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Outrage is the unique ability which all Dragons possess, which makes them greatly feared among all species.


One of the signature power of Dragons, which all Dragons possess. It is often said that one shouldn't anger dragons, due to them being symbols of power, which is further enhanced by their Outrage.[1]

In Volume 18, Fafnir used this ability against Rizevim Livan Lucifer, after the latter slapped Asia Argento, Fafnir's contracted master which triggered Fafnir's rage, casing him to attack Rizevim and Lilith in anger.

In True Light Novel Volume 2, Fafnir used the ability against Crom Cruach, who told him that he would slaughter Asia, causing Fafnir's anger explode, just as Crom Cruach had hoped.


Outrage is one of the unique powers that all dragons possess, which strengthens their power in response to their rage and anger, greatly enhancing their abilities by several folds. It is noted that a Dragon that uses Outrage will continue to fight until their enemy perishes or they themselves are killed.[1]

After being enhanced by his Outrage, Fafnir was able to fight evenly with Rizevim Livan Lucifer, a Super Devil, and overwhelm him to the point of biting off his arm and knock aside Lilith, the spawn of Ophis.[1]

While fighting against Crom Cruach, Fafnir's rage allowed him to continue to fight against the legendary Evil Dragon for a extended period of time, despite the disparity in power, as he was even able to break the Evil Dragon's arm.[2]


  • Albion explained that all strong emotions is food for all Sacred Gears, but it takes those who has Dragon-type Sacred Gears to have strong and straightforward emotions such as rage to use a dragon's power.[3]


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