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The Occult Research Club (オカルト研究部 Okaruto Kenkyū-bu) is an activity club in Kuoh Academy. It formerly served as the main base for Rias Gremory and her peerage prior to Rias' graduation from high school.[1]


The Occult Research Club of Kuoh Academy was originally abolished due to the lack of members. Upon her entry into high school, Rias and Akeno revived the club as the president and vice-president eventually changing it into the home base for Rias and her servants.

The club itself serves as a front for Rias' servants, and other supernatural individuals who appear later in the series, in order to get out of school activities or lessons in case of an emergency, such as having to hunt down a Stray Devil or to destroy a Fallen Angel.

The abandoned dormitory was secured through the school's resources and is used as a base that prevents scrutiny from other students.

In Volume 8, it is shown that there is some truth to the name, as in order to remain in a human school, Rias must still fulfill her Devil school requirements, which includes the study and research of Youkai and other supernatural creatures in the area.

Following Rias and Akeno's graduation, Asia and Yuuto are chosen as the next Club President and Vice President while newer members like Le Fay and Bennia join in as first year students[1].



The club house is a three story building, with the third story serving as a clock-tower. It has been painted white with a black roof with vines creeping up to the second story.


The club room interior is a wood-paneled room with Victorian-style couches and chairs along the walls. One side is set up to be able to be used as a bath, and a large Gremory Family magic circle is also there to allow teleportation to and from clients.


Current Members
Former Members



  • Almost all of their members are Reincarnated Devils (part of Issei or Rias Peerages), except those who are not Devils or Reincarnated Devils:
    • Le Fay and Tosca are the only Human members.
    • Irina is the only Angel.
    • Kunou is the only Youkai Fox here.
    • The groups former advisor Azazel was a Fallen Angel.