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I only have this body. I will lose everything if I lose. Everything I built until now will crumble. For someone like me who didn’t inherit the power of destruction, this was the only path for me. That’s why I have to win with my body.

–Sairaorg to Issei during their match, Light Novel Volume 10, Life MAXIMUM VS Power MAXIMUM

Sairaorg Bael is the heir of the Bael Clan. He is the oldest son of Lord Bael and the only child of his first wife Misla Bael, the older half-brother of Magdaran Bael, and the cousin of Rias Gremory and Sirzechs Lucifer. He was known as the strongest young Devil before being beaten by Issei. Due to being the master of Regulus, he is considered the possessor of the Longinus; Regulus Nemea.

His peerage consists of Devils that are scorned by other Devils.


Sairaorg is a handsome young man with black hair and violet eyes. He is very tall and has a muscular build due to the extreme training he has done. Issei notes that his face resembles that of his cousins Rias and Sirzechs. His height is [194 cm] and body weight is [135 kg].


Sairaorg has a noble and calm personality and greatly respects his opponents. He also likes to fight strong people, to the point that Rias Gremory, his own cousin, called him a battle maniac. He is shown to be a kind-hearted and compassionate person and has a very straightforward personality. He even shows unconditional kindness to his estranged half brother. Sairaorg is extremely dedicated to fulfilling his dream to create an Underworld where any Devil regardless of their background can make their dream come true as shown in his unbreakable determination in protecting Auros Academy, which is an important stepping stone to his dream, from Grendel's rampage. Sairaorg takes great pride in his strength and the fact that he trained for it; this is shown when he felt insulted by Bedeze Abaddon's offer to give him a King Piece.

He possesses a great deal of pride and honor as both an heir and warrior, though he does not possess the arrogance that his clan possesses. He is very mature and composed enough to handle things, although he and his mother have been shunned from the rest of his clan due to the abuse that he received from his father and other clan members (not including Zekram Bael).


Born as the eldest son of the Bael Clan, Sairaorg didn’t inherit the Bael's trademark Power of Destruction that Rias and her brother inherited from their mother, who came from the Bael Clan. Because of this, his younger half-brother Magdaran Bael was appointed to become the next heir of the Bael Clan. Sairaorg and his mother, Misla Bael, were then shunned and scorned by the Bael Clan, including his very own father, to the point of being sent to the countryside of the Bael territory.

During his time there, Sairaorg was constantly bullied by other Low and Middle-Class Devils, until Misla advised him to become strong in different ways. Sairaorg then started training his body to its utmost limits to become powerful and due to this, he defeated his younger half-brother, which made him the next heir of the Bael Clan. Sairaorg desires to become Satan to prove his worth even with his lack of special demonic powers.

Sometime before the series, Sairaorg found Regulus, the Lion King, sealed in the Longinus, Regulus Nemea after its possessor died and it materialized itself. Sairaorg then tamed Regulus and made it his servant through 7 Pawn Evil Pieces.

Powers & Abilities

Touki (闘気, Fighting Spirit): Sairaorg gained enormous touki through intense training, generating wind pressure and a crater after releasing it. It strengthens his offense, defense, and speed, defending him from Norse Magic, Durandal and the Dragon Blaster. In fact, his powerful life-force caused his arm to remain after being cut off with Durandal, instead of vanishing like a normal devil's arm,[1] and allowed him to use Breakdown the Beast for a short period.[2]

Lion Tamer: Although it hasn't been shown, Sairaorg has attributed himself to be able to tame Regulus Nemea due to this trait inherited from his mother; Misla Bael, who hails from the Vapula Clan.

Immense Strength: Sairaorg has intensively trained his Devil body to his uttermost limit, developing an extremely powerful body with immense physical power, becoming the Strongest Youth among High Class Devils,[3] defeating Zephyrdor, cracking Issei's armor despite missing, then promoting to Rook, earning Ddraig's praise, causing destruction from his punches.[4][5] He defeated Kiba, Xenovia, and Rossweisse after releasing touki.[1] He fought against Issei a second time in a fistfight, then outclassed him using his lion armor, shaking the entire field, and rivaled his crimson armor.[6] He rivaled Grendel, then launched him in the air despite injuries from him and a holy relic.[7] Sairaorg fought Bedeze and outclassed him using his beast armor, breaking his Hole, and released expansive shockwaves.[8] His ludicrous physical power could defeat Ultimate-Class Devils, earning Shiva's praise who called it genuine destruction; his Breakdown the Beast enhanced punches surpasses the Crimson Blaster. Issei stated that he can rival or surpass Satan-Class, his punches can reach gods;[9][10] His Breakdown the Beast surpasses Satan-Class, defeating Balberith an artificial Super Devil who is one of two strongest of Lilith's children, albeit he fought half-baked.[11]

