Magic is a supernatural force utilized by Mages of various species and Magicians of High School DxD.


Magic is the power born by researching about the Devil’s Demonic Power which also became a power that humans can control. While there exist multiple types of magic such as Norse magic, Fairy magic and various different types of magic with different equations including the magic that Gods use, it is said that the majority of magic that is used by the ordinary Magicians are those created by the Great Magician Merlin Ambrosius which involved reading the flow.


All kinds of Magic are used in for many purposes such as offence, defense, supporting, healing, as well as other, more practical purposes.

In Volume 14, Le Fay mentions that demonic power requires the power of using your imagination and the power to create, as well as having a good sense, while magic is just knowledge to control equations, i.e. using your head and making calculations. So while they may seem similar, they are very different from each other. Kuroka further added that magic is something where the user uses the knowledge and calculations to know "If I do this, this will happen".

In Volume 17, it is stated that a skilled magician like Rossweisse develops their own unique magical formula which is suited to them and allows them to better use magic. In the case of Rossweisse, her formula restrains down how much the magical power is consumed to its utmost limit, but it’s also something which strengthens both the offensive and defensive power positively.

Some individuals are noted to have a talent and affinity for magic, as demonstrated by Lavinia Reni, as she was easily able learn the magic taught by her master. However, there also exists the possibility that a particular magic user might lack talent in using certain magic, though there also exists the possibility that they can excel at other magic; such as Rossweisse who was incapable of using the spiritual magic that her family specializes in, but was able to easily learn and master offensive magic. Shooting Star's Bishop is noted to have a similar defect, being only able to perform basic elemental spells but as a result is capable of generating elemental spells of immense power and wide range.

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