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Ah, I’m sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I am the leader of the youkais of the east based around the Kanto region. I am also an acquaintance of Shirone and Kuroka’s mother.

–Nurarihyon introducing himself to the Occult Research Club, Light Novel DX.2, Life.EX Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium


Nurarihyon is the Youkai leader of the Youkais from the East Youkai Faction. He is a Youkai noted for coming into households and mooching off snacks and tea from the occupants for a while due to his ability to integrate into their lives and manipulating them into giving him hospitality.


Nurarihyon has the appearance of an old man with a gourd-shaped head wearing a kimono.


Nurarihyon is shown to have a mischievous personality, as he is fond of pulling pranks on others such as using his powers to enter households uninvited or having pretty girls massage shoulders by hypnotizing them. However, he has also shown be serious when dealing with the problems of his faction.


Nurarihyon is the Youkai who is the leader of the East Youkai Faction. Due to his role as the leader, he had an agreement with the Five Principal Clans such as the Himejima Clan to protect each of their territories but that agreement was broken which resulted in some of the members of his faction becoming hostile to the clans. At some point in the past, he became acquainted with the Nekomata; Fujimai and later her daughter Kuroka as well.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Youjutsu Master: Nurarihyon has great mastery of Youjutsu. With it, he is able to conjure various spells, specializing in hypnosis and teleportation, which allow him to slip into households.

  • Hypnosis: Nurarihyon has demonstrated the ability to hypnotize people which allows him to integrate himself into a household. However, it was demonstrated that individuals who have sufficient willpower like Issei Hyoudou, can resist the effects of his hypnosis.
  • Teleportation: Nurarihyon has demonstrated the ability to teleport himself and others. He can use this ability to enter households by himself.

Immense Strength: Nurarihyon was stated to be on par with Yasaka, the leader of the West Youkai Faction, who is as strong as an Ultimate-Class Devil and could fight a Dragon King. Issei noted that he possesses an overwhelming aura that is different then Sirzechs Lucifer or Azazel.

Stealth Expert: Nurarihyon is noted to be very skilled at masking his presence as he was able to sneak up on the Occult Research Club, which consists of powerful fighters, without giving his presence away.



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