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Promotion is an ability exclusive to Pawn servant Devils, which allow them to promote into any of the other Evil Pieces.


Promotion is an ability granted to those who have been reincarnated into Devils by a High-Class Devil using a Pawn Evil Piece.


The Pawn Piece grants the host the ability to promote to any of the other chess pieces and gain their special traits with the exception of the King. Promotion will only work when the Pawn is in enemy territory or at least wherever their master the King views it as one, there after the Pawn will chant "Promotion" followed by the name of the piece they choose to take the role of.

A special badge item allows the holder to grant the Pawn permission to promote when the King isn't present.[1]

Issei is the only Devil to no longer abide by this rule as his 8 Pawn pieces have been adjusted by Ajuka after undergoing Juggernaut Drive and later unlocking Illegal Move Trident, granting him the ability to promote when and wherever without Rias' permission. This adjustment also effected his Scale Mail armor to take on new forms such as Illegal Move Trident and Cardinal Crimson Promotion.[2][3]

During the Azazel Cup tournament, participants who were temporary added to the teams as Pawns attain the ability to use Promotion without having a Pawn piece implanted in them.[4]


  • In the Anime, an apparition of the piece the Pawn promotes appears over them in the color of their respected clan houses.


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