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I won’t let you take down Kaichou and the rearguards.

–Momo to Nilrem Magicians, Light Novel Volume 14, Life.4

Momo Hanakai is a third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy in Class 3-C and one of Sona's Bishops.


A young beautiful girl with white hair and blue-green eyes. She mostly wears a Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform.


Momo is shown to be very caring towards her teammates. She originally had a liking towards Yuuto Kiba but has begun to have a crush on Saji which she affectionately calls "Gen-chan" ever since witnessing his battle against Issei. Momo has a love rivalry with her junior Ruruko who was also in love with Saji, but gave up on him after seeing how still attached to Sona he was.


Momo has known about the Sitri clan since her childhood mainly due to her father having a high post in a certain company that is affiliated with the Sitri clan. At some point before the series, she was reincarnated into a Devil by Sona and joined the Student Council in the process although the reason for doing so is unknown.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: Momo has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells.

Enhanced Magic Power: As a Bishop, she can strengthen her magic and demonic powers.

Magic Talent: Due to her Bishop piece, Momo possesses enhanced magical abilities. She and Reya were able to create a special barrier to hide Sona's presence during their Rating Game against the Occult Research Club.

Reversal (反転リバース, Ribāsu): An ability gained from Grigori, which lets her inverse the effects of any powers or items, which was utilized to reverse Asia's healing area created using Twilight Healing, turning it into damaging power instead eliminating herself, Asia, and Issei. However, she and the others stopped using it after the Rating Game against Rias and her peerage.

Flight: Being a Devil, Momo can fly using her wings.


Applause Wall (刹那の絶園アブローズ・ウォール, Aburōzu Uōru): Momo's Artificial Sacred Gear she received from Grigori. It takes the form of a pair of bracelets that has the ability to create barriers at will within a certain distance.

Bishop Piece (僧侶の駒, Sōryo no koma): Momo was reincarnated using the Bishop Piece, which her grants enhanced magic power.


  • Momo's given name (first name) is the Japanese word for "peach" (桃).
  • Momo's family name, Hanakai (花戒), means "Ring of flowers".
  • She is romantically interested in Genshirou Saji.


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