Pailingual, also known as Breast Translation, is a spell created and used by Issei Hyoudou.


Pailingual was first used in Volume 5, during the Rating Game between the peerages of Sona Sitri and Rias Gremory. The spell is powerful and feared (by women), and used to gain information. It has, since its introduction, become one of Issei's trademark spells. However, it has been banned during Rating Games.

When cast, it causes a mysterious space to expand and unfold with Issei at the center, and only Issei and Ddraig can hear the voices that it creates.


Pailingual is an area-effect spell that causes women's breasts to speak, revealing their thoughts and plans and allowing Issei and his allies to come up with counters or defenses. This spell is noted to seemingly bypass spells or other defenses against mind reading, as it does not target the mind directly.

The voices given to women's breasts are not always identical to those of the women themselves, sometimes having certain characteristics and showing personality traits that the women's own voices lack.

In Volume 7, it was somehow able communicate to a completely different dimension, unknown to either Gods, Devils or Dragons, to contact the Seirei of Oppai and the Chichigami by using Akeno Himejima's breast as a medium to see into her past.

Pailingual can also be used as a medium to allow two women to communicate with each other, as shown in Volume 9 when Issei, with help from Sun Wukong, used it on Kunou and Yasaka to allow the former to communicate telepathically with her mother. Telepathic communication seems to require outside help at this point.


While a very powerful and scary technique for women, Pailingual has proven to be useless if the woman whose breasts are speaking is making sure to act in an obvious manner, thereby nullifying its usefulness.


  • The Katakana for this move was originally misread as バイリンガル, which was translated as Bilingual.
  • This techniques name is translated as Booblingual by Funimation.
  • Ishibumi was sick when he thought of this spell.


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