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Issei Hyoudou

Rias brought Issei back to life at the expense of all her Pawn Evil Pieces when Raynare murdered him. Seeing this potential in him, she attempts to train him to become a better Devil despite being initially weak. Rias has a lot of affection towards Issei from the start of the series, which seemed to have grown as the series progressed. This is highly attributed to the Gremory's tendency to have close relations with their servants as compared to other clans. Rias doesn't seem to mind allowing Issei to gaze on her naked body. While in the beginning, Rias saw him more of a younger brother she loved teasing, but she started to develop romantic feelings for him by the mid way of Volume 1 after spending time with him and seeing his caring personality.

Following the events of Volume 2, when upon seeing him go through so much against Riser to null her engagement, Rias falls madly in love with Issei and gives him her first kiss, soon after she would attempt to keep him away from the other girls who may have affections for him. She can get annoyed and embarrassed with Issei's perverted attitude, especially when it effects her status, but has eventually come to fully accept it and wouldn't change.

She is quite bold in seducing Issei, such as joining him in the bath and his bed naked, yet she still treats him with the same fairness as the rest of her servants and punishing him should he disobey her. A greater example is shown in Volume 3 when he went behind her back to get involved with destroying the stolen Holy Sword without her knowledge, thus giving him and Koneko 1000 spanks as punishment (though he convinced her let Koneko off with 1 gentle spank, Issei still had to accept the other 999 demonic empowered ones). Rias becomes Issei's source of motivation, more particularly when it comes to her breasts, as Issei was tempted by Kokabiel to join him in exchange for all the women he wanted, Rias brought him back to his senses by offering her breast to him should he defeat the Fallen Angel, this goal rekindled his fighting spirit with a huge boost in power. Since then, her breasts regularly became the trigger for his power ups.

In Volume 4, Rias trusted Issei enough to watch over Gasper in attempt to overcome his insecurities and control his power. Her breasts came in to play once again when Azazel told Issei that Vali would shrink them size in half, a fact that angered him so much that it gave him a massive power boost that destroyed buildings around him and momentarily overpower Vali.

In Volume 5, her breasts came in help in a big way Issei as was able to achieve his official Balance Breaker by poking both her nipples, seeing her expression was able trigger his transformation.

She was distraught in seeing Issei go berserk in Juggernaut Drive in Volume 6, but soon relieved when he came to his sense after putting up with the embarrassment of using her breast to bring him back by pressing her nipple, this subsequently earned her the name nickname Switch Princess that she hates.

In Volume 7, on the night before the battle with Loki, Rias comforts Issei's nervousness as she snuggled next to him with a kiss, she also revealed that despite initially hating being called the Switch Princess, Rias seems to have made peace with the title for her what gives energy to Issei, wanting to be the source of his strength. The two of them regularly commit perverted acts together, and Issei always assures Rias that she is the most important woman in his life, much to her happiness.

In Volume 8, Issei and Rias go through a ritual, where they are tested to see if Issei is worthy of being a candidate for Rias' future husband. They both passed, although Issei remained oblivious to the situation.

Rias loves Issei very much and is willing to do anything with and for him, even accepting his desire to be with multiple women despite her jealousy. In response, Issei will do anything to protect her, as he loves her just as much as she loves him. However, she felt that there was a huge gap in their relationship as Issei constantly referred to her with formality as "President" rather than casually with her actual name as he does with the other girls which greatly hurt Rias. This reached its breaking point in Volume 10 when Issei still referred to her so just when attempted to make love to him, from that point Rias became so angry that she began avoiding him for not understanding how she truly feels for him. This began to change when Issei admitted he loves her during the match against Sairaorg and again later in the club-room when he made a complete confession and called Rias by her name for the first time. After becoming Issei's girlfriend, Rias begins to show more confidence in her relationship with Issei, no longer being easily jealous or angered by Issei being close to other girls like she previously does, even accepting Issei's dream of having a harem. Although she does get a bit frustrated when others hog her time with him especially when none of her peerage obeys to her, constantly arguing over who'll take Issei's virginity as well as getting mad at him whenever he pays more attention to others girls besides her.

