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This is my Counter Balance, [Hyper Procellarum Phantom]! A ‘hyper’ has been added to the front!

–Ruruko unleashing her Counter Balance, Light Novel DX.4, Line.5 Field Break

Ruruko Nimura is a second-year high school student at Kuoh Academy and was formerly Sona Sitri's Pawn until she was traded to Xenovia’s Peerage.


Ruruko is a short girl with brown hair in long twin ponytails and green eyes. She wears a pair of green clips in her hair and she also wears striped green stockings.


Ruruko had a crush on Genshirou Saji and had a love rivalry with her senior Momo Hanakai, who is also in love with Saji, until she later decided to let go of her love for Saji. She has a hot-headed personality like Xenovia, wanting to solve problems through violence, rather than negotiation. She also has a delinquent side to her, as shown when she calls Xenovia "Boss" in the tone of an underling from a gang. She also complains that she's the only one single in the supernatural side of the second-year students.


Ruruko by chance, happened to learn about Sona and her peerage being devils and willingly asked to be reincarnated into her peerage. Sona did so and she joined the Student Council in the process.[1]
Her crush on Saji began when he started giving lots of help once he started doing Student Council work.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: Ruruko has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells. Through the use of Promotion, Ruruko can increase her demonic power. Ruruko and Student Council were able to create a barrier around Kuoh Academy during Kokabiel's attack.

Immense Speed: Through the use of Promotion, Ruruko can increase her speed. With the artificial Sacred Gear Procellarum Phantom, Ruruko speed increase to the point that she faster then Xenovia. In Volume DX.4, Ruruko in her Hyper Procellarum Phantom form was able to exceed Issei's Cardinal Crimson Promotion form in terms of speed. In True Volume 3, according to Ouryuu's thought process, Ruruko's speed has increased and seems to exceed Yuuto Kiba's speed.

Enhanced Durability: Through the use of Promotion, Ruruko can increase her defense.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Ruruko is shown to have some skills in hand-to-hand combat. Through the use of Promotion, Ruruko can increase her strength. In Volume 5, Ruruko is able to hold her own against Koneko for a short while. In Volume DX.3, Ruruko was to keep up against Issei in his Scale Mail. In Volume 17, Ruruko skills improve allowing her to fight off the mass-produced Evil Dragons. In Volume DX.4 Ruruko was able to hold her own against Issei in his True Queen form.

Flight: Being a Devil, Ruruko can fly using her wings.


Procellarum Phantom (玉兎と嫦娥(プロセラルム・ファントム), Puroserarumu Fantomu): Ruruko's Artificial Sacred Gear, which takes form as a set of armor on her legs granting her both great speed and immensely powerful kicks. It was shown that she can leave behind after images of herself to confuse her opponents.

  • Hyper Procellarum Phantom (玉兎と嫦娥と巨蟹(ハイパー ・プロセラルム・ファントム), Haipā Puroserarumu Fantomu): The Procellarum Phantom's Counter Balance, which covers Ruruko's upper body in armor as well. This form greatly increases both her leg strength and speed, making it difficult for Issei to follow in his Cardinal Crimson Promotion and deflect a number of techniques such as Dress Break through using her kicks. In True Volume 3, it is later stated that Hyper Procellarum Phantom, has likely attained time-based abilities, making time move different for Ruruko, making it appear that people around her are moving in slow motion.

Pawn Piece (兵士(ポーン)の駒, Pōn no koma): Ruruko was reincarnated using a Pawn Piece, which initially doesn't grant any special abilities like the other Evil Pieces, but which possesses the ability to use Promotion to gain the abilities of other Evil Pieces.

  • Promotion: Being a Pawn, Ruruko can use Promotion to temporarily gain the traits of a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop.


  • Ruruko is the only known reincarnated devil who was a former human who had absolutely no relation to the supernatural world or any knowledge of it or any special abilities of note before being reincarnated as a Devil.


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