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Listen up, boy. Devils are beings that have to be evil, wicked, brutal, bad, scum, wrong, brute, and vicious. Copying what’s done by a hero? Hero? That is something that a “justice” would do. You know, beings like humans and Angels? And what are we? You do know we are “evil” and “bad” existences? Then isn’t it obvious what we have to do?

– Rizevim Livan Lucifer to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 16, Life 4

Rizevim Livan Lucifer was the Leader of the Khaos Brigade and one of the three known Super Devils. He was the son of the Original Lucifer and Lilith, Adam's ex-wife and Mother of all Devils; he was the father of Razevan Lucifer and grandfather of Vali Lucifer.

He served as one of the main antagonists of the fourth arc.


Rizevim has the appearance of a middle-aged man in his 40's with dark silver hair and hazel eyes. He looked much like his grandson, Vali, albeit with longer hair and a beard. According to Issei, Rizevim possessed a bottomless and creepy aura around his body. He wore the same Maou Lucifer attire as Sirzechs, although colored in silver.

Similar to Vali, Rizevim had multiple pairs of devil wings, but he has 12 wings.

His height is [176 cm] and weight is [66 kg].


Rizevim acted in a light-mannered way, speaking in a way that is filled with jokes that carry no weight and filled with ill intent. He was also known to be immensely malicious, vicious and brutal, as he even toyed with his son, whom he deemed to be worthless, to persecute and throw away Vali before killing his son as well as slapping Asia and almost killing her if it had not been for Fafnir's intervention. He was very prideful with his achievements, always acting like this made him superior to everyone and for being a "True Devil" in his eyes.

Unlike most of the Four Great Satans' kin, Rizevim didn't have much interest in seeking revenge against the Underworld or the current Four Great Satans. He also did not have any interest in world domination that his father and the other original Satans and their descendants had desired. He also believed that Devils are beings that have to be evil, wicked, brutal, bad, scum, wrong, brutes, as well as vicious, and it is the role of a Devil to kill every single person they don’t like. Rizevim followed this ideology to the extreme as shown when Rizevim openly admitted to committing filicide, as shown when Vali questioned Rizevim about his father to which Rizevim casually answered that he killed his own son for annoying him by showing weakness.

Also according to Rizevim himself, he was a self-indulgent person and had a lame life, comparing himself with an object that was capable of thinking. This changed after Euclid Lucifuge brought him information about Ophis' powers, the Holy Grail, proof of another world and 666 (Trihexa). Being filled with ambition and dreams for the first time in his life, Rizevim decided to bring chaos to the world he is staying in by reviving the Evil Dragons and heading on to the other world to bring chaos there as well. He described himself as "an old man with the mentality of a kid with an eighth grade syndrome". He even ensured Trihexa's awakening to be successful even at the cost of his life as he used his own soul as a sacrifice to ensure chaos and destruction of the world upon his death as his legacy.

After his defeat at the hands of Issei and being cornered by Vali and Fafnir, Rizevim, out of fear of losing his life, showed a very cowardly side of himself and started begging for his life, only to be killed by Fafnir.


Rizevim is the biological son of the original Lucifer and Lilith known under the name Lilin, instead of being one of the first generation devils created by them. Sometime after the Great War, which resulted in the deaths of all the original Four Great Satan, he had a son named Razevan. Rizevim became one of the Old Satan Faction's main members, but had no interested in taking on his father's position. He was as one of the three Super Devils inside the Underworld alongside Sirzechs Gremory and Ajuka Astaroth from the Anti-Satan Faction.

During the civil war, Rizevim and Razevan hid themselves instead of participating, resulting in victory for the Anti-Satan Faction. At some point before the series started, he suggested that his son abused his grandson, Vali if he was afraid of him, spurring his grandson's hatred for him and his father, as well as causing Vali to run.

Since then, Rizevim lived in boredom until Euclid mentioned Ophis, the Holy Grail, and the Other World, and the Apocalyptic Beast. All of which stirred up his desire to chaos across across the world using all of the revived Evil Dragons and Trihexa before moving onto the other world, becoming the new leader of the Khaos Brigade following the Demonic Beast Riot.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Demonic Power: As the son of Lucifer and Lilith, Rizevim was one of the three Super Devils who have exceeded the realm of devils and Satan-Class. He could make six massive 10-meter demonic bullets capable of destroying the town underneath them and clashed against Infinity Blaster, causing shockwaves and phenomena across Agreas. Despite being a Super Devil, Issei, Apophis, and Aži Dahāka all considered him one or two levels below Sirzechs and Ajuka, although neither ever revealed their full powers.[1][2]

  • Sacred Gear Canceller (神器無効化(セイクリッド・ギア・キャンセラー), Seikuriddo Gia Kyanserā): He developed his own ability,[3] unique among devils, which could nullify nearly all Sacred Gear abilities, in addition to powers enhanced by using them with a single touch. However, he wasn't able to nullify "Penetrate", one of the unique abilities of Boosted Gear, which is able to bypass all defenses. Later, it was shown that Sacred Gear Canceller has a limit to what it can cancel, albeit a limit high enough that Rizevim himself was unaware of it, as it was unable to negate Issei's attacks or armor in Diabolos Dragon due to having Ophis' "Infinite" added to it.

