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My name is Minagawa Natsume! So you’re Oppai Dragon-kun? I really wanted to meet you! I’ve been following all of your TV shows, you know?

–Natsume introducing herself to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 24, Life.3 The Truth of the Cats, and the Beginning of the Game


Natsume Minagawa is a member of the Slash/Dog Team and one of the agents of the Grigori. Natsume is one of the main characters of Ishibumi's previous work SLASH/DOG.


Natsume is a beautiful young woman with brown hair tied to her back. Natsume appears to wear a agent uniform. Her body measurements are [B88-W57-H88]; height is [161 cm] and body weight is [54 kg].


Natsume appears to a high-spirited woman, being compared to Irina. She is also shown to have a admiration towards Issei Hyoudou and his Oppai Dragon shows. Xenovia stated that she has a similar personality to Irina Shidou, with both of them being high spirited and energetic.


Natsume is one of the few students to have missed the school trip thus surviving the ordeal.

For a full detail on the events on -SLASHDØG-, please refer here.

Powers & Abilities


Independent Sacred Gear: Natsume's Sacred Gear that takes the form of a Hawk whom she has named Griffon. It is one of the Four Fiends Sacred Gears; bearing the spirit of QióngqíKyuuki. It has the power to manipulate wind. It also acts as an independent avatar type with its own instinct. 

  • True Form: It has the top of a falcon and the bottom of a lion. In this form, it uses its wings to send powerful wind blades and release gusts of wind.



  • Natsume's birthday is the 26th of May.
  • Natsume is one of the main characters of Slash/Dog to appear in High School DxD.
  • Natsume is a huge fan of Oppai Dragon.
  • Natsume is second person to make Vali flustered, the first being Lavinia.