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Odin is the former chief deity of Norse mythology and leader of the Gods in Asgard. He wields the legendary lance Gungnir.


As the former chief deity of Norse mythology, Odin has the appearance of an elderly man with long, grey hair, and a matching beard. He wears a gold and white monocle over his left eye, without the addition of the chain.

Odin wears a robe, which is short and blue with a gold lining on the top and bottom of the collar, the sleeves of the robe and at the front of his robes all the way down to the bottom of the robe. The rest of his robe is white with matching shoes. Odin also wears a golden and black hat, which is sectioned off into five mini sections that sport either the color black or gold, the top, middle, and bottom is gold and the sections in black are below and above the middle one. The black section features blue orbs at the ordinal points: north, east, west, south etc, and between the blue orbs are red dots.


Despite being a God, Odin is very perverted, harassing young women and going to "Oppai Clubs" for fun. He also has a tendency to make fun of his bodyguard, Rossweisse, who greatly disproves of his perverted antics. He calls her "the Valkyrie whose age is equal to the number of years without a boyfriend".

Odin, however, is not completely irresponsible, proven when he felt like he brought trouble to Issei and his friends when Loki attacked. He even broke the rules of his religion and came to the outside world in hopes that the young ones in his religion will ponder their future and prepare a new path for the religion and for themselves.


Not much is shown of Odin's past except for the fact that he is one of the Gods that have been active since ancient times and gave away his left eye to the Mímisbrunnr. He is the Ruler of Asgard and dwells in his fortress Gladsheim, where he welcomes the fallen ones which were brought by the Valkyries to his realm. He took Rossweisse as his bodyguard some time before the start of the series.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: Being the former chief deity of Norse mythology, Odin is extremely powerful, but he claims that he is much weaker than when he was younger. He easily disposes hundreds of members of the Old Satan Faction that consist of High and Middle-Class Devils, with a single strike of his lance, Gungnir.

Master Magician: As the former chief deity of the Norse mythology; which is stated to be the most advanced faction in terms of magic development, Odin has shown a vast understanding of magic, which was further enhanced when he received a Magic Eye from the Mímisbrunnr after sacrificing his own. He demonstrated the ability to infiltrate the barrier created by Dimension Lost's Balance Breaker; Dimension Create.


Magic Eye: Odin's left eye, which he gave away to the Mímisbrunnr, gave Odin the ability to become familiar with many types of demonic powers, magics, and other spells.

Odin wielding Gungnir

Gungnir: Odin's most renowned divine weapon, his extremely powerful spear, able to dispose of hundreds of High and Middle-Class Devils in a single hit.

Slepnir: He also rides his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, as a means of transportation, often having it pull a large carriage for him to ride in.


  • Odin is one of the few Gods who actually believes in reconciliation between the different factions, along with Zeus.
  • Odin is the first God to have appeared in more than one story arc, the second being Indra, third being Shiva, and fourth being Hades.
  • Odin hopes for a new future of his religion, a reference to modern Germanic Neo-pagan religions like Asátru.