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Rugatimu is one of the Keito Tenkai that was created by the Fierce God Regalzeva and a member of Devastator Order.


Rugatimu is a five meters tall humanoid mechanical lifeform with three eyes. His presence is noted to give off a dignity and tremendous pressure.


Rugatimu appears to be calm and serious individual and appears to very loyal to his creator Regalzeva. He is also forgiving to his own subordinates, as he chose to forgive Gvardora for the trouble he caused on Draconic Deus. He has shown to have a great deal of hatred towards the Etoulde faction, as seen when he learned that they made contact with a being on Draconic Deus.


In the past, Rugatimu was created by Regalzeva and the Evie Faction against the Etoulde Faction in order to help them gain control of their planet. At some point, he created his Atrocity Fanatics Bebevu Su and Gvardora to help serve Regalzeva as members of Devastator Order to help wage war on other planets like Fadir Ferdora, where they succeeded on the extermination of the denizens.


Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

Rugatimu made his first appearance in True Volume 4, having picked up Bebevu Su and Gvardora after they succeeded on capturing Hades and Angra Mainyu. He orders them to investigate the deities of the planet and glared at Gvardora for causing trouble, but he forgave him when he noted that his fellow Keito Tenkai Durmado also caused trouble when he arrived. Rugatimu became angered when he learned that the Etoulde made contact with a being on the planet and later became surprised when he also learned that the mythologies of the planet are building an alliance. He orders his subordinates to finish gathering the data of divinity and supernatural beings and to start producing anti-weapons.

Rugatimu and his subordinates arrived to the Dimensional Gap when they learned that their creator Regalzeva has killed Great Red and kneeled in his presence. He informed his leader that there were other beings fit to be his opponent, with Bebevu Su revealing one of them to be Ophis, a being considered to be infinite. When Regalzeva decided to finish his warmup on the planet, Rugatimu warned him that they might perish from a mere warmup and they were joined by one of the Ragou Shichiou Haz Ilyus, who was ordered by Melvazoa to support Regalzeva. Rugatimu and the other members of Devastator Order agreed to the order by Regalzeva to make preparations to gain control of Draconic Deus and to search of the priestess Sefaira Seraselbes.

Powers and Abilities

Immense Strength: Being one of the Keito Tenkai, Rugatimu is an extremely powerful Evie that possesses strength comparable to Great Red.[1]



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