Immense Durability: Sairaorg's second greatest trait is both his tremendous almost ludicrous durability and pain tolerance, letting him take punches from Issei in Scale Mail before and after his Rook promotion. He later took on attacks from the Holy Demonic Sword, Norse Magic, Durandal, and Heracles' explosions all without serious wounds. Sairaorg remained active despite grievous wounds from Incinerate Anthem and being stomped by Grendel, then tossed the giant dragon into the air. He withstood his own punch donned in his lion armor after being redirected, and later withstood the strain of Regulus Rey, and was still well enough to rejoin the Evil Dragon War. He even endured powerful blows from the True Longinus and the Star Buster Star Blaster, deflecting a blast in his armor.

Immense Speed: He has incredible speed surpassing Kiba, appearing behind Issei donned in Scale Mail before he could react.

Immense Stamina: Sairaorg has enormous stamina and endurance accumulated from rigorous training, letting him remain in top condition for extended periods without slowing down. He fought against Issei several times in Scale Mail, Illegal Move Triaina, and Crimson Armor in the Youth Finals, but remained standing donned in his lion armor and passed out. Despite taking Incinerate Anthem and Grendel, he mustered enough strength to hold back Grendel and toss him into the air. Sairaorg endured fighting Bedeze and the backlashes of using his beast armor, recovering enough to join the Evil Dragon War. He outlasted Cao Cao in a duel despite being injured from his last battle, his beast armor and concentrated hits from the True Longinus, continued after losing it and the battle.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Through countless amounts of training and fighting experience, Sairaorg is an extremely powerful martial arts master, being able to defeat Middle and High-Class Devils.[4][12] Supplemented with his physical strength, his punches and kicks can cause destruction to the surrounding area form simply the aftershocks alone.[5] Sairaorg could outmatch Issei several times in Scale Mail during their initial sparring sessions without using touki or armor himself, then overpowered him using his lion armor before fighting on equal ground in his Crimson Armor.[5][6] He defeated Heracles using little force without wearing armor, but destroyed the building behind him. Sairaorg could fight against Cao Cao, who is described as a peerless prodigy in a battle Rias described as being almost god-like.

Extrasensory Perception: On different occasions, he has shown to be capable of sensing things others couldn't like the time he sensed Issei was in the process of an awakening before he and Ddraig were even aware of it. In True Volume 4, Sairaorg sensed that Issei and his powers were different due to his condition of disliking breasts and lewd things, even not seeing him as being the "real" Issei.

Flight: Being a Devil, Sairaorg can fly using his wings.


Regulus Rey Leather Rex

Regulus Nemea (獅子王の戦斧レグルス・ネメア, Regurusu Nemea): One of the 13 Longinus housing the spirit of the strongest Nemean Lion, Regulus, the Lion King. It takes form as a great battle-axe able to materialize a 5 meter tall golden lion with a jewel in its forehead. It is said to boast such power that the user can split the earth in half if mastered, and it protects its owner from projectile-based attacks. It currently exists as an Independent Avatar, instead of going to another host, it manifested itself and killed the ones who murdered its previous host before it was reincarnated into a Devil by Sairaorg. However, since he doesn't wield weapons, he only uses Regulus Nemea's powers whenever needing Balance Breaker.

  • Regulus Rey Leather Rex (獅子王の剛皮レグルス・レイ・レザー・レックス, Regurusu Rei Rezā Rekkusu): Sairaorg's Sub-Species Balance Breaker, which creates a golden lion armor whose helm has a golden mane growing from it and a lion's face on his chest. Regulus Rey Leather Rex strengthens his offense and defense to a drastic extent; in addition to being wrapped in touki, which allowed him to overpower Issei in his Welsh Draconic Rook, after blocking and breaking his strongest move, then fought on par with him donned in his Crimson Armor. Sairaorg was able to also fight against Grendel who is known for his strength and defense on equal footing, then blow away one of his fireballs using his punch.
  • Regulus Rey Leather Rex Imperial Purpure (獅子王の紫金剛皮・覇獣式レグルス・レイ・レザー・レックス・インペリアル・パーピュア・はじゅうしき, Regurusu Rei Rezā Rekkusu Inperiaru Pāpyua): Regulus Nemea's Breakdown the Beast, which is a form similar to Juggernaut Drive, but more unique to Sacred Gears that has legendary monsters sealed inside of them. As such, it releases the seal placed on Regulus, which turns his lion armor into a more aggressive form that has double-toned gold and purple wrapped in the a denser purple touki. This form grants Sairaorg tremendous power that allowed him to overpower the 3rd Ranked Bedeze Abaddon, an Ultimate-Class Devil able to rival Satan-Class Devils using the King Piece. During his match against Cao Cao, Ddraig stated that Issei couldn't fight against Sairaorg in this state without using his Diabolos Dragon as all his punches were as strong if not more than Crimson Blaster. He later tanked slashes from Shooting Star's High-Tier Longinus and knocked away one of his blasts.