In Volume 12, Rias was completely heartbroken by the news of Issei's death and locked herself in her room crying, not caring about the attacks happening in the Underworld, which Sairaorg berates her for yet encouraged her to believe he was still alive. Rias eventually gained a great deal of hope when she found out that his spirit was still alive through his Evil Pieces, and she was later overjoyed to see him alive and well again.

In Volume 17, their relationship has improved to the extent that despite going out on a date with someone else, Rias chose to believe in Issei and the fact that he will still love her. At the end of the volume, Issei asks Rias if he could talk to her casually in private times, to which she happily replies yes.

In Volume 22, Rias was there to allow Issei to be promoted to High-Class devil, during the ritual in which she placed the crown on his head, which made Issei a King. At the end of the volume Issei proposes to Rias, which she tearfully accepts, making her Issei's first official fiance.

In Volume 24, During her fight with Fenrir, showing her determination of defeating him in the tournament, but it's only half of her determination. The other half is wanting to stay by his side as he continue to grow stronger, so she can fight together with him and not wanted to become a hindrance in the future.

Upon making into the main stage of the tournament In Volume 25, both Issei and Rias congratulated each other for their succession. Later in True Volume 1, when their teams were both matched up against each other, they agreed to give it their all in their upcoming fight. In the following volume, Rias even half jokingly stated that she would cancel their engagement if Issei were to go easy on her. During their Rating Game, she and Issei recalled how they acted during the Phenex Rating Game and how they fell in love as they fought each other fiercely, although Issei won. Afterwards, she congratulate him and along with her peerage will be joining his team as backup members.

In True Volume 3, she gave him advice about how to manage the other girls and create a intimate atmosphere between them as she showcased her role as the leader of his brides. She later teased him about being liked by older women like her, Akeno, Rossweisse, Roygun, and Yasaka as she wondered if her teaching made him into a playboy.

In True Volume 4, Rias became shocked and worried about Issei after he lost his lewd nature due to the Alliance of Hell's plot. She lead the rest of Issei's brides to London in hopes of curing him, as she became happy when he returned to his normal self.

Akeno Himejima

Akeno is Rias' first servant, being her Queen as well as her best friend. Akeno is very grateful to Rias for saving her from being killed by the other members of the Himejima clan as she took her in and treated her like a part of her own family. She is very close with Rias, displaying a master-servant relationship in public while maintaining their friendship in private, but now she is one of Rias' strongest rivals for Issei's affection since she fell in love with him after he told Akeno that he still liked her despite being part Fallen Angel. Their fights over him include seducing him and using their demonic powers against one another. While Akeno may be Rias loyal servant, she tends to ignore her when it comes to being close to Issei. Despite this, the two of them still care greatly for one another. Akeno is usually the one who incites Rias' jealousy as she likes the idea of having an affair with Issei, even acknowledging Rias as number 1 in Issei's heart. However, Akeno does hold some jealousy towards Rias, as she knows Issei prefers Rias' breasts to her own, despite hers being bigger. Rias does get annoyed whenever Akeno becomes overly clingy towards Issei, such as when she also became engaged to him and started already referring to him as her "husband", the two bicker the most over who will be Issei's first time.

Yuuto Kiba

Kiba is Rias' first Knight. Due to his past where he was part of a project called "The Holy Sword Project", he was led to his death. After seeing him die, Rias thought that it would be a waste of talent, so she revived him to become her Knight. She was also the one who gave him his name, "Yuuto Kiba". Upon becoming her servant, Kiba made a vow to always to protect her and his comrades for the rest of his life as the “Knight” of Rias Gremory's peerage. Rias was hurt at Kiba's departure to pursue his revenge, but was later relieved when he returned and getting some form of closure over his past. Kiba restated the vow he broke earlier and promises further allegiance to her, while glade, Rias still felt it necessary to punish him for going rough with a 1000 demonic empowered spanks. Since then the two have remained as close as ever, Kiba views Rias as a big sister figure and has began referring to her as so after she graduated and was no longer the club president.

