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—Everything is for the sake of [Innovate] and [Karma].

–Mitsuya to Tobio Ikuse, Volume 25, New Dark. From the Outside of the World


Mitsuya Kanzaki is a member of the group Cross Times Kiss. For as-of-yet unexplained reasons, he and Shizuka Kirino are protecting the parents of Issei Hyoudou for the duration of the Rating Game World Tournament.


Mitsuya is described as a handsome young man with a mysterious aura surrounding him. He appears to be around Issei's age, as thought by both Gorou and Issei. He wears a blue bodysuit similar to those used in futuristic science-fiction films, as well as gauntlets on both of his hands.


Mitsuya has been noted several times to carry a strangely dark tone in his voice. However, he seems to have a soft and friendly side deep down, as shown by his respect for Issei's father; Gorou Hyoudou, as well as his conversations with Shizuka Kirino.

He is also confident in his skills and can be calm even in tense situations, as seen when Tobio emitted animosity towards him.


Nothing is known about his history other than he and his group became enemies with Ajuka's faction and he himself was deemed dangerous by Grigori, causing unknown animosity towards him from Tobio.

Powers & Abilities

Master Combatant: In Volume 25, Mitsuya easily overwhelmed the upper echelon Grim Reapers working under Thanatos.[1] He is considered as one of the five candidates for the strongest human by Vali Lucifer.[2]

Immense Speed: Mitsuya has shown to be exceptionally fast, being capable of easily slipping through the attacks of multiple high-ranking Grim Reapers and blocking a slash with his fist.[1]


Gauntlets: On both hands, Mitsuya wears gauntlets with special openings that allow his mobile terminals to be fitted. The left gauntlet fits a blue terminal that has the powers and abilities of Innovate Clear, though a simple version. In the right gauntlet, he inserts a jet-black terminal that has the powers and abilities of Telos Karma.[1]

  • Innovate Clear: One of the eighteen Longinus. It allows Mitsuya to create his own ideal world in a fashion similar to Dimension Lost's, with the additional ability to create nearly-perfect imitations of living beings much like how Annihilation Maker can.[3] However, anything made inside Innovate Clear's world can only exist in that world.[3] Mitsuya used a simple version of the ability to take control of the area during his battle against Thanatos' Grim Reapers.[1]
  • Telos Karma: One of the eighteen Longinus. It allows Mitsuya to forcibly impose outcomes and events of his choice, even if they are of a nearly-impossible nature.[3] He has used this ability in combat by making his opponents' attacks miss, breaking a weapon by choosing for it to be in poor condition, among others.[1]
  • Transcendental Arrival: A technique that allows Mitsuya to artificially awaken both Balance Breakers of Innovate Clear and Telos Karma. When activated, Mitsuya's body becomes clad in a futuristic-looking powered exoskeleton. In this form and the world it creates, Telos Karma’s effects become enhanced to the effect not even a God-class being can fully resist them, and by further operating Innovate Clear's terminal in his left gauntlet, he can form a blade-like light capable of erasing even high-ranking Grim Reapers without leaving a trace.[1]


  • Kanzaki Mitsuya was the main character of Ishibumi's debut novel, Denpachi.
    • Mitsuya is Ishibumi's first main protagonist, with the second being Tobio Ikuse and the third being Issei Hyoudou.
      • Mitsuya is said to be the exact opposite of Issei, for mostly unknown reasons other than desiring to see the world in despair.[4]
  • In 2005, Ishibumi received a special prize in the 17th Fantasia Awards hosted by Fujimi Shobo for the light novel Denpachi that he submitted. He made his debut with that novel when it was published in 2006 as a tankōbon.
    • The early concept of Longinus and [Innovate Clear] was introduced in that novel.
    • Although the name and Longinus are similar, the characters in both these novels are different entities.[5]
  • Mitsuya is listed among the strongest humans, along with Arthur, Tobio, Vasco, and Cao Cao due to being the artifical owner of the two Longinus, Innovate Clear and Telos Karma.[2]


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