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Magicians (魔術師, Majutsushi) are a special group of humans capable of using magic in High School DxD.


While all supernatural beings are shown to be capable of learning magic and spells, it is suggested that only humans can be called Magicians. It is said that the current magic system used by humans was developed by Merlin Ambrosius, the legendary wizard from Arthurian legend, who studied demonic power and their magic. Humans have shown that they can become magicians by training in magic.

The magic system used by humans is categorized into two major types, Western magic and Eastern magic, the former being a system of spells and magical knowledge founded in Europe while the latter is a system of sorcery that originates in Asia; magic used by humans originates from the knowledge of Devil's demonic power and the miracles of Gods of different religions.

Magicians were first introduced during Volume 4, when large groups of Magicians banded together with the Khaos Brigade in hopes of disrupting the peace process that the Three Factions were engaging in. They attacked the leaders, while kidnapping Gasper in order to use his Sacred Gear; Forbidden Balor View, as a weapon against them. Several Magicians were killed by Azazel, while Rias and Issei went to fight those who had Gasper imprisoned (all of whom were female). The Magicians were defeated by the power of Gasper that was unleashed by Issei's blood, and Issei's Dress Break spell.

In Volume 12, Azazel reveals that there is a Magician's Council of some kind, which appears to govern Magicians. Among its duties is releasing rankings for young Devils. In Volume 14, it is revealed that the current director for the Magician's Council is Mephisto Pheles. It is also revealed that the Magicians in Khaos Brigade are Magicians that were expelled by Mephisto and are known as Stray Magicians (はぐれ魔術師, Hagure Majutsu-shi).

In Volume 15, it is revealed that there are many other Magicians associations, "Nilrem" that is affiliated with Khaos Brigade, "Hexennacht" which is a group of independent Stray Magicians lead by Walburga, "Grauzauberer" that is under Mephisto Pheles, "Golden Dawn", "Rosenkreuzer".

In True Light Novel Volume 1, it’s revealed by Kiryuu that the entrance terms for the Magicians’ organization "Grauzauberer" have become gentler compared with other magicians organizations. Aika Kiryuu and Mil-tan are Lavinia Reni's apprentices.

Pact with Devils

Since the ancient times, Magicians and Devils have been strongly connected due to magic originating from magicians' research of Devils' Demonic Power. Devils offer to make pacts for a specific period of time with a magician of their choosing, in exchange for getting access to the unique magical research and unique formulas that their contracted magician creates.

There are three main reasons why a Magician would make a pact with a Devil:

  1. Protection: The first is to use them as a bodyguard. When the time comes, having a powerful Devil behind their back will allow a magician to talk with their opponents if they are caught up in a quarrel.
  2. Information: Secondly, Magicians make pacts because they want to attain the techniques and knowledge of Devils. To make it clearer, the technique standards of the Underworld. These things will play a large role when Magicians do their research. Also, by making a pact with a Devil, they will be allowed to get items/resources cheaper by having an equal exchange.
  3. Public Eminence: Lastly, they make a pact with a Devil for their own status. Making a pact with a powerful Devil will bring great fortune and success to them.

Powers and Abilities

Magicians are humans that have learned magic, being able to cast the spells of at least one of the various factions of supernatural beings. This gives them a wide range of abilities, limited only by their own knowledge and skill level. They include teleportation, seals, a wide range of offensive and defensive spells, they have shown to make contracts with monsters and supernatural entities who they can summon when needed, and several others.

In Volume 14, Le Fay mentions that demonic power requires the power of using your imagination and the power to create, as well as having a good sense, while magic is just knowledge to control equations, i.e. using your head and making calculations. So while they may seem similar, they are very different from each other. Kuroka further added that magic is something where the user uses the knowledge and calculations to know "If I do this, this will happen".

Known Magician Organizations


Grauzauberer (灰色の魔術師(グラウ・ツァオベラー), Gurau Tsaoberā), also known as the Grey Wizards, is one of the leading Magician organizations in the supernatural world. It was created by the Magician; Johann Georg Faust. After his death, his contracted Devil; Mephisto Pheles, took over as acting chairman of the organization. The organization is responsible for publishing the ranking for the Devils who are offering to become contracted Devils for Magicians. Lavinia Reni is a top ranking magician of this organization.

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn (黄金の夜明け団(ゴールデン・ドーン), Gōruden Dōn) is a Magician organization that was founded by William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott and MacGregor Mathers. It deals in modern magic. It's one of the most famous Magician organizations, but it is relatively new as an organization. Le Fay Pendragon is a member of the organization.


Rosenkreuzer (薔薇十字団(ローゼン・クロイツァー), Rōzen Kuroitsā), also known as Rose Cross, is a magic society founded by famous Magician; Rudiger Rosenkreutz, who became the Devil Bishop of Lord Mammon's Peerage and one of the top-ranked Rating Game players in the Underworld. It's one of the most famous Magician organizations.


Nilrem (ニルレム, Niruremu) is the Magician Faction of the Khaos Brigade which was led by Euclid Lucifuge.


Hexennacht (魔女の夜(ヘクセン・ナハト), Hekusen Nahato), also known as Witches Night, is a group of Stray Magicians, who cooperated with Qlippoth. The organization was lead Walburga, the former possessor of Incinerate Anthem. It is a collection of Stray Magicians who have been expelled by other Magician organizations for various reasons.

Known Magicians


Golden Dawn





  • Though antagonistic to the Three Factions, the "Hexennacht" are Stray Magicians in a separate division from the Khaos Brigade's Magician Faction, "Nilrem".
  • Nilrem reversed spells "Merlin".
  • The Norse are one of the central factions for magic.