Koneko Toujou

Koneko is Rias' first Rook. She cares a lot for Koneko since she was one of her earliest servants, Rias was also the one who gave her the name "Koneko Toujou". However, she is also considered her love rival since Koneko is truly in love with Issei. Koneko fell in love with Issei in Volume 5 for helping her overcome her powers that she feared to use which Rias was proud to see her emotional growth. In Volume 11, Koneko proposed to Issei, stating that she wants to become his bride, which Rias and the other girls present were surprised at. Koneko sees Rias as an older sister type figure and has began referring to her as so after she graduated and was no longer the club president. By Volume 24, Rias was further proud of Koneko when for also wanting to be referred to her old name.

Asia Argento

Asia is Rias' former second Bishop. Rias treats her like a younger sister since they live together. Rias initially attempted to push her closer to Issei, knowing she had affections for him and convinced his parents to let her live with them under "bride training", but they soon became rivals for Issei's love since Rias also began falling for him. She is the only person Rias let sleep with Issei (besides herself) and end up doing various things with and to Issei, due to Asia not wanting to be left out. Both Rias and Asia also show the same interest as they both found kid Issei very cute and work together to turn him into a child for a day. Rias also holds some envy towards Asia for how Issei dotes on her, but at the same time, Asia is envious of how much Issei loves Rias. Despite this, the two still maintain a close sisterly relationship. Rias sees Asia as her own sister and vice versa, and she was upset and angered when she was kidnapped by Diodora, believed to have been killed by Shalba, and later revealed to find that she was still alive. Asia even got mad at Issei for her sake when he was oblivious to how Rias felt for him.

Xenovia Quarta

Xenovia is Rias' former second Knight. Originally on opposite sides when they first met, Xenovia warned Rias and her servants that she'll strike them down should they interfere with her mission. However, they were able to make a mutual alliance when they faced a common enemy in the form of Kokabiel. Xenovia eventually joined Rias' peerage, but contemplated whether she made a mistake. She is now a loyal and trustworthy servant as well as good friend of Rias, but she considers her as a love rival since Xenovia began wanting to have Issei's children and soon developed romantic feelings for him as the series progresses.

Irina Shidou

Irina is not a member of Rias' peerage, but is part of the Angel's representative of the Allied Forces and is a member of Michael's Brave Saints. Like Xenovia, Irina was also originally seen as a potential enemy against Rias, but she had little to no animosity towards the Devil. Irina may have possibly bared a grudge when Xenovia had joined her, but these feelings were soon gone after the peace treaty and learning the reason why Xenovia left. Now the both of them mutually consider each other good friends, but Rias also sees Irina as a rival since she is Issei's childhood friend who has had a crush on Issei since they were little, and now intimately in love with him. After approaching Irina about her childhood with Issei, the two become closer as Rias no longer addresses Irina with an honorific.

Gasper Vladi

Gasper is Rias' first Bishop. Because his powers were unstable prior to the series, he was sealed in the Academy by Rias and was not seen again until Volume 4 of the light novels. Rias cares for Gasper like a little brother, getting angry at the Khaos Brigade for kidnapping and using him as a tool during the peace treaty between the Three Factions. Rias is shown to support his desire to rescue his childhood friend, Valerie Tepes, as she went to Romania herself in order to find out the origins of Gasper's mysterious powers and the situation in regards to the Civil War among the vampires. Gasper sees Rias as an older sister type figure, and he has began referring to her as so after she graduated and was no longer the club president.


Rossweisse is Rias' former second Rook who is very loyal to her. Their were already allies some time before she became Rias' servant, but their relationship only really started when Rias showed her a contract detailing how much a reincarnated Devil would earn perks she would receive. This struck a certain cord inside Rossweisse that appealed to her financial eccentricity. She is also a love rival since she fell in love with Issei in Volume 17, when she requested Rias' permission for Issei to act as her boyfriend in front of her grandmother, Rias allowed it, however, reluctantly. Rias shows great trust in Rossweisse's abilities, so much so that she felt it was best to transfer her to Issei's peerage.

Ravel Phenex

Ravel is Riser's younger sister and also another rival for Issei's love when she moved in with him in Volume 10 of the light novels. Rias does not mind as long as she is with him. The two have become quite close as seen when they organized a rematch between Rias' and Riser's peerages over tea.


