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Hyoudou Issei-san. ──Do you like your current self?

–Meredith Ordinton before attacking Issei Hyoudou with a Holy Nail, True Volume 4, Life 0


Meredith Ordinton is a Magician born from a member of the British Royal Family and his commoner lover. She is the wielder of the Longinus: Alphecca Tyrant, one of the 5 newly discovered Longinus.


Meredith is a beautiful girl with a foreign face, with a beautiful and fluffy face, auburn hair (reddish-brown hair, which appeared to be braided with rope) and blue eyes. She is stated to look one or two years younger then Issei.


Originally, Meredith was a young, mischief loving girl as she liked her duty of sealing and storing high value magic treasure within Golden Dawn, with her befriending Le Fay due to them being fellow magicians of a similar age. She often asked what being a noble girl was like cause she was adopted without knowing the truth about her heritage or her being adopted. After learning that she has royal blood in her, she outwardly developed a pride about her heritage and abilities as a mage.

But on the inside, she was very resentful about being ignored by the royal family as she grew to hate them. After being possessed by Aka Manah, she lost her distinction between good and evil causing most of the irrational issues after allying with the Alliance of Hell so she could banish them as revenge for their abandonment of her. She is shown to be pragmatic, as when Angra Mainyu asked her if she would become the new Queen after banishing the royal family, she replied that while initially she could become the Queen, she couldn't remain in the front as the various Gods and other hostile organizations wouldn't allow her to rule.

While Meredith is mostly shown to have a frivolous tone, she is respectful to individuals she believes are worthy of respect such as Hades and the Gods of Hell. She is also perceptive about the behavior of others, noting that Hades and the Gods of Hell act much more human then they believe. After being defeated and freed from Aka Manah, Meredith showed remose for her actions and regretted that she didn't leave with Le Fay in joining the Khaos Brigade.


Meredith Ordinton is an Magician that formerly belonged to the Golden Dawn and, although not direct, she has a blood of authorized people of England’s royal family. She was a child conceived between her father, who is a authorized person from Royal Family and her mother, who was her father's Magician bodyguard. Due to her talent in magic, she was giving away to be adopted by a magician couple who raised her. She eventually joined where she meet and befriended Le Fay Pendragon, a fellow Magician of the same age. She eventually learned the truth about her lineage and wasn’t acknowledged by royal family, causing her to get enraged over her abandonment. Making contact with the Alliance of Hell, who taught her to control the power of her Longinus, she was able to use it to control Sacred Gear users specializing in illusions and other kinds of manipulation, as she slowly began to take control over England's business sector. The Supernatural Specialized Force of MI6 tried to subdue her but due to Hades' Grim Reapers assisting her, she was able to force them back and gain control over their Sacred Gear possessors.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Master Magician: Due to being a Magician that formerly belonged to the Golden Dawn, Meredith is an expert at magic, with her skill and talent rivaling Le Fay Pendragon. According to Le Fay, Meredith has low skill with Attack or Defense Magic, but she's good at Sealing Magic and Security Magic. She was able to use Security Magic to shield the mind-altering technique of her Longinus, which was used on Issei thus preventing it from being removed without sufficient effort. During her fight with Le Fay, she was able to remove the Sacred Gear sealing-ring due to her mastery of security magic.

  • Sealing Magic: Meredith is stated to be an expert at sealing magic.
  • Security System Magic: Meredith showed incredible talent with Security System Magic, as she was able to use it to prevent her Longinus' effect from being undone on Issei which not even Rossweisse a talented genius of Norse Magic could dispel, though her magic can be removed with sufficient effort. She also used it to shake off the Anti-Longinus bracelet that Le Fay threw at her to prevent Meredith from using her Sacred Gear.


Alphecca Tyrant (深潭の蓋世王冠アルペカ・ティラント, Arupeka Tiranto): It is one of the 5 newly discovered Longinus. Meredith's Alphecca Tyrant is a new species that became a Longinus. While the original had the ability of being able to attack with a nail-like object made of holy aura, and also being able to brainwash opponents by making a group of people listen a conversation for several minutes with a certain fixed keyword inserted in it, it was only limited to Human beings. Meredith's Alphecca Tyrant retains the ability to attack with nail-like objects made of holy aura and she can rewrite the concepts of those who were struck by the nail made of holy aura, which can also affect Sacred Gear users, which includes even other Longinus possessors as demonstrated when Meredith rewrote Issei Hyoudou's concepts to remove his erotic nature and love for female breasts.


  • Meredith (pronounced MARE-a-dith, ma-RARE-dith) is name of Old Welsh origin, which means "great, noted ruler".
    • Her name refers to her origin as a child of the British Royal Family.
    • It also signifies her Longinus' ability to control or "rule" over other Sacred Gear possessors.
  • Meredith is the first Magician in the series to be unskilled in offensive and defensive magic.


  • (To Hades and Angra Mainyu): "Good day to you, Gods of Hell-sama. I heard from Grim Reapers-san that Oppai Dragon and his lively companions are coming to London. So the battle is getting closer?" (True Volume 4, Gods of Hell) [2]
  • (To Hades and Angra Mainyu): "I like the way I am now. At the last moment, finally, I can truly feel my own life. In that sense, I’m grateful to you, Gods of Hell-sama. Thank you for showing me how to use my power." (True Volume 4, Gods of Hell) [2]
  • (To Hades and Angra Mainyu): "So if you still insist on fighting, it’s something like ‘We hate them, so we will never surrender. We will fight!’, isn’t it? That's somehow just like humans. Despite being gods. Well, that’s okay. In that case, let’s wish luck to each other." (True Volume 4, Gods of Hell) [2]
  • (To Le Fay Pendragon): "This is the first in a long time​ that we met and talked like this, Le Fay." (True Volume 4, Women’s Decisive Battle) [3]
  • (To Le Fay Pendragon): "That's amazing confidence. It’s natural, isn't it? You belong to a team with a set of prominent, strong people, even traveling the world. The team of Vali Lucifer? Yes, the [D×D] team? Yes, as expected​, it's because of your lineage? Were you chosen because of that? Or because you had the talent cultivated by the Pendragon for generations?" (True Volume 4, Women’s Decisive Battle) [3]
  • (To Le Fay Pendragon): "...But it’s ironic, isn't it? Not only my lineage, but even my talent is also higher than yours, isn't that right? No, not just you. My talent and lineage are higher than anyone in [Golden Dawn]." (True Volume 4, Women’s Decisive Battle) [3]
  • (To Le Fay Pendragon): "Even with royal blood flowing in my veins, I didn't become a member of royalty! It's royalty, you understand? Even in this world, royalty​ is a prominent thing, a chosen human being! Why only me? Why did I have to experience something like this? The others...the children of different mother​s were royalty​ by birth!" (True Volume 4, Women’s Decisive Battle) [3]
  • (To mind-controlled Sacred Gear possessors): "Kill as many people as possible​! Even if only a second longer, don't let [D×D] hamper this country!" (True Volume 4, Women’s Decisive Battle) [3]
  • (To Le Fay Pendragon upon being defeated):"...Me too… I should have followed...you too..." (True Volume 4, Women’s Decisive Battle) [3]


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