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Nilrem (ニルレム, Niruremu) is the Magician Faction of the Khaos Brigade which was formerly led by Euclid Lucifuge.


It was first introduced in Volume 4 where the Magician of the faction attacked the peace conference between the Three Factions, kidnapping Gasper to use his Sacred Gear in order to stop the time around the Three Factions leaders. The attacking Magicians were defeated by Rias Gremory's Peerage.

During Volume 15, female Nilrem Magicians targeted Satan Leviathan, Serafall Leviathan due to the perceived mockery they received from her hobby of dressing like a Magic Girl, believing that she was giving witches a bad reputation. They attacked her at the Magical Girl Milky film audition but were defeated by Rias Gremory's Peerage and Sona Sitri's Peerage.

In Volume 14, it was revealed that these Magicians were those who were expelled by the Magician's Council and joined forces with the Stray Magicians, as they were tracking down members of the Phenex Clan. During the volume, Nilrem attacks Kuoh Academy, kidnapping Ravel PhenexKoneko Toujou and Gasper Vladi. It is revealed that Nilrem had been producing Phoenix Tears that were comparable to the real ones by creating clones of Phenex members to produce the Phoenix Tears. The magicians who attacked Kuoh Academy were defeated by the Occult Research Club and Sona Sitri's Peerage.

In Volume 17, Nilrem Magicians infiltrated the Magicians Assembly, secretly altering the teleportation spell that was meant to teleport civilians to safety into a spell that teleported the sky city of Agreas, allowing Qlippoth to steal and seize it. The Nilrem Magicians fought against the members of the Magicians Assembly This faction officially disbanded at the end Volume 17, after Euclid Lucifuge used a explosion spell secretly implanted into the Magicians' bodies, significantly damaging Auros Academy, as there was only one Nilrem Magician survivor.


Name Information Rank Race Status

Euclid Lucifuge

A member of the House of Lucifuge and Grayfia Lucifuge's younger brother, as well as Rizevim Livan Lucifer's right hand and the former leader of Nilrem. He was the possessor of the Boosted Gear replica that he created by using the Holy Grail. During the Vampire Civil War, he fought against Issei Hyoudou, overwhelming him before being forced to retreat. He was defeated by Issei during Qlippoth's attack on Auros Academy, as he was imprisoned and interrogated by the Underworld authorities. Ultimate-Class Devil Pure-Blood Devil Alive (Imprisoned)


  • The faction had allied with a group of Stray Magicians called Hexennacht; with their only known member being their leader; Walburga.
  • Nilrem reversed spells "Merlin".