Azazel and Rias' relationship isn't clear, but they seem to have a friendly relationship with one another. However, Rias gets annoyed at Azazel whenever he uses Issei as an experimental subject or gives him ideas to lose his virginity, but she does seem to still have a good relationship with him. She gets irritated and hits him with a paper fan when he does something stupid and says unnecessary things.

Sitri Clan

Sona Sitri

Rias and Sona are best friends from childhood and rivals. As they often compete in matches, Rias is noted to be the stronger of the two in raw demonic power while Sona is noted to be the smarter. Rias is shown to be jealous of Sona's intellect and tactics as she strives to improve and be her equal in tactics. Aside from their rivalry, the two are shown to be quite close friends in their private lives, with both sharing similar characteristics such as being the young heiresses of their respective clans and being a more responsible younger siblings compared to their older siblings, who are the Satans. Rias and Sona have shown to have a very close bond as they try to help each other, with Sona initially being unable to help Rias with her problems such as her forced engagement due to the worry of being judged by others, as her inaction caused her grief and Rias helping out Sona in regards to Auros Academy. It is also stated that Rias often talks about her love life to Sona via communication magic circles, as Sona is shown to be a bit jealous over the strong love that Rias and Issei possess towards each other, as she wishes to get a boyfriend of her own.

Phenex Clan

Riser Phenex

Prior to meeting Issei, Rias was engaged with Riser, but she was against it and hold some disgust against him, thus they agreed to a Rating Game with her engagement being cancelled should she win. As Issei is about to be killed by Riser, Rias pushed Riser out of the way and agrees to marry him to spare her servant's life. Their engagement was eventually null and voided when Issei crashed their ceremony with the help of Sirzechs and defeated Riser in their one-on-one rematch which won him her heart. Since then any animosity she held against Riser seems to have diluted, she even attempted to talk to him during his depression under his sister's request. They eventually found some form of common ground, though Riser still holds some lust towards Rias, desiring to see her breasts and throwing a tantrum when he thought Issei had taken Rias' virginity. In Volume 10, Riser told Rias that since his sister will be under hers and Issei's care, he would burn Issei to a crisp should he ever hurt Ravel.

Gremory Clan

Sirzechs Lucifer

Sirzechs is Rias' older brother. Rias grew up with having both feelings of admiration and inferiority towards her brother, Sirzechs. When Rias was very small, she is very attached to Sirzechs whom she affectionately called "Onii-tama", while Sirzechs called her "Ria-tan". Sirzechs also loves his sister very much that he is considered to have a sister complex. His love for her was so great that he secretly took pictures of Rias sleeping when she was a child. Sirzechs would cry in tears when he watched videos of Rias in her childhood. Because Rias became older, he passed this role to Issei, though Rias was upset and said she didn't mind Issei doing it, but heavily rejected Sirzechs with doing such things. Despite being dismayed by her brother's excessive show of affection and pampering after growing up, Rias truly loves her brother, as shown when she sadly shed tears upon learning that Sirzechs was amongst the three Satans that sacrificed themselves to seal away Trihexa, showing that she deeply cares about him.

Grayfia Lucifuge

Grayfia Lucifuge is the maid of the Gremory Clan, the wife and Queen of Sirzechs Lucifer, and Rias' older sister-in-law who have lovingly cared for her since birth. Rias also held deep love and admiration for Grayfia, thus she is absolutely submissive towards Grayfia's demands whenever she act as her sister-in-law. While Rias dearly loves and admires Grayfia, she also feels inferior to her. When Grayfia is doing her role as a maid, they have the proper relationship of master and maid, and Rias would call Grayfia by name. Though when Grayfia has her day off, she returns to being Sirzechs' wife and Rias' sister-in-law. Rias is very scared of Grayfia at this time, to the point of not being able to talk back to her during conversations. Grayfia is called "Onee-sama" during this time. After the events of Volume 21, Rias has shown to be deeply worried about Grayfia who was shocked and sad that Sirzechs was sealed away in the Isolation Barrier Field.

