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Realm of the Dead, also known as the Realm of Hades in Greek mythology and Depths of Hell. It is the place where Hades; the God of the dead and the Grim Reapers reside.


Located in the lower strata of the Underworld and the place where the souls of the dead are sorted and is also close to Cocytus. The realm of the dead is of the Olympus World; the God from the Greek-faction Hades is in control of it. It isn't as big as the Underworld and as it's the World of the dead, it is a wasteland that no living creature can live in. It also has an ancient Greek shrine as it appears into the depths. It is the place where the Grim Reapers of this World live and where the castle of Hades is located. There is a part in it that is something that looks like a ritual area. Ornaments such as gold are used for the interior and it's so gorgeous that it doesn’t suit being in the Underworld. There is a carving on the wall of the trinity Gods of Olympus – Zeus, Poseidon and Hades and it is carved to stand out. It's also where Vali's great grandmother Lilith is being held captive by Hades. After using Lilith to create a army of Artificial Devils, those Devils started to reside in the Realm of the Dead and served as Hades' troops in his war against the Tree Factions and Team DxD.


In Volume 12, the Realm of the Dead was visited by Sirzechs Lucifer, Azazel and Dulio Gesualdo, with Tobio Ikuse standing by outside of it to assist them if needed. The three went to visit Hades to stop him from interfering in the Demonic Beast Riot. At the same time, the Vali team started rampaging in the Realm of the Dead, as they defeated many Grim Reapers. After the Demonic Beast Riot concluded, the majority of Grim Reapers were frozen by Dulio's Longinus; Zenith Tempest, as the trio (Sirzechs Lucifer, Azazel and Dulio Gesualdo) left.

In Volume 18, due to Apophis making a pact with Hades, Rizevim was able to gain access to Heaven by using Limbo and Purgatory to launch a attack on Heaven.

In Volume 23, using the information given to them by Apophis, Hades and his Grim Reapers discovered the comatose body of the Mother of all Devils; Lilith.

In Voulme 24, Hades expanded Rizevim's research institute in order to facilitate the production of the Artificial Devils as he prepared for the meeting between the Gods of Hell.

In Volume 25, the Gods of Hell held a conference at Hades's research institute, in order to discuss the threat of the Longinus such as Mitsuya Kanzaki  and the fact that the other factions have sent their spies to track the Gods of Hell's movements. During the meeting, Hades was contacted by Issei Hyoudou, who was furious at the Grim Reaper attack on his father and warned Hades that Issei would defeat him if Hades threatened those that Issei loves again.

In True Volume 2, Hades held a meeting with the remaining Gods of Hell and Verrine in which he revealed the existence of [UL] (otherwise known as Underworld Lifeforms) as he ordered Verrine to take some Grim Reapers in order to investigate.

In True Volume 4, the Realm of the Dead was occupied by forces of DxD as the Moderate Faction began cooperating with them due to Hades' invasion of London. After Hades' defeat, the Ultimate Grim Reaper Orcus took command over most of the Realm of the Dead.

Notable Locations

Hades' Temple

An ancient Greek temple that is the root of Hades and the home of the Grim Reapers. The ceremonial hall inside has a golden decoration, and it has a brilliance that is disproportionate to the scenery of the Underworld.

During the "Demonic Beast Riot", the Vali team rampaged inside, and a large number of Grim Reapers were frozen in ice with Dulio's Longinus.


Cocytus, also known as the Ice Hell, is the deepest part of the Underworld that is connected to the Realm of the Dead. It acts as a prison for powerful and dangerous figures such as Samael and Kokabiel. It is also serves as a home to many rare and dangerous creatures such as the Pale Horse. It’s for those who committed the gravest sins or those who perpetrated betrayals were eternally bound in the cruellest depths of Hell.

Rizevim's Institute

A research institute in the outskirts of a valley made of ice in Cocytus that investigates anomalies and irregularities that are disproportionate to Cocytus. It is one of Rizevim's hideouts. There is a strict security system, and a password is applied to the door that connects each floor, so it is necessary to go through the door to lightly exceed 10 to get inside. At the deepest part, there is a culture layer that fills the entire vast floor, and Lilith 's body is stored in it.

After Rizevim's death, it was discovered by Hades and the Artificial Devil were manufactured using Lilith. In addition, underground facilities have been added, and in Volume 25, it became a base for Leaders of Hell to gather.