Minor Characters in High School DxD.

Conservative FactionEdit


Orcus (オルカス, Orukasu) is a Ultimate-class Grim Reaper from the conservative faction and the father of Bennia. He is a peaceful Grim Reaper and unlike Hades, he doesn’t possess any hate towards devils as he converse with the DxD team about Thanatos. Orcus also seems to be a doting father towards his daughter Bennia and was very grateful to the members of the DxD team for looking after her.

Pluto IIEdit

Pluto II (プルート II, Purūto II) is a member of the conservative faction and a loyal follower of Orcus. Pluto II is also the child of the first generation Pluto.

Hades's Grim ReapersEdit


Zeno (ゼノ, Zeno) is a High-class Grim Reaper who serves under Hades. He has been placed in charge of being the team leader of Team Black Satan of the Darkness Dragon King for the Azazel Cup and to watch over Balberith, Verrine, Sonneillon and Gressil.

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