Another sign of Rias inferior feelings toward Grayfia was when Grayfia was bathing with Issei while drunk. Instead of becoming upset, Rias got teary eyes and acted like a child, thinking that Grayfia had stolen Issei and wouldn't be able to fight back. But this was the first time when she gangs up with Akeno against Grayfia to "win" back Issei.

Zeoticus Gremory

Zeoticus is the current head of the Gremory Clan. He is the father of Rias and Sirzechs. He planned the engagement of Rias and Riser. Though after the engagement party was crashed by Issei, he reflected on his mistake of forcing his beliefs onto his daughter. He fully supports the relationship between Rias and Issei, even going as far as considering him part of the family already.

It was revealed that he also has great love for his daughter when she was very young. He and Sirzechs would cry with joy and have multiple nosebleeds by looking at how Rias acted when she was an infant. They also took many video recordings of Rias.

Venelana Gremory

Venelana Gremory is the mother of Rias and Sirzechs. According to Zeoticus, Venelana was the one in charge of scolding Rias whenever she misbehave. She is very strict with Rias due to her status as the next leader of the Gremory, but still cares deeply for her daughter. She had urged Rias to further her relationship with Issei, such as suggesting the two get married and wishes for Rias to manage Issei's harem as she does with her husband. She supports the relationship between Rias and Issei, as well as considering him part of the family already like her husband, Zeoticus Gremory, has.

Millicas Gremory

Millicas is the son of Sirzechs and Grayfia. As such, he is Rias' nephew and the next heir of the Gremory Clan after Rias becomes the head. Even though Rias is his aunt, he refers to her as "Rias-neesama", where nee-sama means "older sister", due to their age difference being that of siblings rather than aunt and nephew.

Bael Clan

Sairaorg Bael

Sairaorg is Rias' cousin from the Bael Clan, due to Rias' mother originally being born from the Bael Clan. The two have shown to get along quite well, despite the fact that Sairaorg was unable to inherit the Power of Destruction, the signature power of the Bael clan, while Rias did. Sairaorg was the person who snapped Rias back to her senses (by berating her) after being left completely devastated and heartbroken from hearing that Issei had "died" in the Dimensional Gap.

Misla Bael

Misla Bael is the mother of Sairaorg and the aunt of Rias. Rias is strongly sympathetic towards Misla, due to her being terribly persecuted and scorned by the Bael Clan for birthing Sairaorg without the Power of Destruction. Rias even shed tears when she told Issei about Misla and Sairaorg's painful past.

Agares Clan

Seekvaira Agares

Seekvaira is also another friend that Rias has known since her childhood, back then, Rias used to call her "Seek-chan". Even now, Seekvaira prefers it that Rias still calls her that, though she's a bit embarrassed when she does so. Rias also seems to find Seekvaira's mecha obsession exhausting.

Vali Team


Rias and Bikou are on bad terms due to Bikou constantly making fun of Rias, calling her "Switch Princess".


Rias and Kuroka have a rocky relationship, primarily due the fact that Kuroka puts Koneko through a lot of trouble after killing her master and going rough leaving her sister behind and refused to let her go back to her. Kuroka often irritates Rias, calling her "Switch Princess". As Kuroka started making amends with Koneko, Rias' hostility towards her began to lessen over time. The two of them are love rivals for Issei, as seen whenever Kuroka choses to do perverted things to Issei when Rias isn't around. Rias does tolerate Kuroka as she is Koneko's sister. At the same time, Kuroka holds some respect for Rias, as seen when she asked to inherit Koneko's last name "Toujou". Despite their bickering, their relationship is good enough that Rias is even willing to accept her as one of Issei's fiancees.



Rias have have mutual respect for each other, Yasaka even trusts Rias enough to look after her daughter as she stays over with them and getting enrolled at her school. Although Rias was slightly annoyed when she began flirting with Issei in wanting to bear his offspring in Volume 19, but have remained on good terms as love rivals. In True Volume 3, after walking in on Yasaka attempting seduce Issei into having a child with her, Rias wonders in she will be able to control her, due to Rias being the legal wife if Yasaka becomes one of Issei's lovers.


