, D×D.

Sairaorg and his peerage helped in the experience day for the Auros Academy built in the Underworld in Volume 17 when Qlippoth suddenly launched their attack.

In Volume 21, during the Evil Dragon War, Sairaorg and his peerage arrived at the Human world to join D×D's army at the coastal waters of Japan to battle Apophis army of Evil Dragons, Plate Mails and one of Trihexa's bodies.

In Volume 22, Sairaorg and his peerage joined the Azazel Cup under the team name; Team Imperial Purpure, with his half-brother's servants serving as back-up members.

In DX.4, Sairaorg's Team Imperial Purpure had a match against Cao Cao's Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor, which they lost due to losing more team members during the game.

In True Volume 2, Sairaorg's Team Imperial Purpure had a match against Shooting Star's Team Shooting Star. Despite being initially pushed back due to Shooting Star destroying the island they were stading on and being briefly overwhelmed by his team, they were able to regain their advantage due to the fact that Team Shooting Star weren't able to eliminate the fatigue and injuries from their previous matches. After regaining their advantage, they managed to retire several members of Team Shooting Star, as Sairaorg defeated Shooting Star and won the match.

In True Volume 4, the Bael Peerage arrived in London in preparation of the final battle with the Alliance of Hell. Sairaorg ordered his servants to investigate inside of London and the Alliance of Hell's bases, although they were mindful about being observed by Hades' Devils. During the final battle, the peerage was assigned to deal with the artificial Devils and Grim Reapers, as Sairarog fought against Balberith after equipping Regulus.

In the aftermath of the Hell Disaster, the members of the Bael Peerage received promotions, with Sairaorg being promoted to Ultimate-class Devil, Regulus to High-class Devil, while Coriana Andrealphus, Misteeta Sabnock, Liban Crocell and Ladora Buné being promoted to Middle-class Devil.

Current Members

Sairaorg Bael (King) Kuisha Abaddon (Queen)
Sairaorg warning Seekvaira and Zephydor.png
The next heir of Bael Family. Born without the Power of Destruction of the Bael, Sairaorg fights with his body which he has trained to its utmost limits.
Kuisha facing Akeno.jpeg
She is Sairaorg's Queen from the House of Abaddon, one of the familes from the Extra Demons.
Coriana Andrealphus (Bishop) Misteeta Sabnock (Bishop)
Corianna Close-Up.jpg
Sairaorg's Bishop from the House of Andrealphus, one of the extinct families from the 72 Pillars.
Sairaorg's Bishop from the House of Sabnock, one of the extinct families from the 72 Pillars.
Liban Crocell (Knight) Beruka Furcas (Knight)
Liban Crocell in DxD HERO.jpeg
Sairaorg's Knight from the House of Crocell, one of the extinct families of the 72 Pillars.
Beruka Furcas unmasked.png
Sairaorg's Knight from the House of Furcas, a family that tames horses and one of the remaining families of the 72 Pillars.
Gandoma Balam (Rook) Ladora Buné (Rook)
Gandoma Balam In DxD HER.jpeg
Sairaorg's Rook from the House of Balam, one of the remaining families from the 72 Pillars.
Ladora Buné In DxD HERO.jpeg
Sairaorg's Rook from the House of Buné, one of the extinct families from the 72 Pillars that tames Dragons.

Regulus (Pawn x7)

Regulus without his mask.jpeg
Sairaorg's Pawn, the Nemean Lion sealed within the Longinus Regulus Nemea.


  • Sairaorg's unused Pawn piece is a Mutation Piece[1]
  • Their team name for the Azazel Cup is Imperial Purpure in reference in reference to Sairaorg being their team leader.


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