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I am Nero! Nero Raimondi! I am Uriel-sama’s [Ace]! My hobby is helping those in need! I’m good at exterminating Devils and vampires!

–Nero introducing himself to Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth, Volume 23, Life.1 A [King] From Now On


Nero Raimondi is Uriel's Ace.


Nero is a young man appears in his teens. He has spiky golden hair and wears a priest outfit.

During the match in the International Rating Game, Nero dressed up as an American superhero.


Nero appears to be a loud and energetic person, being also quite boisterous as he wants to compete against the Oppai Dragon Show. Nero is also shown to be a battle maniac as he faces Xenovia with great enthusiasm.


Nero is a Exorcist that specialized in exterminating Devils and Vampires. At some point in the past, he became acquainted with Xenovia Quarta, a fellow Exorcist. He was later angelized by Uriel, becoming his Ace.

Powers & Abilities

Holy Power: As a Angel, Nero has the ability to use Holy Power to create various effects.

  • Holy Fist: Taught to him by Vasco Strada, Nero is able to fuse holy power with his punches, allowing him to damage beings weak to holy things even without the use of holy swords or tools, and enhanced his punch enough to loosen up Bova's hand.[1]
  • Light-Based Weapons: As a Angel, Nero can create light-based weapons such as a light sword, spear, or a bow.

Immense Strength: He has displayed impressive strength, proving capable of physically overpowering Bova and Ouryuu.[1]

Immense Speed: Nero has impressive speed, being able to dodge several attacks from Bova and Ouryuu.[1]

Immense Stamina: Nero has massive amounts of stamina and endurance. He was durable enough to confront Xenovia at the end of their match even after taking direct hits from Cross Crisis enhanced by Crimson Destruction Dragonar.[2]

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Nero is shown to have immense skills in hand-to-hand combat, combined with his Sturdy Saint and Holy Fist, able to hold his own against a Dragon's Pulse-enhanced Ouryuu and overpower Bova, who is the strongest among Tannin's children. He could fight on par with Xenovia dual-wielding both Durandal and Excalibur donned in her Crimson Destruction Dragonar.[2]

Flight: Being an Angel, Nero can fly using his wings.


Sturdy Saint: (聖者の裁判ストラディ・セイント, Sutoradi Seinto) also known as the Saint's Trial, is Nero’s Sacred Gear, which allows him to strengthen his defense every time he is attacked.[1]

  • Sturdy Saint Withstand: (聖者の試練に次ぐ試練スターディ・セイント・ウィズスタンド, Sutādi Seinto U~izusutando), also known as the Saint's Trial and Next Trial, is Nero's Sturdy Saint's Balance Breaker. In this state, Nero's defense is enhanced to the point that he can survive Xenovia's Cross Crisis after the latter had been greatly strengthened by Crimson Destruction Dragonar.[2]


  • His first name Nero means "Powerful".
  • His last name Raimondi means "King of the World" (Rai = King), (Mond = World) & (Di= Of).
  • Nero's hobby is lending help to those in need and exterminating Devils and Vampires.[3]
  • Nero is very popular among the children at the Vatican.[3]
  • Nero's nickname and his American Superhero suit in international Rating Game is homage to Marvel Superhero, Captain America.


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