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Regalzeva is one of the Evil Gods of Evie Etoulde and the elder brother of Melvazoa and Seraselbes. He commands his own faction called the "Devastator Order" and is currently at war with Resetoras and the Etoulde and has arrived in Draconic Deus. He became one of the main antagonists of the last arc after the defeat of Hades and Angra Mainyu.


Regalzeva is a seven-meter tall mechanical humanoid with five eyes in total; two on each side and one on his forehead that shines with gold. His body has a tint of black and purple with thick limbs.


Regalzeva is shown to enjoy fighting against strong opponents as he fought against the Great Red and later wanted to fight against Ophis after she was considered to be infinite. He is also irresponsible on his duty, as he and his army left their work undone to start an attack on a different planet, a method that puts a bad example on their home country of Evie Etoulde and something that Melvazoa resents him for. Regalzeva began to develop an interest in Dragons after fighting Great Red and looking at the forms of Ddraig and Albion, ordering his subordinates to deliver the data about Dragons to their home planet.

Despite effortlessly killing Great Red, he stated that he fought him fairly well, so it seems that Regalzeva has some respect for worthy opponents.


In the past, Regalzeva and his siblings were at war with the Etouldes in order to gain dominance on their planet. He and his army arrived at Fadir Ferdora and waged war against the denizens of that planet and exterminated them. However, an individual managed to escape the destruction.


Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

Regalzeva made his first appearance in True Volume 4, appearing at the Dimensional Gap and fought against Great Red, where he successfully killed him. Regalzava confirmed that he enjoyed his fight and learned from his subordinates Rugatimu and Bebevu Su that there’s another individual that’s suited to be Regalzeva’s opponent, which they revealed to be Ophis, a being considered to be infinite. He started to develop an interest in Dragons as he looked at the forms of the Two Heavenly Dragons Ddraig and Albion, and orders his subordinates to send data on Dragons to Melvazoa’s prime. He decided to finish his warmup on the planet before Melvazoa arrives and was joined by Haz Ilyus as he was ordered by Melvazoa to support Regalzeva. He and Bebevu Su decided to name Earth as Draconic Deus and wants to fight against Ophis as he orders his troops to make preparations to conquer the planet and search for the priestess Sefaira Seraselbes.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: As one of the Pillar Gods of Evie Etoulde, Regalzeva is an extremely powerful being and his strength is noted to not be inferior to that of his younger brother Melvazoa.[1] He effortlessly defeated and killed the Dragon God Great Red, one of Draconic Deus' most powerful beings.[2]



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