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The following is a list of characters from Rias Gremory's peerage.


Introduced in Volume 1 as the Occult Research Club, the team originally had five members consisting of Rias, Akeno, Kiba and Koneko. Gasper is also a member of the Club but he wasn't formally introduced until Volume 4. At the end of Volume 1, the number in Rias' peerage increased to a total of seven after the inclusion of Issei and Asia.

In Volume 2, six of the seven members of the Occult Research Club faced off against Riser Phenex and his peerage in a Rating Game match, which they ultimately lost. Issei would then crash the Gremory-Phenex engagement, during which Akeno, Kiba, and Koneko stop the guards from trying to throw him out of the venue and then they watch as Issei defeats Riser and leaves with Rias on a griffon.

After the events of Volume 3, the team battled against a Fallen Angel leader Kokabiel who plans on starting another war, that is until the arrival of Vali Lucifer who beats him with ease. In the end, they gain yet another member in the form of Xenovia Quarta as their second Knight, a former exorcist and a natural-born Holy Sword Wielder.

The group joins in the conference between the three Factions In Volume 4, the meeting is then interrupted by Magicians from the Khaos Brigade which everyone had to battle against and rescue captured members of Rias Peerage.

In Volume 5, all eight members of the Gremory Team faced off against Sona Sitri and her peerage in a Rating Game match in which the Gremory Team emerged victorious.

In Volume 6, the Gremory team were scheduled to go up against Diodora Astaroth and his peerage; however, this did not happen due to the interference of Khaos Brigade and Diodora’s alliance with them. Nevertheless, the Gremory Team still battled against Diodora’s team in order to rescue their kidnapped member, Asia.

In Volume 7, the team battled against Loki and Fenrir with the assistance of several other affiliations, in the end, the fight is their victory. Afterwards, they gain their final member, Rossweisse who was abandoned by Odin.

In Volume 10, they faced off against Sairaorg Bael and his peerage in a Rating Game match under Dice Figure Rule and won after Issei defeated Sairaorg in a one-on-one fight.

In Volume 11, Ophis was sent to the group by Azazel under her request. They were ambushed by Cao Cao and Georg who managed to steal Ophis' power. Soon after they're attacked by a legion of Grim Reapers, and they manage to overcome the situation until Shalba Beelzebub arrived to kidnap Ophis. The team loses a member of theirs when they heard news of Issei's death from trying to save Ophis.

In Volume 12, during the Demonic Beast Riot, while the Underworld was under attack by the Khaos Brigade, Rias and her Peerage were not assisting due to still being grief-stricken from losing Issei. However, they managed to regain their fighting spirit after finding that Issei was still alive. In the middle of the battle, everyone is overjoyed at seeing a newly reincarnated Issei who arrives and rejoins Rias Peerage.

While Rias, Yuuto and Azazel left for Romania to discuss Gasper's situation in Volume 14, the first year members of the Occult Research Club were captured by the Khaos Brigade, which the rest of the members and the Sitri group went on a mission to save them.

In Volume 16, during the Vampire Civil War, the Gremory team head to Romania along with Bennia and Loup Garou to help Rias, where they met Vali's grandfather Rizevim Livan Lucifer who was able to overwhelm them. Rizevim escaped with a stolen part of the Holy Grail and with most of the Vampire residents turned into Evil Dragons. When they returned home, Rias and her team joined the counter Terrorist Team, D×D.

In Volume 17, The Occult Research Club went to the underworld to take part in the open day for Sona's newly built Auros Academy. However, the school was attacked by Evil Dragons from the Khaos Brigade led by Walburga, in which they fight back and defend along with Sona and Sairaorg's Peerage. The end resulted in the floating city Agreas being stolen and the school partially damaged, but they managed to arrest some of the terrorists.

In Volume 18, the Occult Research Club goes to Heaven where they discuss the upcoming Christmas Project which Sona's Peerage will also take part in. Around their second trip to there, the Khaos Brigade invades Heaven, which they had to protect.

In The Extra Novel DX.1, Rias' Peerage had a rematch with Riser and his Peerage. The game plays out similar to their original match but with the Gremory group getting a better advantage, being able to eliminate almost all of their opponents without losing a single member, the victor of the game goes to Rias when Issei was able to defeat Riser one-on-one.

In Volume 19, Rias' Peerage joined together with Sona's Peerage and Dulio to fight against exorcists that rebelled against the Church led by Vasco Strada and Ewald Cristaldi. They won after defeating their leaders. They were then met with a surprise appearance from Walburga with an army of Evil Dragons however she was found at a disadvantage and was eventually defeated.

