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The name is Mahabali. Nice to meet you.

–Mahabali introducing himself to the Occult Research Club, Light Novel Volume 22, Life.2


Mahabali is the son of the previous King of the Asuras, Vairochana, and stands by Shiva as his loyal subordinate.


Mahabali has the appearance of a handsome man with long black hair, pale white skin, and a muscular body wearing a native sari dress who has a sharp eye possessing unbelievable divinity, constantly releasing a supreme aura.


Mahabali first appeared as a calm and serious individual. He harbors a deep hatred towards Indra for killing his father during the Asura war. Impressed by his accomplishments during battle, Mahabali has taken a great liking to Issei and has expressed deep desire for him to join Shiva's side to fight against Indra, alongside him. He also wished that he could've fought alongside Issei against Trihexa and was greatly disappointed that he could not. Despite his hatred, Mahabali doesn’t seem mind being praised by Indra and instead felt satisfied.


In the past, Mahabali participated in the Asura war alongside his father Virochana, his tribe, and the Dragon King Vritra against the forces of the God of War Indra, but they were defeated when Indra successfully killed Virochana and Vritra. Overcome with grief, Mahabali and his tribe went into hiding and with later Varuna became their current King.

Powers & Abilities

Divine Aura: Mahabali can channel his godly aura to his godly weapons, such as his godly sword.

Immense Strength: As the Prince of the Asuras, Mahabali has demonstrated God-class power, shaking the ceremony party and crack some of the cups, from releasing a small amount of his aura. Mahabali's power was enough to be among the Azazel Cup's strongest competitors. During his match against Indra, his attacks rivals Infinity Blaster, severing his left arm.

Immense Durability: Mahabali possesses an incredible defense to the point he can withstand a powerful lightning that was summoned by Indra and continued to attack.

Master Swordsman: Mahabali is a very skilled swordsman when he is fighting with his godly sword, so much that he’s able to fight on par with Indra on a weaponry fight.


Divine Weapons: Mahabali wields six divine weapons that fits in his six armed form, one of them being a divine sword powerful enough to unleash shockwaves that destroyed a mountain on the field and even managing to sever an arm from a more powerful god like Indra.