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Runeas Gremory is the first generation, the "Gremory" of legend and originator of the House of Gremory.


Runeas is a young looking woman with transecdental, unequalled beauty with a huge busom and is around Issei's age or younger, despite being one of the first generation devils. She has upturned eyes; a little strong-willed (the complete opposite to Rias' gentle ones) that are irresitable, long crimson hair in a two-sided updo and a small crown-like accessory on top of her head. She wears the Kuoh Academy uniform after she took a liking to it, as well as knee socks.


Runeas is someone who likes playing pranks and being mischievous, but she is not a scary person as she has a deep love for her descendants affectionately addresses her descendant as "Rias-chan" and her future husband "Issei-chan". Zeoticus describes her as having a "devilish personality".

She behaves somewhat like a child, as she loves to be entertained when she awakens from her slumber, as she makes her descendants entertain her, such as: Zeoticus dancing in the Gomorin costume (who also sang for her when he was a young child); Millicas singing for her and Rias having Issei perform his breast techniques with her.

Runeas is very fond of camels, which led to the Gremory Clan's famous associations with camels, even making it a family rule that her female descendents must ride a camel wherever they go, as she believes it boldly shows off their cuteness.

Issei noticed she gives off an inexpressible atmosphere and strange nostalgic aura to him.


One of the first generation of Devils spawned from Lilith by Satan Lucifer. Runeas founded the House of Gremory. In the past she had a girls-only gathering with the Original Leviathan. She joined the Four Great Satans in the Great War against God and his Angels as well as Azazel and the Fallen Angels and survived. She kept her survival secret, so that she wouldn't get into all sorts of trouble like Zekram Bael. At some point in time, she passed her title to her child and entered retirement. Runeas fell into slumber to stop herself from ageing mentally and continues to wake up then go back to sleep: she had awoken when Zeoticus Gremory was a child, during the civil war (where she stayed awaked until it was over) and during the Edo period.

Powers and Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Runeas has all the common skills and powers of one. More so, as the Gremory Ancestor, her demonic power and control over it is much stronger than most Pure-Blooded Devils.

Flight: As a pure-blooded Devil, Runeas can fly using her wings.


Crown: Runeas wears a small crown on her head as a accessory.


  • Runeas is the second of the first generation devils to appear, the first being Zekram Bael.