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A world of silence. I would like to return to the Dimensional Gap that is my home... and reclaim that silence. That is all.


Ophis is the Dragon God known as the Ouroboros Dragon and the Infinite Dragon God. She is the former leader of the Khaos Brigade. She is one of the most powerful Dragons in existence, even after losing a large part of her powers in Volume 11 because of Samael's curse. These powers were later used for giving birth to Lilith.


Ophis' current appearance is that of a cute young girl with long black hair down to her hips and black eyes (gray in the anime). Her ears differ from a normal human's as they have pointed tips, although her long black hair makes this feature difficult to notice. Her dark grey eyes have reptilian slitted pupils. Azazel stated that Ophis had the appearance of an old man in the past before changing it. Her body measurements are [B66-W53-H70]; height is [137 cm] and body weight is [31 kg].

Her attire consists of a black Gothic Lolita fashion.

However, Ophis is a true shapeshifter, able to freely manipulate her body shape and size to assume any form that she chooses, regardless of her age, race, or gender. Unlike the other Dragons that have large reptilian-like bodies, Ophis is a human-shaped Dragon.


Being born from nothingness, Ophis rarely shows any sort of emotion, only wanting to get rid of the Great Red and return to the Dimensional Gap to obtain "silence". Issei describes Ophis as an honest and pure Dragon who is naive. Azazel indicates Ophis has changed because of her interaction with humanity, but how is never described. Due to her extreme naivety, she acts like a child mimicking actions that catch her attention and always wandering off to anything she finds interesting.

In a side-story, Ophis shows a somewhat rude but accurate way to describe people. She is brutally honest to people as she isn't aware of what she says as she is an emotionless being. Whenever she is asked a question she seems to take interest in, she goes into "?" mode which is where she goes into deep thought about the question asked. Ophis can also be quite cocky as shown in a short story, where she boasted how she is stronger than Michael.


Sometime in the distant past, Ophis was born in the Dimensional Gap and lived there as its home. Eventually, long ago, Ophis left the Gap, but when she attempted to return, she found that the Great Red had taken up residence there. Before assuming her current form, she used a different guise in the form of an elderly man. At some point before the start of the series, Ophis became the leader of the Khaos Brigade.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: As a Dragon God, Ophis is the strongest being in the world not counting Great Red, exceeding the Heavenly Dragons in their prime combined, with Ddraig stating her power is infinite. In fact, despite losing a portion of her power due to Samael, it was stated that she was still twice as strong as Ddraig and Albion, with her stating that she felt "weak" despite that level of power. Since losing her original strength, her powers became unstable releasing destructive power that had annihilated everything. A normal slap from Ophis can cause destructive results, sending a yeti flying and causing Nurarihyon great pain after slapping his butt. Ophis in her prime would be equivalent to or perhaps even superior to Trihexa.

Immense Durability: Being an existence with the power of infinity, Ophis' durability borders on the point of near absolute invulnerability as shown when Ophis was stabbed by the True Longinus, an immensely powerful Sacred Gear capable of slaying Gods, and was completely unaffected when Issei stated that Ophis did not even shed blood. Even after being struck by Samael's extremely deadly dragon slayer poison, all Ophis felt was her power weakened; contrary to Vali who managed to survive due to his vast demonic power, but had to withstand tremendous pain from the poison until he was cured by Sun Wukong, and Issei who has extremely tenacious durability, was ultimately killed by the same poison.

Shapeshifting: Ophis is a true shapeshifter, able to alter her size, apparent age, physical attributes and characteristics, and even her apparent gender. She can also perfectly recreate the voice of any person.

Katerea takes in the power of Ophis snakes

Snakes: Ophis can manifest her powers in the form of snakes, which can increase a person's power after being consumed, increasing the powers of Shalba, Katerea, and Creuserey rivaling their ancestors and letting Diodora defeat Seekvaira and her peerage alone, with some small assistance from his peerage. She can create snakes, which could bring out the full potential of Sacred Gears, letting them achieve Balance Breaker far quicker, but this could break their Sacred Gear killing them.

Blessing Inducement: Ophis can 'bless' people, granting them certain advantages. These blessings don't seem to have a negative effect on Devils. With Asia, the blessing has increased her compatibility with Dragons, while with Irina, it has increased her luck. She can also give blessings that allow people to tap into their potential power as shown when she blessed both Issei and Vali, allowing them to unleash her own power of infinity in Diabolos Dragon God (in Issei's case) and the power of Lucifer in tandem with Albion's for Diabolos Dragon Lucifer (in Vali's).

Telepathy: Ophis can sometimes communicate through the minds of others, doing so during Issei`s battle with the Emperor Diehauser Belial and Rizevim Lucifer. During this ordeal, she also mentally chanted alongside Issei and Ddraig to activate the Diabolos Dragon form.

Flight: As a dragon, Ophis can fly, but unlike other dragons who use their wings to do so, Ophis can simply float in midair without effort.


  • "He wasn't a bad person. He was my first friend." (Volume 11, Life...)
  • "I, like doughnuts, cookies." (Volume 12.5, My First Errand [Ophis Volume])
  • "I, went under for 30 minutes." (Volume 14, Life 2)
  • "I, appear from the closet. Ehem." (Volume 14, Life 3)
  • "I, shall swim." (Short-Story, Let’s Go to Onsen!)


  • Ophis' birthday is on the 31st of December and 1st of January; this representing her being an "infinite" being[1].
  • Ophis' name means "snake" in Greek, referring to her powers revolving around snakes, and part of her basis' full name.
    • The nickname "Ouroboros Dragon" refers to Ouroboros ophis (Greek: οὐροβόρος ὄφις, lit. tail-devouring snake), the Infinite Snake first appearing in Egyptian and Indian mythology. Its Norse counterpart is Jörmungandr, the serpent son of Loki.
  • Ophis represents Infinity, Chaos, and Nothingness.
    • Ophis was born from the "nothingness" of Infinity.
  • Ophis was ranked #1 among the Top 10 "Strongest Beings in the World" before losing her powers.[2]
  • It is stated that if Ophis and Lilith fight together, they can access all of Ophis' former power; with their power being infinite.[3]
  • Despite choosing to appear as female, Ophis is genderless, as revealed in her side story.[4]
  • Ophis loves sweets; a trait passed down to Lilith.
  • The members of the Occult Research Club have built a shrine for Ophis at the top of the Hyoudou Residence.[5]
    • Ophis likes sunbathing there.[6]
    • There is a donation box in the shrine where the Occult Research Club members living in the Hyoudou Residence place money as offerings to Ophis, which is treated as pocket money for her to spend.[6]
  • It is theorized by Sona Sitri that the reason that Ophis sticks so close to Issei is that she is possessing him, to the point that he "shoulders a karma that no god can purify".[7]
  • Ophis was originally set to die after resurrecting Issei.[8]
  • In the Afterword of Volume 12, the author indicated that Ophis was originally not meant to join Issei's harem, but after seeing her on the cover, they decided to make her a mascot character.
  • In the English dub, her name is pronounced "Orphis".
  • In the "DxD" popularity election, she came in ninth in the all-character category and ninth in the heroine category.[9]


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