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The first battle between members of Team DxD and members of the Alliance of Hell, as members of the Occult Research Club try to protect a young girl from being exploited by the Alliance of Hell due to the power of her Longinus.


Ingvild Leviathan appears at the park

During one of Issei Hyoudou's Devil jobs, he encountered a purple haired girl as they were attacked by a group of Unknown Devils which Issei defeated as the girl disappeared. Later Team DxD discussed the appearance of the Unknown Devils and Hades possible connection to them as they speculated that Hades may have found Lilith and forced her to produce the Unknown Devils.  

Later the Occult Research Club was given a mission to subjugate the Unknown Devils. During the battle, the purple haired girl reappeared as she used her voice to stop Issei and Bova Tannin, rendering them powerless as Rossweisse subdued her with hypnosis magic. After that, the ORC took the girl back to the Hyoudou Residence, where Ajuka Beelzebub revealed her identity: Ingvild Leviathan, a descendant of the Leviathan Clan and possessor of one of the newly manifested Longinus: Nereid Kyrie. The Occult Research Club was given an order to protect Ingvild and defeat the mastermind behind her abduction attempt.  

Nyx appearing before the Occult Research Club

During the Occult Research Club's visit to the beach with Ingvild, they were ambushed by the Greek Goddess of the Night: Nyx, who revealed herself as the orchestrator behind Ingvild's abduction. She used the brainwashing spell that was implanted on Ingvild to weaken Issei as she escaped, taunting Issei that he couldn't save Ingvild. After returning to the Hyoudou Residence, the Occult Research Club received intel about Nyx's base of operation as they prepared to take the fight to her. 


The Occult Research Club and it's allies teleported to a uninhabited island near Greece, in the Aegean Sea, which was a island near Nyx base, as they couldn't directly teleport to her base due to a powerful barrier surrounding it. Tobio Ikuse used his Balance Breaker to cut open the barrier, allowing the group to proceed forward. As the group moved to the center of the island, they were met by a group of 1000 artificial Devils, who tried fighting them to stop their progress. Asia, Koneko, Ravel, Elmenhilde and Issei landed on an abandoned building as Issei escorted them to a abandoned church, where they were met a group of Unknown Devils, fighting them off. The swordsmen group (Xenovia, Irina, Kiba and Lint) rushed to assist in the battle, allowing the group to move forward as the group of swordsmen stayed behind to fight the Devils at the church.

The group of swordsmen were easily able to overwhelm the Unknown Devils as Vasco Strada joined to assist them but they told him that he didn't need to do anything. After defeating the Devils, one lone Devil tried to ambush Lint, but was killed by a strike from Cao Cao's Holy Spear as he joined them. Cao Cao proceeds to tell them that they should go outside to do a AoE attack.

Issei's group (Asia, Koneko, Ravel and Elmenhilde) meet with Rias' group (Akeno, Gasper, Rossweisse and Bova) as the two groups were approaching the center of the island, they reached Nyx's temple, where Nyx revealed herself. Nyx used her transportation magic to teleport 2000 more Artificial Devils to assist her as Issei assumed his Diabolos Dragon God form.

Issei launched a Dragon Shot at her but her Godly Virgin Killer Clothes dispersed the Dragon Shot, though Nyx was still blown back by the shockwave of the attack as Issei's comrades began fighting against the Artificial Devils. Issei launched another Dragon Shot at the Artificial Devils, eliminating a hundred of them in a single attack. Nyx resumed her battle with Issei as she covered her hands with a dark aura and fired out black bullets. Issei shot them down with his Dragon Shot and evaded them. Issei attempted to use Penetrate and Pailingual to read Nyx's thoughts, but her Godly Virgin Killer Clothes nullified the effect.

Listening to Ddraig's plan, Issei left Rias and Rossweisse to temporarily fight Nyx as he approached Akeno and used his Pai-Phone technique to contact Ingvild, asking her to sing for him. Ingvild's song empowered Issei and by using his Transfer ability, it also strengthened the rest of Issei's comrades. Issei used his Dress Break DxD to destroy Nyx's Godly Virgin Killer Clothes. Issei manifested Ddraig as the two defeated Nyx by combining Issei's Infinity Blaster and Ddraig's Welsh Dragon Flare attacks. After defeating Nyx, Issei and Ddraig assisted the rest of the group in defeating the remaining Artificial Devils.


After defeating Nyx, the Occult Research Club delivered her to the higher-ups, who had her sealed for her role in causing chaos at the territory of the Three Factions.

While confirming Ingvild's condition after the battle, Issei's Queen Evil Piece resonated with Ingvild as she became his servant and Queen, promising to sing under his leadership. She was later offered treatment for her sleeping disease by Ajuka Beelzebub with the assistance from the Greek Gods; Hypnos, the Olympian God of Sleep, and Oneiros, the Olympian God of Dreams, which she accepted.

