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The Power of Destruction is an ability primarily used by members of the Bael Clan and four members of the Gremory Clan of Devils.


An ability once exclusive to the Bael clan that has the title of the Great King, being the highest-ranking among all the 72 Pillars, the Gremory siblings Sirzechs Lucifer and Rias Gremory inherited this ability from their mother Venelana Gremory, who was a direct descendant of the Bael Clan. Later on, it is shown that Millicas Gremory has also inherited this ability from his father, Sirzechs.


As its name suggests, the Power of Destruction is a type of demonic energy, that grants its users great explosive power and can completely annihilate things when used. The Power of Destruction is said to be a very difficult power to defend against due to its erasure properties, as the most effective way to guard against it would be to counter the destruction blast with ranged attacks.[1] However, a Devil with higher demonic energy and proficient mastery of the Power of Destruction, such as Sirzechs Lucifer, can utilize to the point that it can basically eliminate anything, including the attacks of others.[2]

Sirzechs was considered as an ace of the Anti-Satan Faction due to the immense Power of Destruction he possessed.[3] During the Battle of Valefor Territory, in order to stop the rampaging Fly Chimera, Sirzechs used his Aura of Destruction to envelop himself in order to survive against the Chimera's poison and Ruin the Extinct to destroy the Chimera from the inside.[4] Sirzechs' Aura of Destruction from was stated to have ten times the aura of the original Lucifer as Hades stated that Sirzechs surpassed Devils, with Azazel stating that Sirzechs in his Aura of Destruction could eliminate Hades, who is listed as one of the Top 10 "Strongest Beings in the World".[5]

During the Rating Game match against Sona Sitri, Rias demonstrated the ability to compress her power of destruction into smaller orb bullets, with each being the size of a softball, firing them like a machine gun, which each shot having high intensity and high purity of destruction.[6]

Rias developed Extinguished Star due to absorbing Issei's dragon aura. While fighting against Grendel, Rias used Extinguished Star to reduce the Evil Dragon to just half his head. According to Grendel, the Power of Destruction can cut down even the consciousness and souls of living creatures, after he got nearly all of his body erased by Rias' Extinguished Star.[7]


Up to this point, the Power of Destruction has taken the form of a black energy,[8] although the Anime often shows it mixed with the users own demonic energy. When used, it seems to be channeled out through the user's hands, which then can be directed towards its target.

Sirzechs Lucifer

Ruin the Extinct

Ruin the Extinct (滅殺の魔弾(ルイン・ザ・エクスティンクト), Ruin za Ekusutinkuto) is one of Sirzechs' signature abilities. Sirzechs compresses his Power of Destruction into small spheres that are able to eliminate anything without a trace. He is then able to freely maneuver these spheres and is capable of bypassing enemy defenses to destroy specific targets. Sirzechs is noted to have superior technique with this ability as he is capable of selecting what to destroy precisely, such as destroying the Ophis' Snake inside Creuserey Asmodeus, which was increasing his powers.[9]

Aura of Destruction

Human-Shaped Aura of Destruction (人型に浮かび上がる滅びのオーラ, Hitogata ni Ukabiagaru Horobi no Ōra) is Sirzechs' true form where his body transforms into a condensed Power of Destruction in the form of a human-shaped aura. In this form, the Power of Destruction spreads explosively and involuntarily, without it being in his command or control. Sirzechs in this form is stated to be extremely powerful, as Hades stated that he had greatly surpassed the Old Lucifer and Azazel stated that Sirzechs in this form is capable of fighting and defeating Hades, one of the Top 10 "Strongest Beings in the World".[5]

Rias Gremory

Extinguished Star

Extinguished Star (消滅の魔星(イクスティングイッシュ・スター), Ikusutinguisshu Sutā) is one of Rias' signature abilities. Rias compresses large amounts of Power of Destruction into one giant sphere that is able to eliminate anything in its path, to the extent that it damaged even the enhanced body of Grendel that the Gremory group was facing serious trouble damaging previously. However, Rias, due to her inexperience, requires a considerable amount of time to charge this move. Because of this, she needs her servants to guard and protect her, buying time for her to finish it. Also, while the giant sphere is slow, it also possesses a strong power of attraction capable of pulling enemies present in its effective field, into it.[7]


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