  • "—I just believe in my own body, that's all." (Volume 9, Life 1)
  • My lion! King of Nemea! You, who has been called Shishiou! Answer my howl and turn into my armour!” (Volume 10, Life MAX VS Power MAX)
  • "—I only have this body. I will lose everything if I lose. Everything I built until now will crumble. For someone like me who didn’t inherit the power of destruction, this was the only path for me. That’s why I have to win with my body." (Volume 10, Life MAXIMUM VS Power MAXIMUM)
  • Those kids told me to “Do my best” and “Not to lose”. This seriously feels good, doesn’t it Hyoudou Issei? So this is the power you can receive from the children. –There’s not even the slightest chance you can win now, hero Heracles.” (Volume 12, Life 0)
  • ““—This huge, rough and ugly fist of mine was something I trained in order to come this far. ……But, while I was teaching hand-to-hand combat to the children, I think I finally came to realise it. —Yes, I, who was born without the power of destruction, must have been born in order to teach them this. I may be exaggerating, but I felt I was blessed to find out that my fist has such value.” (Volume 17, Life 2)
  • (To Grendel)“—There’s a school which has a value of risking my life……! ……I……have come this far while having sacrificed many things. ……But that’s enough…… I will be fine with the only one who couldn’t learn. My days of punching through loneliness are over. —That is the place where the ones that will be teaching and the ones that will be learning shall gather. ……Even though my fist doesn’t carry the power of destruction, I will destroy you……! My name is Sairaorg Bael……! The next heir of the House of the Great King Bael!” (Volume 17, Life 4)
  • (To Bedeze Abaddon) “I will never deny the way that I’ve lived my life up until now! The path that I’ve walked until now is my pride! You want me to throw away all of the pain, regret, laughter, joy, victory and defeat that I’ve had until now!? I absolutely reject this! These two fists, this body, this soul, and my peerage, are all the treasures which I’ve obtained through fighting! Discarding that for false talent is something I will never do!” (Volume 21, Life Ba'al)


  • Sairaorg's birthday is on August 1st.[13]
  • He's the second-tallest character in the series (behind Mil-tan) at 194 cm of height, with the highest confirmed weight at 135 kg.
  • Sairaorg is the only pure-blooded Devil to own a Longinus Sacred Gear.
  • Sairaorg's peerage consists mainly of Devils that are scorned by other Devils, therefore they are thankful to Sairaorg for accepting them and as a result, are very loyal to him and support his dreams of becoming a Satan to the fullest.[14]
  • Purpure means "purple" and is the dye know as tyrian purple, also known as "imperial purple".
  • Sairaorg was one of the young Devil heirs and Kings chosen to compete in the Youth Devil Rating Game Tournament.
    • He came in second place after being defeated by Rias Gremory in the Rating Game finals match for first place.
  • Sairaorg is known as one of the "Rookies Four" along with Rias, Sona, and Seekvaira.
    • The other name for them is "The Four Novice Kings".
    • He is the only male of the group.
  • Sairaorg once acted as the mascot "Bapple" (Bael + apple) to promote the specialty fruit of the Bael territory.[15]
  • Sairaorg likes coffee.[16]
  • After the defeat of the Alliance of Hell, Sairaorg is considered as a potential candidate for the new Satans.[17]
  • Sairaorg made a brief cameo appearance in Season 1, Episode 12 of the anime and Chapter 21 of the manga as one of the guests attending Riser Phenex's engagement party.
  • In the anime, Sairaorg is shown to be taller than Sirzechs.
  • In the "DxD" popularity election, he ranked 10th in the all-character category, and 2nd in the male character category. In the best bout category, his bout with Issei (Volume 10) won 1st place.[18]


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