Due to the anger at Team DxD defeating his sister and King Enma rejecting the Alliance of Hell's invitation, Erebus decided to attack Kyoto with the assistance of Sonneillon and Gressil along with Tartarus.[1]


Team DxD

Name Information
Occult Research Club The main group involved in the conflict, mainly consisting of members of Rias Gremory's Peerage and Issei Hyoudou's Peerage. Issei Hyoudou encountered Ingvild Leviathan, as he saved her from a group of Unknown Devils. The group was assigned by the higher-ups to hunt a group of Unknown Devils who were appearing in their territory. After learning about Ingvild Leviathan's situation, the group resolved to help her, as they took her to a beach to make her feel more at ease, where they were attacked by Nyx. After the attack on the beach, using the intel obtained from Cao Cao and Tobio Ikuse, the Occult Research Club launched a attack on Nyx's base in Greece, with a group (Yuuto Kiba, Xenovia Quarta and Irina Shidou) staying behind so that the rest could proceed. Issei Hyoudou fought against Nyx, defeating her with the assistance of Ddraig.
Tobio Ikuse He, along with Cao Cao, managed to locate Nyx's base at Greece after Ajuka Beelzebub ordered them to investigate the Unknown Devils bases. He later aided the Occult Research Club by allowing them to reach Nyx by using his Balance Breaker to cut open Nyx's barrier.
Cao Cao He, along with Tobio Ikuse, managed to locate Nyx's base at Greece after Ajuka Beelzebub ordered them to investigate the Unknown Devils bases. Later, he saved Lint Sellzen from a sneak attack by a Devil.

Name Information
Lint Sellzen A Reincarnated Angel, who is a member of Team Rias Gremory as well the possessor of the Longinus; Incinerate Anthem. She helped the Occult Research Club in eliminating the group of Artificial Devils near Kuoh Town. After Occult Research Club went to defeat Nyx in Greece, she accompanied them as helped to defeat the Artificial Devils stationed there. She fought the Artificial Devils in the abandoned church alongside the other swordsmen of the group (Yuuto Kiba, Xenovia Quarta and Irina Shidou).
Bova Tannin The third son of Tannin, the Blaze Meteor Dragon, also known as Bova the Destroyer. He serves as Issei Hyoudou's subordinate, becoming the Red Dragon Emperor's Fang and a member of Issei's Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth. He helped the Occult Research Club in eliminating the group of Artificial Devils near Kuoh Town. During the battle he was stopped by Ingvild Leviathan's Sacred Gear, being weakened by her song. After Occult Research Club went to defeat Nyx in Greece, he accompanied them as helped to defeat the Artificial Devils stationed there.
Elmenhilde Karnstein A Vampire Princess from the Karnstein family and agent of the Carmilla Faction as well as a member of Issei's Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth. She helped the Occult Research Club in eliminating the group of Artificial Devils near Kuoh Town. After Occult Research Club went to defeat Nyx in Greece, she accompanied them as helped to defeat the Artificial Devils stationed there.

Alliance of Hell

Name Information
Nyx The Greek Goddess of the Night and the sister of Erebus. She put a brainwashing spell on Ingvild Leviathan as she tried to exploit the abilities of her Longinus to control powerful Dragons who could pose a threat to the Alliance of Hell such as Issei Hyoudou, Vali Lucifer and Crom Cruach. She fought against Issei Hyoudou, being defeated by him and Ddraig.
Lilith's Children A group of Artificial Devils created by Hades, to be used as foot soldiers for the Alliance of Hell. A group attacked Issei Hyoudou and Ingvild Leviathan but were defeated by Issei. Another group was hunted by the members of the Occult Research Club, being defeated by them. During the fight against the Occult Research Club at Greece, a group of 1000 Devils were stationed there as a guard with Nyx summoning another 2000 as reinforcements, but were defeated by the Occult Research Club after Nyx was defeated.


Name Information
Ingvild Leviathan The descendant of the Original Leviathan and possessor of the Longinus; Nereid Kyrie. She meet Issei Hyoduou after the two of them were ambushed by a group of Artificial Devils, as Issei saved her from them. She later encountered him while members of Team DxD were hunting another group of Unknown Devils, being forced to weaken him due to the brainwashing spell applied to her. After the ORC took her to the beach, Nyx appeared and forced her to weaken Issei again with her Sacred Gear. During the battle against Nyx, Issei contacted her and asked her to sing for him in order to use her Longinus to raise his power, as she did and her song empowered Issei and his comrades. After Nyx's defeat, she became Issei's Queen and a member of his peerage.