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Lord Vladi is a Noble pure-blooded Vampire. He is Gasper Vladi's father, the current head of the House of Vladi and a member of the Tepes Faction, a Male-dominated Vampire faction.


Lord Vladi looks like a man in his 30's. He resembles Gasper albeit older and having paler skin and lacking a shadow.


Lord Vladi has shown to have a polite attitude. Unlike most Vampires, Lord Vladi doesn't seem to despise other species, though he is shown to have no problem discriminating against his own son. Despite so, he was shown to be somewhat glad that Gasper has found a place that accepts him.


Not much is known about Lord Vladi except he previously met Gasper's mother which resulted in Gasper being born. During Gasper's birth, Gasper's mother died out of shock after seeing Gasper's true form. This resulted in Lord Vladi and several of his close family members being extremely fearful of Gasper.


The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions

Lord Vladi appears in Volume 16, during the Vampire Civil War, being confined in the basement of the Tepes Castle. When Issei and the others visit him to ask about Gasper, Lord Vladi reveals everything about Gasper in fear but somewhat pleased that Gasper's friends are willing to accept Gasper. He was last seen after the chaos left behind by Rizevim Livan Lucifer and his group, having a final conversation with Gasper.

Powers & Abilities

Vampire Physiology: As a Vampire, Lord Vladi has Vampiric abilities that were inherited by his son Gasper.

  • Immortality: As a pure blooded vampire, Lord Vladi possesses immortal abilities that allows him not to age.
  • Blood Consumption: Lord Vladi can absorb other people's powers by drinking their blood.

Flight: Being a Vampire, Lord Vladi can fly using his wings.


  • Since Lord Vladi comes from Romania his nationality is Romanian.