In Volume 20, everyone in the Occult Research Club was depressed over Ravel having gone missing. However they were relieved to hear that she has been recovered safe and sound by Ajuka, but reveals a hidden truth about a King Piece. The location of Agreas was found and the Gremory group were sent to retrieve it as well as save Issei's parents.

In Volume 22, after Issei's promotion to High-Class Devil, Rias traded Asia, Xenovia and Rossweisse into his peerage. For the International Rating Game tournament, Rias created a team called Team Rias Gremory, as she fills some of the newly vacant spots from the departure of her peerage members with Lint Sellzen, Valerie Tepes, Crom Cruach, and Vasco Strada.

In Volume 24, Team Rias Gremory had a Rating Game match against Vali Lucifer's Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star. Despite performing well, such as Koneko eliminating Kuroka, Vasco defeating Arthur Pendragon to the point of exhaustion and Yuuto overwhelming Bikou, the team ultimately lost after Rias expended all of her stamina by using Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess against Fenrir, as she was forced to declare her retirement.

In True Volume 1, the Rias Peerage helped in the subjugation of the unknown devils where they encountered Ingvild Leviathan. After hearing her circumstances and taking her to the beach, where they were attacked by Nyx. The Peerage along with Issei's peerage fought Nyx and her army of artificial devils, which they defeated.

In True Volume 2, Team Rias Gremory had a Rating Game match against Issei's Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth. Despite initially gaining the advantage by using a suprise attack, which allowed the to eliminate Bova Tannin and Roygun Belphegor, the team lost after Rias was defeated by Issei. After that she and her peerage excluding Lint Sellzen, Vasco Strada, and Crom Cruach joined Issei's Team as backup members.

In True Volume 3, members of the peerage accompanied the second years to their field trip to Kyoto, as Issei and the rest of Occult Research Club had to star in a Oppai Dragon event that was planned. During their sightseeing, they were attacked by Gressil and Sonneillon. After the two retreated, the peerage learned about Erebus' plot in Kyoto as they joined forced with Issei's peerage, the Slash/Dog team and Hero Faction to stop it.

In True Volume 4, the peerage went to London to stop the Alliance of Hell for good and restore Issei to his normal self after he had his personality altered by Meredith Ordinton. In the aftermath, Rias traded her remaining Rook Piece, to Sona Sitri in exchange for Loup Garou, making him her second Rook.

Current Members

Rias Gremory (King) Akeno Himejima (Queen)
A college student at Kuoh Academy and the Madonna of the academy. The heiress of the Gremory Clan and a Pure-Blooded Devil, nicknamed the "Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess", due to her fearsome Power of Destruction, which she inherited from her mother.
A college student and one of the "Two Great Ladies" of Kuoh Academy along with Rias. Daughter of Baraqiel, a Fallen Angel leader who controls Holy Lightning, and Shuri Himejima, a priestess of the Himejima Clan.
Gasper Vladi (Bishop, Mutation Piece) (Bishop)
A Dhampir cross-dresser and possessor of a Sacred Gear known as Forbidden Balor View, which has the ability to stop the time of those he sees and possess a fragment of the Evil God Balor. His Sacred Gear later evolved into a Longinus called Aeon Balor.
Yuuto Kiba (Knight) (Knight)

A third-year student at Kuoh Academy. He is the best friend of Issei, and the school prince. He was a victim of the Holy Sword Project, as he was thought to be the only survivor. He possesses Sacred Gears; Sword Birth and Blade Blacksmith as well as various Demon Swords, including the legendary Demonic Emperor Sword; Gram.

Koneko Toujou (Rook) Loup Garou (Rook)

A second-year student at Kuoh Academy. Originally she was about to be executed by the Devils after her sister; Kuroka, killed her own master. The Satan Lucifer; Sirzechs Lucifer, protected her and left her under his sister's; Rias' care - becoming her servant. She is a Nekomata a youkai specialist in Senjutsu and Youjutsu.

Loup Garou Image Infobox.jpg
A college student of Kuoh Academy, nicknamed "Rugal". After Sona was forced to become the Head of Sitri and quit her position on the frontlines, she traded Rugal to Rias so he could keep fighting with Team DxD.
Issei Hyoudou (Pawn x8, Later 8 Mutation Pieces)
A third-year high school student attending Kuoh Academy. A normal high school student born in a normal family, but is in possession of the Sacred Gear, Boosted Gear which is listed as one of the 13 Longinus.

