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I am the Great Perseus! I do enjoy a fair fight!

–Perseus to Beluga Furcas, Light Novel DX.4, Power MAX vs Technic MAX


Perseus is the former executive of the Hero Faction. He carries the spirit of the Hero of Greece Perseus.


Perseus is a young man with neat brown hair. He wears what could possibly to be Greek inspired armor, with a Japanese school uniform (specifically the gakuran worn by Japanese schoolboys in the fall) most likely underneath.


Perseus is said to be the person with the most loyalty to Cao Cao, while also having differing views on him (with it being one of the reasons why he retired from the Hero Faction), with him also possessing a polite, well-mannered man. He has also referred to Jeanne as 'onee-san'.


Not much is known about Perseus' past, other than that at some point before the series, he was persuaded by Cao Cao to join the Hero Faction and before the Kyoto Incident, he decided to retire from the Hero Faction.

Powers & Abilities

Master Swordsman: Perseus is shown to be able to fight evenly with Beluga in a sword match.[1]

Enhanced Speed: Perseus was able to keep up with Beluga, who was riding Altobrau.[1]


Aegis Mineralization (蛇の王妃による死の勅令イージス・ミネラリゼーション, Ījisu Minerarizēshon) also known as Order of Death from the Snake Queen, is Perseus' Sacred Gear, which has the ability to fire beams of light that turn people to stone.[2]

  • Caput-medusae and Mineralization Knight (彷徨う蛇の王妃と蛇の騎士による死の舞踏カプトメヂューサ ・アンド・ ミネラリゼーション・ナイト, Kaputo-Medyūsa ando Minerarizēshon Naito): Aegis Mineralization's Balance Breaker. Medusa's head detaches from its shield, becomes gigantic and stays afloat in mid-air. The head charges beams of light from its eyes and turns enemies caught in its range to stone. Additionally, the snakes on the Perseus' blade come to life and the aura of the blade becomes demonic. If someone is injured by the blade, they will turn to stone.[2]

Sword and Shield: Perseus also wields a sword and shield, which he uses in tandem with Aegis Mineralization.



  • (To Heracles) “Oi, don’t call me Pe. call me the men-of-men Perseus-sama.” (Volume DX.4, Part 3)
  • (To Georg) “Woah it’s Georg. I heard you got a new job as Grim Reaper.” (Volume DX.4, Part 3)
  • Rise, my Sacred Gear! The royal command of execution by the Queen of Snakes! Aegis Mineralization!” (Volume DX.4)


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