I will give my all for my [King], Ise-sama, as your manager and as your servant.

–Ravel to Issei, Volume 22, Life 2

Ravel Phenex is one of the many female protagonists of High School DxD. She is the only daughter and youngest child of Lord Phenex and Lady Phenex, and the younger sister of Ruval Phenex, an unnamed older brother and Riser Phenex. She is a second-year high school student at Kuoh Academy and a former member of Riser's peerage. Like her older brothers, she has inherited the powers of the Phoenix and possesses the power of fire, wind, and immortality. Upon Riser's defeat, she is traded to her mother, Lady Phenex before being traded to Issei Hyoudou, becomes his servant and second Bishop.


Ravel is a beautiful young girl with dark blue eyes. She has long blonde hair tied into twintails with large, drill-like curls and blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair has several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. Ravel's body measurements are [B85-W59-H84 cm] [B33-W23-H33 in]; height is 153 cm (5 feet 0 inches) and body weight is [47 kg].

Her initial outfit consisted of a light purple dress with dark purple accents and a blue bow at the front. At the back, three feather-like extensions mimicking a bird's tail protrude from the dress, which, when combined with her wings of fire, give her a bird-like appearance. Upon transferring to Kuoh Academy, she wears the Kuoh Academy girls' uniform, with the addition of a black sweater over her dress shirt.

After joining Issei's peerage, during Rating Games, she wears a uniform that consists of a red button top with a white tie, a red skirt as well as a purple cape along with a blue satchel on her waist.

In the anime, Ravel wears a long, pink dress with white frills and a magenta bow in the front. At her brother's engagement party, she wears a purple dress with matching gloves and black boots and holds a pink folding fan.


Ravel is first shown to be spoiled, arrogant and snobbish during her debut, but is later revealed to be a well-mannered, modest, elegant, and polite young girl, but shown to be initially harsh towards those whom she dislikes. She's very loyal to her older brother, as she is seen diligently obeying his authority. She strongly believes that her brother is so powerful, no one could ever possibly defeat him. However, after witnessing his crushing defeat at the hands of Issei Hyoudou, she becomes attracted to him and later falls in love with him as the series progresses, albeit in tsundere tendencies.

In truth, she does not really mind being one of Issei's "servants", or otherwise his "concubines", just as long as she can continue to be by his side, desiring to be traded as one of Issei's Bishops when he gains peerage, for she only wishes to be of use to him. Later on, she seems to have grown very proud of being Issei's manager and therefore continues to study diligently, so as to serve as his support in the future.

Despite her young age, she's very intelligent, mature and perceptive, being able to understand the atmosphere of any situation as well as surmise Issei's thoughts just by simply looking at him. She is also shown to be a gifted strategist, serving as Issei's main strategist and second in command of his peerage. In this position, Ravel appears to be quite strict as she has her own expectations and standards when it comes to the suitability of someone to serve under Issei, such as when she denied Kuroka's offer to make Le Fay Pendragon Issei's contracted magician due to the latter's affiliation with the Khaos Brigade or when she was initially against letting Elmenhilde Karnstein join Issei's team.

Ravel has also shown a ruthless side, being relentless in securing victory for her team. This is seen when she consistently read out the manga about Issei and Kiba to Tsubaki Shinra, despite the latter's obvious discomfort and pleas to stop. However, Ravel is also shown to be quite fragile hearted as seen when she cried when she believed she failed Issei after their defeat against Dulio's team in the Azazel Cup.

Despite her maturity, Ravel is also stubborn and childish at times, having a habit of wanting other people's belongings, as stated by Riser, this is seen when she fights with Koneko over Issei's lap or when she fights with the other girls over Issei, despite being the one who manages everything.


Ravel is the youngest child among the four Phenex siblings and the only daughter of the Phenex Family. She became Riser's Bishop at some point prior to the start of the series.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Ravel has all the common skills and powers of one, including the power to cast spells, which is enhanced further due to her Bishop Piece.

