...Call me Loup Garou.

–Loup introducing himself to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 14, Life.4

Loup Garou is the son of a famous witch and a werewolf that is famous for its ash-colored fur, as well as a second-year college student at Kuoh Academy. He is the second Rook of Rias Gremory's Peerage, after being traded to her by his former master: Sona Sitri, in the aftermath of the Hell Disaster.


Loup has the appearance of a young foreign man with a large physique, looking in his late teens . He has gray hair with long bangs which covers his eyes. He is described as having a handsome face and an extremely well-built body, rivaling that of Sairaorg Bael.


Loup has been shown to be a man of few words and seemingly even less emotion.

He is fairly unfettered by the presence of Vampires, despite being their natural enemy, and even describes himself as an expert when facing their kind as well as being quite prideful.

He has also shown to possess a warrior's spirit, as he supported Genshirou Saji's desire to fight Issei Hyoudou, even being able to deduce Saji's reasoning for wanting to fight Issei, as he stated that some things can only be understood through a fight.


Loup is a werewolf hybrid, the result of the union of a werewolf and a famous magic user. This has granted him great physical prowess and magical abilities.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: Loup has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells.

  • Enhanced Strength and Defense: Being half werewolf, Loup possesses great physical strength and endurance which was furthered enhanced when he became Sona's Rook.

Lycanthropy: He has the ability to transform himself into a humanoid wolf with ash-colored fur.

  • Regeneration: Being half werewolf, Loup can heal any of his injuries.
  • Immense Speed: Being half werewolf, Loup possesses great speed.

Expert Magician: In addition to his physical prowess, he also possesses superb magical ability being the son of a famous magic user.

  • Fire Magic: Loup can use fire magic to further increase the power of his physical attacks, allowing him to easily defeat Vampires enhanced by the Holy Grail and they are strong enough burn whole Vampires body and melts there armor.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Loup Garou has been said to excel in hand-to-hand combat. In volume 16 Loup easily defeat Vampires enhanced by the Holy Grail. Loup can also combine with the Fire magic to further increase the power of his physical attacks.

Flight: Being a Devil, Loup can fly using his wings.  


  • His name is the French word for "Werewolf".
    • His first name on its own means "Wolf".
  • His romanized surname is similar to that name of the Golden Knight, Garo, an adult tokusatsu character with armor themed after a wolf.
  • It is mentioned in the series how there are devils or people who know about devils in the pre-school, grade school, high school, and college. Loup is the first character identified to be a college student at Kuoh Academy.[1]
  • Loup's nickname "Rugal" refers to his werewolf form; rugal being of the nature of a rugate in relation to zoology, characterised by his ridge; ridge being the back of an animal.


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