Kunou is Yasaka's daughter who holds Rias in high regard and respect. She views and calls Rias, Issei's "legal wife", stating she wants her approval and consent to have Issei's babies. Nevertheless, the two maintain a good relationship with each other, with Rias helping her enroll into Kuoh Academy at Kunou's request.



Ophis and Rias are shown to have a mother-daughter relationship. Ophis described her as a crimson haired, big boobed mom, which she enjoyed as she liked being paired up with Issei, who was described as the father. Rias looks at and treats Ophis as a daughter figure, as seen when she and Issei take Ophis out to buy clothes.

Crom Cruach

At first, their relationship was rather neutral, but Rias allowed Crom Cruach to take Issei's place as her Pawn for the duration of the Azazel Cup, under the conditions of fighting strong foes and a endless amount of bananas for him to eat. During the Rating Game against Vali, he fought Vali to occupy him and protect Rias. During the Rating Game against Issei, he followed her instruction such as her order to cripple the enemy teams means of recover by eliminating Asia, though Rias made it interesting for him by telling him how to get Farnir to fight in his Outrage mode. After his teams' elimination from the Azazel Cup, Crom stated to Ddraig that he is indebt to Rias, so he will show up if there is any problems.

Hyoudou Family

Gorou Hyoudou and Miki Hyoudou

Rias had developed a close relationship with Issei's parents after allowing her to stay with them. She even calls them "Mother" and "Father". Likewise, and they look on her as their own daughter and support her relationship with their son while hoping to give them grandchildren some day.

Rias respects them both and does anything to support their family. She is particularly closer to Issei's mother, who teaches Rias some of her cooking recipes and shares stories about Issei when he was younger. Even after learning the truth about her being a Devil, Rias' familial relationship with them still remained and deepened from that point.

Other Humans


Unas is a former high Priest and Shaman whom Rias unintentional released from a cursed slumber inside a sarcophagus. Once awoken, he possessed her pawn Issei and used him converse with her and everyone. She was amused and most angry with the fact he had the guts to do so to one of her servants. She demanded he release Issei, but Unas refused while stating he couldn't go back to his body while it was cursed. Because of this, Rias decided to help free him as she couldn't stand by while Issei body was taken. She was confident she could do it, but that feeling quickly changed when Unas removed from his sarcophagus a very skimpy dance costume. He told her she needed to dance for him while wearing it, much to her displeasure. But she put her pride aside and excepted this with a sigh. Later clothed in very little, she danced to light music as Unas and everyone watched. She felt embarrassed while Unas felt amused as he eyed her exposed being.

After 15 minutes of dancing, the first curse was lifted and Rias was still wearing his dance outfit. But Unas didn't pay her much attention after that. Later on when he was free, despite the humiliation she suffered because of him, she was willing to let him go. It was when he became a threat that she decided he needed to be eliminated. She was and the girls were ensnared in his bandages as he tried to crush them. But she had Issei use Dress Break to free them. This lead to him seeing her naked, and while he was enjoyed this, she was furious. She also shows that she was suppressing the anger she felt for the curse dispelling methods from earlier. And with that, she and Akeno turned him to ash.


Professor Nishiura

He is one of Rias's regular clients. While unclear how they met, it implied that his research lead him and her doing business. One night he summons her to help him deal with a cursed sarcophagus. One reason he summoned her for this was because the hieroglyphs he deciphered revealed that a large breasted Devil lady was required to awaken the person within. Later that person was revealed to be Unas who possessed Issei. She respects Nishiura enough to ask him if setting Unas free was okay despite this. Even claiming she's helping Unas break his curse to free Issei and to help Nishiura. In order to do this, Unas made her dance for him in super skimpy dancing clothes. And to her shame, Nishiura marvelled at her indecent state the whole fifteen minutes that she danced.

Despite the pleasure he had watching her degrade herself, she didn't hold grudge against him for it. She even continued to wear the outfit in his presence, although he didn't focus on that. She even saved him when an explosion to place and asked if it was okay to kill Unas, while still dressed like that. But despite this, she was embarrassed by the whole ordeal to the point where she turned down a similar request given to her by one of his friends. But despite these feelings, she was still upset that she didn't complete the work for him, and his friend contacting her implies they're still in touch.