  • Immortality: As a member of the Phenex Clan, Ravel shares her families' signature regeneration abilities, being able to regenerate lost limbs and recover from wounds instantly as demonstrated in Volume 25, when she regenerated from the damage inflicted by the Valkyrie Squad. However, since their Immortality is fueled by Ravel's demonic power and affected by her mental state if her body would be destroyed multiple times or her demonic power ran out, she wouldn't be able to regenerate.
  • Hell Fire: As a member of the Phenex Clan, Ravel is capable of using strong fire-based attacks noted to be strong enough to burn Scale Mail armor. In a manga side-story, she is shown to be capable of blowing half of her brother's head away with a single attack.
  • Magic Expert: As a Bishop, Ravel has enhanced magical abilities and has proven to be skilled in using magic.
    • Defensive Magic: Ravel is able to create a shield of magic to protect herself or the people around her.
    • Cloth Manipulation: Ravel is shown to be able to alter her whole attire into a different one, most notably when she changed from one piece dress into safari jacket and shorts.

Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant: Ravel has learned to fight in close quarters combat after becoming Issei's servant, being able to hold her own against Koneko Toujou, a Rook, who specializes in close-quarters combat.

Managerial Skills: As Issei's manager, she is able to user her strategic abilities to properly ensure and plan out his political growth, schedule his appearances as Oppai Dragon, time spent with his harem and find candidates to be his pact Magician.

Keen Intellect: Despite her younger age, Ravel has been shown to be far more intelligent than even most devils who're older than herself such as Riser and Rias. She could come up with different methods that Issei could use his Illegal Move Triaina's Bishop Form and even the others among her team such as Xenovia wielding Excalibur. Ravel also has an impeccable recall, able to memorize all the magic circles and symbols on the capsules used to create clones of the Phenex Clan members.

  • Master Tactician: Her true talents are her strategic skills on par with even Sona and when coupled with the powers of her teammates makes her more dangerous. Lady Phenex noted that her nature was Supremacy, being able to use ruthless strategies that can put opponents in a terrible and impossible to return situations such as using Diabolos Dragon's Infinity Blaster to alter the field overcoming the Lightning and Sitri Teams. In Volume 23, she even could compete with the plans of Rudiger, a Top 10 Ranker in the Rating Game Pro League. In DX4, during their game against Team Sitri, she altered the field using Issei's destructive power, create situations where her own team could fight at their best, and used Irina's Light Rings as a beacon for Bina to retire them using her demonic power. She earned praise from people such as both Tobio and Indra, the latter stated that Issei couldn't function without her plans. In Volume 25, she formed optimal formations against Leisure of the Kings, placing Xenovia (with Excalibur's Scabbard), Nakri, and Irina against Apollon, a powerful light user; Bina, Asia, and Fafnir against Artemis putting them in a stalemate. In True Volume 2, during their match against Rias' Team, she came up with a solid plan to checkmate Rias with Issei's power, while their team distracts and faces Rias' team to minimize Issei's stamina. Ravel's tactics have earned her attention in the Underworld and of the various other mythological factions.

Flight: Being a Devil from the Phenex Clan, Ravel can fly using her fiery wings.


  • Ravel's birthday is on June 3rd.
  • "Ravel" is a French surname derived from the Italian surname "Ravelli", which is a variation of "Revello" or "Revelli".
  • According to Riser, the reason why he turned Ravel into one of his servants is that he wanted a "little sister-type" girl in his harem (he dissociates himself being a person with a sister complex). This is further expanded upon in one of the manga's side chapters, where he also claimed he wanted a tsundere type.
  • Ravel is the only known Devil to have been traded more than once, first from Riser to their mother, then from their mother to Issei.
  • While her breast size is stated to be slightly larger than Asia Argento’s, visually her breasts have gone from being just below Xenovia’s to being as petite as Koneko Toujou's in one illustration (later confirmed to be a mistake of the illustrator, Miyama-Zero).
  • In True Volume 4, Ravel obtained her own Evil Pieces.
  • On the cover of chapter 71, she is seen watching the Rating Game match between the Gremory and Sitri teams, cheering for Issei while her brother sits in the back and scolds.



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