Immense Strength: Rizevim has immense strength, letting him overpower Issei and Fafnir without ever getting serious against them. In Vol 20, he toyed with Vali using Balance Breaker and fought against Issei using Diabolos Dragon, their clashes generated shockwaves powerful enough to shatter buildings and caused evil dragons to fall from the sky.

Immense Durability: He is extremely durable, blocking two holy swords using his hands despite being a devil, admittedly when weakened but stating it wouldn't have mattered even at full strength. Rizevim took blows from Issei using Penetrate with dragonized arms and legs, getting nothing but a bloodied nose, and Michael's light spear head-on, not only unharmed but laughing. He took on Issei's Diabolos Dragon attacks and the aftershock of their combined blasts, with half his wings damaged and blood dripping from his entire body.

Immense Speed: In his brief fight with Issei, Rizevim had shown to be capable of moving at tremendous speed, as he was able to appear behind Issei in his Cardinal Crimson armor without him noticing. Rizevim was able to keep up with his grandson Vali, who is noted for his speed, during their fight in Agreas.

Immense Stamina: Rizevim has impressive stamina and endurance, being able to endure being killed hundreds and thousands of times in his dreams several times over due to Fafnir's curse, remaining active and fighting against Vali without showing diminished strength and still overpowered him, quickly dodging all of his attacks before countering. He later fought against Issei who entered Diabolos Dragon and was still capable of moving around after receiving serious damage from the aftershock of Infinity Blaster and his own six demonic spheres

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Rizevim has demonstrated sufficient hand-to-hand combat skills, in addition to his Sacred Gear Canceller, he could overpower masters in their own rights such as Issei and Vali. Leaving that aside, he was capable of fighting against master swordsmen wielding holy swords such as Xenovia and Irina at the same time.

Master Tactician: Rizevim had proven to be a crafty and manipulative strategist in his goals to revive Trihexa, as shown when he concealed his desire to seal the Agreas by attacking it and magicians located at Auros Academy, under the pretext of stealing their magic knowledge, tricking them into creating a powerful teleportation spell so their Stray Magicians could alter them so that Agreas could be teleported away instead. However, due to his own arrogance in underestimating his opponents and sudden anxiety caused from Fafnir's curse, Rizevim had started slipping up and doing various unnecessary things.

Flight: Rizevim was able to fly using his 12 Devil wings, which he can also use to defend and attack, slashing his opponents.


  • (To the Occult Research Club) "That’s why~, we are going to revive 666-kun, and after we crush, destroy, and defeat Great Red, we will use the army of Evil Dragons and 666 to invade the other world! So I’m going trample down and eliminate every single Gods, monsters, and the creatures of their world in order to make my own Utopia! Uhyahyahyahyahya~!" (Volume 16, Life 4)
  • (To the Occult Research Club) "Hmm, it gives me an orgasm simply by imaging it. So maybe something like this will be recorded in their mythology? Something that goes, “The evil being that arrived from the other world brought an enormous beast and herds of Evil Dragons and brought disaster to this world—” maybe? After all, I’m merely someone who carries the blood of the previous Maou Lucifer in this world. Except! Maybe I can become the one and only Great Maou-sama of the other world!?" (Volume 16, Life 4)
  • (To Issei) “—Damn. ……Why? Why can you still get up!? Why are you able to resist me!?” (Volume 20, Life 3)
  • (To Issei) “…What kind of a joke is this, this kind of thing? You’ve already reached this stage, yet you were still able to evolve…!” (Volume 20, Life 3)
  • (To Issei) “…Could it be that I’ll end up like how Shalba and Cao Cao did, being defeated by you like this…!?” (Volume 20, Life 3)


  • "Rize" is the obsolete spelling of rise which means "to rise." "Vim" means "power, energy". "Livan" means "to live" and "Lucifer" means "morning star" or "light-bringer". So Rizevim's full name translates as "The rising power to live as the morning star or light-bringer".
  • Rizevim is the only child of the original Lucifer and Lilith who was naturally conceived instead of being artificially produced with the Book of Lucifer.


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