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Fire bird and Fenghuang! The hell fire of our clan that was praised as being that of a Phoenix! Taste it with your own body and turn into ashes!

–Riser to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 2, Life ∞ vs Power ∞ I Came to Keep My Promise!

Riser Phenex is the third son of the Phenex Clan after his elder brother and an unnamed second older brother. He is the youngest son of Lord Phenex and Lady Phenex, the younger brother of Ruval Phenex and an unnamed older brother, and the older brother of Ravel Phenex. He was the main antagonist of Volume 2 of the novels. He was once Rias Gremory’s fiancé who has inherited the powers of the immortal bird, Phoenix, granting him immortality and instant regeneration. His all-female peerage consists of fourteen members.


Riser is a tall and handsome young man in his early 20's with short blond hair and dark blue eyes.

His outfit consists of a burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right with matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath his open blazer is a white dress shirt that is not fully buttoned (just one button short), giving a slight view to his chest.


During his introductory volume, Riser is shown to be an arrogant, aggressive playboy with a holier-than-thou personality, tongue-kissing two of his girls just to agitate Issei and (in the anime) making improper advances on Rias. He is also condescending towards lower-class Devils, mocking Issei on his improper use of the Boosted Gear after the latter was defeated by Mira in one blow and labeling him as a weakling. Despite this, Riser does show an honorable side, as he allows Rias and her peerage ten days to prepare themselves for their Rating Game, knowing he would simply crush her and her peerage had she not accepted.

Later, after his defeat by the hands of Issei, Riser fell into a slump following his defeat, not moving out of his house after the loss. It is also explained that Riser developed a fear of Dragons as a result of losing to Issei and he became traumatized, upon seeing Issei and Dragons he would quake in fear. Riser is also shown to be a pervert, not only purposely creating an all female peerage, but also his desire to see Rias and Akeno's breast partially being what brings him out of his slump. After recovering from his trauma, Riser seems to have reformed from his old ways, showing a degree of respect for his former combatants, especially Issei. For example, in Volume 10, he gives Rias advice on Rating Games prior to her match against Sairaorg, and in Volume 12, he gives his condolences to Ravel and Rias after Issei's supposed death.

In the Extra Life of DX.1, during their rematch seeing how Rias' Peerage easily defeated his, instead of being enrage and insulting everyone he humbly accept the result.


Riser is the third (and youngest) son of the Phenex family and the second-youngest sibling in the family, behind his sister Ravel. At some point before the start of the series, his family set up an arranged marriage between him and Rias (with her family's approval, as well) in an attempt to unite the two families and to preserve the bloodline of Pure-Blooded Devils.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Riser has all the common skills and powers of one, including the power to cast spells. It is shown Riser can teleport himself to any location. In the LN, Riser was stated to possess a rainbow-colored demonic aura.

Riser regenerating from being hit by Rias' Power of Destruction.

  • Immortality: As a member of the Phenex Clan, Riser shares his family's signature regeneration abilities, being able to regenerate lost limbs and recover from wounds instantaneously. However, his regeneration is entirely dependent on his level of Demonic energy. Being drenched in enhanced Holy Water caused high amounts of damage which stopped his regeneration altogether and he seemingly couldn't heal damage that was inflicted on him by Issei while he was using a holy cross. His regeneration was also the cause of his arrogance, thinking it makes him immortal.

Riser using his Hell Fire.

  • Fire: Coming from the Phenex Clan, Riser is capable of creating and control powerful flames. Riser's flame can leave scratches on the scales of Dragons as was demonstrated in his battle against Issei where his attacks left scratch marks on Issei's Scale Mail. Riser can also create a defensive barrier made of fire.
  • Wind: Coming from the Phenex Clan, Riser can create and control wind.

Enhanced Strength: Riser is shown to be able to fight on par with Issei in his Scale Mail, even after Issei's training with Tannin.

Enhanced Durability: In their initial battle, Riser was shown to largely shrug off the blows of Issei in his Overboost Balance Breaker, requiring Issei to use an enhanced cross to even inflict damage.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: In Volume DX.1, it is mentioned that he trained in hand to hand combat with Sairaorg Bael. Riser was able to hold his own against Issei and can also combine his punches with the Phoenix flames to further increase the power of his physical attacks.

Riser manifesting pyrokinetic wings out of flames.

Flight: Being a Devil, Riser can fly using his fiery wings.


  • (To Issei): "H-Hold on! Do you even know what you are doing!? This engagement is important and necessary for the future of Devils! It’s not something a Devil brat like you can butt into!"
  • (Upon experiencing his first defeat): "For me to lose like this……"


  • Riser is derived from "rise/rising" and the meaning in context relating to Riser, is something that rises; prominence.
  • Riser's height is 180 cm. (5 feet 11 inches) according to the visual book with his data, making him the fifth-tallest male character recorded in the series, behind Dohnaseek, Azazel, Sairaorg and Mil-tan.
  • Riser's Rating Game record is 9 wins and 4 losses.
    • According to Rias, Riser lost the first two games on purpose out of respect for one of the households his family was close to.
  • In the Ophis side story "My First Errand", it is revealed that Riser likes hamburgers.
  • A manga side-story reveals that Riser asked Ravel to be his Bishop so that he could have a full set of different "types" in his peerage, specifically the little sister and the tsundere.
  • On the cover of chapter 71, he is seen watching the Rating Game match between the Gremory and Sitri teams scolding while his sister cheers for Issei.
  • In the anime, Riser has a Greenwing Macaw parrot as a familiar.
  • In the Funimation Dubbed version, Riser mostly refers to himself in the third person.
  • In the "DxD" popularity election, his battle with Issei (the climax of Volume 2) was selected for 2nd place in the best bout category.[1]