Former Members

Asia Argento (Bishop) Xenovia Quarta (Knight)

A third-year student at Kuoh Academy. Originally a sister who was known as the "Holy Maiden". She possesses the Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing, which grants her incredible healing powers and possesses a high affinity with Dragons, making a pact with the Dragon King Fafnir. She was reincarnated into Rias' servant after Raynare killed her. She became Issei's Bishop in Volume 22, after he became a High-class Devil.


A Holy Sword user who was sent from the Church along with Irina to destroy or retrieve the stolen Excalibur swords. After she finds out that the God of the Bible has died a long time ago, she decides to join the Occult Research Club as Rias' servant. She possesses the Holy Swords, Durandal and Excalibur. She became Issei's Knight in Volume 22, after he became a High-class Devil.

Rossweisse (Rook)

Originally Odin's bodyguard. After the battle with Loki and Fenrir, Odin leaves her in Issei's town. She then gets persuaded by Rias to become her servant. She remains in Kuoh Academy as a teacher. Under Rias' order, she became Issei's Rook in Volume 22, after he became a High-class Devil, as Rias felt that Issei would fully utilize her potential and Issei would need her magic prowess.

Type of Requests

The usual types of requests done by each member of Rias' peerage (including former) are:

  • Rias Gremory: Rias receives the least requests among her group due to the requirement that it has to be worthy of a High-class devil, such as herself. Therefore, her jobs include either removing curses from a cursed item, or defeating a certain monster because they are targeting a client.
  • Akeno Himejima: Akeno's usual clients are either the bosses of huge corporations or rich wives, where she does a wide range of work that mostly consists of her taking away the stress of people living in the high society, from listening to their daily worries to drinking tea with them.
  • Koneko Toujou: Koneko normally receives jobs ranging from being an opponent at playing cards to wearing a cosplay for a photo shoot.
  • Yuuto Kiba: Yuuto's requests usually come from older women and working women who consult their stress with him or by having Yuuto cook for them.
  • Issei Hyoudou: Issei commonly gets many weird requests from weird people.
  • Asia Argento: Like Koneko, Asia usually receives jobs ranging from being an opponent at playing cards to wearing a cosplay for a photo shoot.
  • Gasper Vladi: Gasper usually does his work from his computer where he interacts with people who are bad at interacting with others but have a wish that they want to be granted by a Devil.
  • Xenovia Quarta: Xenovia mostly receives jobs that involve physical work, such as helping out in construction work or being a practice partner for various sports.
  • Rossweisse: Rossweisse gets requests that are mainly from housewives where she does things like teaching them a way to make them lose their worries related to their finances and becoming their consultant. She also teaches them sure-fire methods to winning at bargain sales despite her young age.


  • The first three male members of Rias' peerage possess Sacred Gears, as did Asia.
    • Before being reincarnated all four of them suffered lethal injuries or died: Gasper and Asia were stated as dead, and Kiba and Issei had at least lost consciousness due to their fatal injuries before being reincarnated.
  • In terms of popular choices of the Gremory Group that the Magicians want to make a pact with, it goes as follows: Rias Gremory → Rossweisse → Asia Argento → Issei Hyoudou → Yuuto Kiba → Akeno Himejima → Xenovia → Koneko Toujou → Gasper Vladi.
  • Among the current and former members of Rias' peerage:
    • The four with Sacred Gears (Issei, Gasper, Kiba, and Asia) were dead or dying and reincarnated.
    • The remaining members except Loup joined of their own volition.
    • Loup was traded from Sona's Peerage.
  • Currently, all former members were traded to Issei Hyoudou's Peerage.
    • All of them joined Rias' peerage after Issei.
    • Asia and Xenovia expressed interest in joining Issei's peerage even before he became a High-class Devil.
  • Rias' remaining Evil Pieces are a Knight and a Bishop.
    • She received them from her trade with Issei.
  • Rias Gremory's Peerage is the only known peerage to possess to multiple Mutation Pieces through normal means (Issei's and Gasper's), Xenovia Quarta's Peerage has multiple Mutation Pieces due to a an agreement by Ajuka Beelzebub to modify some of her Evil Pieces.
  • Rias Gremory's Peerage is one of two peerages to possess more then one Longinus user, the second being Issei Hyoudou's Peerage.
    • Issei is one of the Longinus users in both peerages, and the other user in each peerage possesses a New Longinus.
  • Issei is the only Super Devil in Rias' Peerage.