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–Midgardsormr sleeping

Miðgarðsormr is one of the Five Great Dragon Kings. Known as the Sleeping Dragon, Dragon of the End, Midgard Serpent and World Serpent, he is the largest dragon in existence, with Apophis and Great Red being second and third in terms of size. He is also the second child of Loki who created him, thus making him the younger brother of Fenrir and older brother to Hel.


Midgardsormr is a grey Eastern dragon with an enormous body measuring around 500-600 meters in length, well over five times the length of Great Red's body.


He is an extremely lazy dragon, spending most of his time asleep. He is also quite dismissive towards others including his father and brother, claiming that they are meaningless existences to him. When conversing with people, Miðgarðsormr speaks with a well-mannered, very laid-back tone of voice, occasionally falling asleep in mid-conversation, yet is also wise enough to give advice to others.

Interestingly enough however is that Miðgarðsormr doesn't seem to mind waking up when there is something interesting going on, even going as far as saying to wake him up again if something happens.


Miðgarðsormr (or Jörmungandr) is the middle child of Loki and dragon who was created sometime after Fenrir, however, unlike, his brother, he wasn't loyal to his creator. Due to both his gigantic size and laziness, the Norse Gods had him sleeping inside of ocean, then told him to at least do something at the end of the world, earning him the nickname Sleeping Dragon and Dragon of the End.

During one of these instances, he was taken care of by the local Dökkálfar (Dark-Elves) and Svartálfar (Dwarves).


Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor

Miðgarðsormr was mentioned in Volume 4 when Ddraig explains to Issei about Ophis and the Five Great Dragon Kings.

The Heroic Oppai Dragon

He officially appeared in Volume 7, being summoned while sleeping by the Occult Research Club and Vali Team through the Dragon Gate to ask for advice in preparation for their battle against Loki and Fenrir, telling them the method to temporarily capture Fenrir and how to defeat Loki.

Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

Miðgarðsormr reappeared in Volume 25 as a member of Team Leisure of the Kings, having been projected his will by Vidar but he was sleeping until he was poked. Vidar reminded him of the pact they made and agrees to assist Vidar by becoming his armor, which he named Ragnarök Aesir Berserk.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: Miðgarðsormr is a powerful Dragon King, mainly due to his massive size.

Fire Breath: Miðgarðsormr also has the ability to breathe fire.

Keen Intellect: He is a very wise and intelligent dragon (though all he ever does is sleep) as he explains on how to handle and defeat both Loki and Fenrir very well and effectively.


  • Loki (Miðgarðsormr's father) created at least 10 smaller, mass-produced versions of him.
  • Miðgarðsormr's name comes from the other name of the Norse mythology's serpent Jörmungandr.
    • Miðgarðsormr means "Midgard Serpent" from old Norse
    • The word "Midgard" means "Middle Earth" so in English, the meaning is "Middle Earth Serpent".
    • Jörmungandr is related to the Ouroboros Ophis (Greek for "tail-devouring snake") first appearing in Egyptian and Indian myths, the basis of the ouroboros dragon Ophis.
  • In Norse myth, his mother is Angrboða, one of the Jötunn, as well as being described as the mother of monsters who also birthed Fenrir and Hel.
  • Midgardsormr is the second Eastern Dragon introduced in the series, the first being Vritra, third being Yu-Long, fourth being Níðhöggr, and fifth being Apophis.