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The following is a list of characters from Magdaran Bael's peerage.


In Volume 21, during the Evil Dragon War, the majority of the peerage was sent to pacify the civilians and suppress the rebellion across the Bael territory that broke out as a result of the revelation of the King Piece's existence, while Sectaas Barbatos was left as bodyguard for Magdaran and to secure Magradan's escape; only to be ambushed and defeated by Bedeze Abaddon.

In Volume 22, Magdaran sent his servants such as Seectas and Veves Furfur to assist Sairaorg during the Azazel Cup by joining Sairaorg's Team Imperial Purpure.

Current Members

Magdaran Bael (King) Sectaas Barbatos (Queen)
The second son of Lord Bael and the former heir of the Bael clan. He is Sairaorg Bael's younger half-brother. The Queen of Magdaran's Peerage and a member of the Barbatos clan of the 72 Pillars.
Veves Furfur (Bishop)

The Bishop of Magdaran's Peerage and a member of the Furfur clan of the 72 Pillars.


  • During the Azazel Cup, the members of the peerage joined forces with Sairarog Bael's Peerage to form Team Imperial Purpure.[1]
  • According to Magdaran, with the exception of his half-brother Sairaorg, his peerage were the only people to talk normally with him due to the fact that he was the former heir of the Bael Clan.[2]


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